Price of Fuel in Lagos State Nigeria

In this post you’ll be learning about the currently price of fuel in Lagos state of Nigeria. Kindly read to the end for better understanding. Welcome to one of my posts on informationhood. I Update regular helpful information in this platform. In this particular post i want to share with you the current cost of fuel per litre in Lagos state Nigeria. If you intend visiting Lagos state or just want to know for research purposes this post will give you an idea how much fuel is sold currently in Lagos State, I’ll do my best to keep this post up to date regularly. Without wasting of time let’s dive in.

You must have already known that fuel subsidy has been completely removed in Nigeria, so the cost of fuel is now sold at normal price without subsidy. In Lagos state currently each filling station set their own price how much they want to sell, you either buy or you leave. 


Some filling stations sell for ₦580, and some others sell for ₦600 to ₦680 depending on the filling station you choose to buy from. Note that as of the time of writing this article there’s no record of fuel scarcity in Lagos State. 

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