Uk, London and America Used Laptop Dealers in Nigeria

UK and America used laptops in nigeria

On this post i want to share with you where you can buy foreign used laptops at a very cheap price in Nigeria. As you already known, laptops are very expensive in Nigeria and getting one brand new could sometime not affordable. saving up to 200k before you get a laptop in Nigeria with the […]

Nigerian Defence Academy Courses, Form and Requirements

Nigerian Defence Academy

Have interest in joining the Nigerian defence academy? take you time to read tho this post as i get your through the courses and things you need to apply. As you already known Each year, thousands of people apply to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) to study different courses. But the NDA is very competitive […]

UBA Internet Banking: How to Setup and Use

UBA Internet Banking

On this article i want to share with you today how you can setup UBA Internet banking easily without stress. So many people today are customers of UBA bank due to the good facilities the bank have acquired so far. With your mobile phone or laptop you can access your UBA account and make any […]

Keystone Bank Customer Care Contact Details & Number

Keystone Bank Customer Care

Are you in search keystone bank customer care number? On this post you will find the three best way to contact keystone bank below. Recently we wrote about how one can setup Keystone Bank Internet Banking and as well how to use the platform. One things that came to mind after writing that is to […]

Keystone Internet Banking Setup and Usage Guide

Keystone internet banking

many have asked how can i setup keystone internet banking to make transactions easily for me? Well you are not alone if that is your question too or you would want to learn how to use the bank internet banking platform. Today banking system in Nigeria have been made easy for everyone to easily make […]

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