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Price of Fuel in Delta State Nigeria Currently

In this post you’ll be learning the current price of petrol in Delta State, kindly read to the end for better understanding. Welcome to my post Fams. In this post i want to answer those asking for how much is fuel sold currently in Delta State. If you’re visiting Delta or just want to know for research purposes, this post will be of help to you. 

I visited Delta State, Warri to be precisely recently and here’s what i find out regarding the cost of fuel there. As you may know already, fuel subsidy has been removed in Nigeria entirely and completely. No more fuel subsidy so every man for himself in Nigeria when it comes to fuel amount. So, if you’re still wondering why the prices of things are sky rocketing, this is the reason because transportation and dollar has gone far up. Let’s get in deeper to know how much fuel is being sold in Delta of Nigeria per litre. 


Some fuel filling stations are selling for ₦600 while some others are selling for ₦620 to ₦650. This is the amount you will likely get fuel in Delta, however there could be cheaper filling stations but all through my stay in Delta this the cost range per litre i saw in majority of the filling stations.

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  • Warri things are always different

    InformationHood October 25, 2023 3:44 am

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