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How to Promote Facebook Page or Advertise on Facebok in Nigeria, Ghana

how to make money with facebook in Nigeria

Let us use this article to show you how to promote facebook page and how to advertise on facebook in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and all worldwide. Facebook is the most visited social network worldwide, after following the high traffic facebook is having daily you might want to place advert on facebook. On this article i want to show you how to advertise on facebook page in Nigeria, Ghana, south Africa, USA, UK and even all over the world.

promote facebook page

How to Advertise On Facebook

To advertise on facebook you need a facebook page, you can create a facebook page in few minutes, learn How to create facebook page. Let assume you have successfully created facebook page.

The method of paying for facebook ads is with ATM Card. Now lets move to create our facebook ads.

  • Login to your facebook profile
  • On your right site click the drop down and go to your page
  • On the right screen of your facebook page your will see promote, move your mouse hover the promote button and select the kind of promotion you want to do, the available option there are (Promote your website), (Promote your page)
  • To promote a website click on the promote a website click on the “Promote your website” option.
  • On the popup screen select the gender of audience you want such as male or female, if you select female it only females that will see your ads and so it is when you select male, you have the option on leaving it to be all this means all gender will see your ads.
  • Select the age range that should see your ads ( By default it’s set to 18-65+ ) You can set it as you want.
  • Enter the location of people you want to advertise to, by typing the location on the field and select from the option shown there e.g Nigeria. By default facebook detect and use your county only, but you can set t to target even more than 20 countries.
  • Select the interest, this means the people of interest you want your ad to. With this option you can choose to show your ad to people that are interested on e.g sport, music, politic etc.
  • Set your budget, This mean the amount which you want to spend on the ad daily. when this budget is reached facebook will automatically stop your ad from displaying till the next day. ( Default s set to $5.00 )
  • After setting your budget facebook now see it that it will not be fair if you are not given the option to include the duration in which you want the promotion to last. Select the date you want the promotion to start and date you want is to end.
  • Select the currency in which you want to be charged ( Default is set to US Dollars )
  • Click on the promote button
  • When the next page open you will see option of payment, you can choose to pay with Credit card o paypal, if you choose to pay with credit card then type your credit card details and hit continue, it will take few minutes before you ad will start showing on facebook because facebook will have to first reveiw your ads. Note before promoting a website you must make sure you have you website filled on your page or you use the direct add management visit and follow the steps and instructions.

How to Promote a facebook page

The step of promoting a facebook page is as almost same as listed above on the website promotion.
To promote your facebook page

Move your mouse hover the promote button on the right side and select the option of promote facebook page.

  • Set the age range you want to see your ad, duration, location, budget and click continue
  • If you Haven’t selected payment method you will be ask to select your payment method and fill you payment details.
  • Click continue after filling your card details
  • In few hours your ad will star showing on facebook after ad review.

You can also boost your page post to many people
Publish a post on your facebook page, you will see an option of boosting your post.
Click the boost butting and you post will start showing and many peoples wall according how you set it.

This are the ways of running promotion on facebook.

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  • my payment is in dollar how can I change to naira

    can one pay for boost with airtime

    chioma happiness okpalaozumba November 7, 2017 10:43 pm
  • my debit card numbers are 19 but facebook page limit are 16 i need your help in promoting page

    emale June 15, 2018 10:04 am

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