Throw Pillows in Nigeria Prices and Where to Buy

Sometimes making your house chairs more beautiful and comfortable can’t be neglected. One of the chair beauty is the throw pillows. It doesn’t just make your chairs looks beautiful but as well make it more engaging and comfortable to seat.

Throw Pillows in Nigeria

Getting a beautiful throw pillow is something every home desire for their chairs. On this article I will be showing you where to buy amazing throw pillow in Nigeria and the amount you should be looking out to spend.

Before we get started, do you know that the colours of these throw pillows you are going to get must relate with your chairs, I guess you know that already because it’s very important not to make your house looks color horrible because of your throw pillow. For this reasons have a look at your chairs color and decide which color of throw pillow will match well on it and then let’s begin.

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Let me also take my time to indicate that you can design any kind of throw pillow you want, I mean have the cloth design, you can even go as far as printing your name, photos and your love one photos on it. To archive this you just have to print it yourself just by giving it to printing company to print on it.

Note that you must first purchase the throw pillow before printing on it or you ask the printing company to purchase and print it themselves and have it delivered to you. You can contact us if you want need our service on 09023401274.

Let’s proceed, I will begin by showing you some photos of throw pillows that seems so amazing.

Photos Of Throw Pillows in Nigeria

Hope you enjoyed your view through the above design of throw pillows? Note that there are more and beautiful design we couldn’t see to put here but the above are some amazing designs.

Price of Throw Pillows in Nigeria

There are different types of throw pillows, some are soft, some are big, some are superior while some are small and inferior. The cost of a throw pillow in Nigeria depends on the quality of the throw pillow you are interested in.

The price of a throw pillion can be something more than you expected however there are of different prices so the choice of going to any that fits your budget and quality is reserved to you alone. Prices range of throw pillow can be from N1,000 Naira to N15,000 naira per one. Something that people consider is the size and quality, aside the design some throw pillow easily get spoiled and some doesn’t seem nice after long use. Some compresses after few months use but the quality ones are nice and perfect in shape for whole long period.

Where to Buy Throw Pillow in Nigeria

There are different places to buy throw Pillows in Nigeria. You can either purchase online or visit the nearest shop around you to buy your throw pillow. Jumia is an online shop and you can buy your throw pillow there. If you want quality throw pillows from us then use the contact details on our contact page to get in touch with us.


Throw Pillows are amazing to brings out the beautiful of not just your chairs but your seating room. Every home deserve to have this amazing looks throw Pillows brings to homes. Getting throw pillows for your chairs is not a bad idea at all, just go for the best quality you want depending on your budget.

Top 10 Trending Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

Are you in search to know the top instagram accounts in Nigeria? This is something so many people are in search for also. One of the reason you may be asking this question could be because you want to follow the right people to get reasonable trending updates, if you are not in search for the right instagram page to promote your product on in Nigeria.

On this article we will be providing you with the top instagram accounts in Nigeria with huge amount of followers, they are also known as the top influencers in Nigeria should in case you are also interested in promoting your business on any of these instagram pages.

Top Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

Top Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

1 @Tundeenut 1.7 million followers

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Tunde Ednut is a Nigeria musician and was ones a radio presenter who now find his fortune on instagram, since music didn’t favour him. Tundeednut is not the one with the highest followers in Nigeria on instagram but he has the most engaging instagram page. Tunde Ednut now takes instagram updating as his daily job. You can not be bored following Tunde Ednut as he always update things happening within the country and funny things around the globe.

At the time of writing this post, Tunde Ednut has over 1.7 Million followers and all are engaging. Tunde Ednut post gets over 5k plus comment of each post and over 500k likes.

2 @Instablog9ja – 2.3 Million followers

Instablog is a blog that find favour on instagram and today has become one of the informative passing instagram page in Nigeria. It’s incomplete for a Nigerian not to be following this instagram page. All the celebrities in the country are currently following instablog9ja for updates. Several attempt to find out the owner of the account which has been put to trail, all yield no valid result. The owner of instablog remains in the ghost mode. If you wish to get update of all the troubles happening around the country then instablog is the best instagram account to follow as most of it content are problems and trouble roaming in the country.

3 @Wizkidayo – 8.1 Million followers

Wizkid is a musical celebrity in Nigeria. He is now recognized as one of the top artist in the country. Wizkid is also very active on instagram and by following wizkid you are to find some interesting thing about him which he post daily basics.

4 @Donjazzy – 6.8 Million Followers

Donjazzy is one of the best music producer in Nigeria that own the best and top record label in Nigeria. Donjazzy can as well be classified as a musical artist as well. He has been helping and promoting young talented Nigerians who has great talent for music.

5 @Janemena – 899k followers

When it comes to ladies she is one of the most engaging lady on instagram with amazing moves and dance step. Janemena practice a waist dance which is so romantic. Above all she got the support of her amazing husband. Janemena has the most female engaging instagram account that one can’t feel boring on. She is been used mostly for promoting fashion and skin care products due to her beautiful model looks.

6 @Mr.Jollof – 452k followers

Mr Jollof is an MC. He got popular and loved on instagram through fighting for the greatness of the country and mostly his home city Warri in Delta state, Aside sticking with the truth, Mr Jollof also presents some funny act to entertain his followers and make n happy. Following Mr Jollof will eliminate boring 30% as he is always active.

7 @Saintavenue_ent – 189k followers

This is one of the instagram page it followers loved. This page focus on publishing action movies on their page. Somany movies you may not know about or have missed, you could watch all of that on this instagram page. This instagraam page is so engaging.

8 @Mc_makopolo – 210k followers

This is one of the most funniest prank star in Nigeria. He is fun of playing expensive pranks and his page is that of which you can never get bored on. He is funny and same time crazy.

9 @Zfancytv – 314k followers

This is one of the first prank star in Nigeria, he has done a whole lot of prank videos and keep surprising his followers. Zfancy is good at what he does and his instagram account is so engaging.

10 @Isokoboy12 – 234k followers

Isokoboy12 is a Nigerian based in South Africa. He is an instagram and facebook entertainer that speak in Warri Delta accent to high the waffians moral. He speak on some ladies and guys act which in most cases derive in s*xuality. With the way isokoboy speaks and entertain his fans, it rare to get bored on his age.

This are the top 10 most entertaining instagram accounts to check out for in Nigeria.

How to Sell Your Car Fast Without Delay in Nigeria

Have a used car or direct tokuno car that you would want to sell fast in Nigeria? On this article i want to show you how you can do that without having to depreciate the value of your car for no reason. The reason why many people wants to get good means to sell their cars fast in Nigeria is mostly for urgent needs for money.

Hands taking paper icons of money and car. Leasing concept.

So dealers also wants to sell their car fast so they can get another market. It could be that there is another deal at a good rice awaiting them. there are many reasons why everyone wants to sell the vehicle fast.

I’m sure you must be aware that there are so many companies that buy vehicle at a request for it in Nigeria. If you have come through this post from google or other search engine you must have seen many companies that have the advert of buying cars fast publish on the internet. So many of this offers devalue your car to the minimum. They may worth a vehicle you are hoping to sell at 1.5m for just 700k, this is why some of us don’t get that as an option of selling our car faster in Nigeria, below are few ways that prove better than selling to those companies. You can now sell your car at the normal price you wish to sell or little lower but consider worth of it. Check below how to sell your cars fast in Nigeria without having to heat your head on the rock. Let’s get started.

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Post Your Car Online Yourself

There so many online website you can sell your website in Nigeria, Posting your car online will help you sell it better and very fast. Some online classified in Nigeria required you to sell your stuffs for free while some other required you to pay before before posting for a token. If you are on the race to have your car sold fast in Nigeria then time to go little deep the hard way. To have this done is easy and required almost to no skill, in as much as you are online to make research and reading this post, you can as well do that.

Sell Your Car On Jiji

Jiji is one of the top online classified website in Nigeria that enable individuals and dealers to sell their items, not just cars but all items but it used or new or tokunbo. selling your car on jiji could be effective if done the right way. Note that posting on jiji is free but to have people to see the item you posted, you need to subscribe to one of the jiji package. Since jiji acquired the first and more popular classified website in Nigeria known as OLX they have increase their subscription package cost to a very high point. To sell on jiji you need to subscribe to their packages that range from 5k to 38k or else your ad may end up be seen by just one person or known.

Jiji is just like a market place but in this case is an online market place. you do not need any special seller application to start selling on jiji, all that is required is just to create account on jiji then create an ads that’s all. To post your car on Jiji click here

Sell Your Car On Get99

Some of you must have tried jiji and find that sales is not coming from there, don’t worry much as there is another new classified website that is just launched and growing really fast, You do not need pay to start selling or subscribing to any package to sell, it’s free for now at the time of writing this post. It a classified website also known as online market place to buy and sell just like jiji and olx. The good news is that selling on Get99 at of the time is chanced higher that jiji with too many ads but less customers. To start selling on Get99 is easy as to just create account and post your item for free. To post your car on Get99 click here

Sell Your Car On Cheki

You may have heard about cheki. Cheki is the first online classified website made specifically for cars sales in Nigeria. On cheki are dealers of cars all over Nigeria and some cars are owned and posted by individuals which means dealers and individuals who which to sell sell their car quick in Nigeria at a reasonable price can post it on cheki. Cheki will not give your a price to post your vehicle on their website. You can choose how much you want to sell. Note that you will have to pay before you can post on cheki. Cheki is not free to post, there is a certain amount you will need to pay anytime you wants to publish an ad. To put your car on cheki click here

Run Online Marketing Campaign

You can advertise your car online to sell it quick in Nigeria, but this method required you to have at least basic knowledge of social media marketing. You can run campaign on facebook, instagram, google ads and more places to sell your vehicle quick. This is one of the best way to sell you car fast but not everyone who knows how to do this. If you can’t then this website can help you out as a broker.

Let’s Help You Sell Your Car Fast

We can help you sell your car very fast in Nigeria by running series of online promotion to get you a potential buyer that will buy your car and our service will not affect your profit which means you won’t be paying us directly. If you want this website to market your vehicle for you to get you fast sales, then contact now, 08059844173 /

Contact Broker Company to Help You Sell Your Car Fast

If the word broker sounds strange to you, broker can be company or individual that stand between a deal to accomplish. A broker brings buyers and sellers together and complete a deal then get paid a certain amount of percentages of the deal. So many cases broker can add their own commission to a product cost while marketing in search for buyer and when acquired a buyer they brings the buyer to you. There are many broker companies in Nigeria, You can check out informationhood business directory for some online brokers in Nigeria.

Sell your car to car45 is auto dealer company in Nigeria that buy your car at a lower price to sell for profit. If you need urgent money and want to sell your car in no time wasting then you could consider cars45 as they worth the value of your car and pay you immediately. The problem here is that you will loose a whole lot of money selling to this company. A car you wish to sell for 1m can be valued for 600k or so, but it’s of good choice if you are in urgent need for cash and have to sell your car to archive that.

This is the only working method to sell your car fast in Nigeria that have proven effective at of the time of writing this post. If you have question or wants to contribute to this article, use the comment box below. Informationhood is open to give quick response.



World Safety Organization (WSO) HSE 1,2,3 training holding again in Lagos and Ibadan.


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**Lagos:* 3rd-5th September, 2018 @ Greenfield Consult.
2, Oyefeso Avenue, Savoil bus-stop, off Ikorodu road, Obanikoro, Lagos.

*IBADAN:* 6th-8th September, 2018 @Teedab Guesthouse. 9, Olu-Ayoola Street, behind cited filling station, Challenge, Ibadan.

*Fee: #40,000*

Fee payable in Installment 50% during registration, and balance 50% on or before the last day of training.

After the training, participants become a member of WSO FREE OF CHARGE.



*For more details, and Registration,Call:*

*Edwin:* 08031883143
*WhatsApp:* 08034517059

Five importance of having a British Passport

Welcome to many of us own British Passport but we don’t know there are specific things we can use it for when we have the passport with us.

Things you can do with the British Passport when you have it.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Passports are issued using royal entitlement, which are exercised by Her Majesty’s Government. The British resident travel papers or passport are being issued by Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the United Kingdom since 2006 which makes the British citizen use their passport as an evidence of right of abode in the United Kingdom and also as an European Union and ever since 2006 passports issued at United Kingdom have been biometric.
The British passport or travelling document is usually rated as the first in the world (tied with Swedish and Finnish passports) in terms of freedom of travel, as it offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories, more than any other passport.

Free Medical Care:
The United Kingdom National Health Service began in 1948 which is over 69 years, and is one of the largest organizations in Europe. It provides all UK residents with free healthcare and treatment and the fact that you own a British Passport entitles you to it.

Eligibility of getting a job:
With a British passport denoting you being a British citizen you are allowed to stay in the UK as long as you want and you may work or get a job of your choice throughout the European Union. And since you will be working there you must get a work permit because you are eligible to apply for a job with your passport.
In Addition to this, you should know that there are jobs reserved only for UK citizens, in or outside the United Kingdom, so you should have a UK passport which makes you eligible to get a job of any type.

Accessibility to stable society and economy:
The United Kingdom Currency Pound is a fairly strong and reliable currency and the UK economy is quite resilient even in a period of world financial crisis. The UK economy now has a stable government and a moderate population which makes life easier.

No longer subjects to immigration controls:
Having a British Passport means you no longer become subjects to immigration controls. Do not be distracted by certain agencies or websites who pretend that they can get you a British Passport.
In fact, they absolutely cannot speed up the process for you. You should just apply directly with the UK government’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS), as the process is not difficult. All citizens (aged 16 and over) applying for a passport for the first time must attend an interview with IPS in person to confirm their identity.

No Lost or Damaged Documents:
When traveling with vital documents such as birth certificates, you are always at risk of losing or damaging the documents while on your trip. With a British passport, the documents can remain at home in a safe place. This gives peace of mind, knowing that you will not have to go through the hassles of replacing lost or damaged documents upon your return, which is another benefit of having a U.K passport.

Knowing the steps to getting a British Passport, with the above-mentioned benefits, we can see that its quite interesting to own a British passport. The word that says “Your passport is the most valuable possession.” You could ever have and to see countries that have which levels of freedom to travel.

For a visa to non-European Union countries it does not make much difference. In general, the Australian and the UK passport holders are granted the same or similar travel rights. You should check on the IATA (The International Air Transport Association) database which is provided by aircraft companies so that passengers may check their travel document requirements.
Why not walk up to the embassy today to get your British Passport and see what benefit your British Passport gives you.