Kwara LP Guber Candidate Declares Support for Buhari

As you all already know Buhari is the current president of Nigeria while awaiting forthcoming 2019 election. Many Nigerians believe that the active president Muhammadu Buhari had brought Nigeria to the worst stage of economics troubles and as well left the country in state of insecurity following the shit blast of bolo harram which started […]

Nigeria 2019 Election Voting Procedures You Must Know

Nigeria 2019 election

On this article informationhood wish to enlighten the public in how one can cast their vote easily without stress or fight on the forthcoming Nigeria 2019 election. We have gone on our way to get all the process one will need to go through to make vote count in the 2019 coming election in Nigeria. […]

Lagos State TV Channels & Stations List


Hello welcome to my today article, on this post i want to share with you something you must have been in search of for a while now or the easy question you want an easy answer to. So many times we have seen question flying all around about people asking to know the numbers of […]

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