How to make over $1,000 monthly selling usernames on telegram

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On this article, I want to show you how to make over $1,000 monthly selling username on telegram

Do you know you can make over $1k on telegram by selling your username

Yes, this is a new update and not everyone knows about it.

Telegram is a free chatting up like WhatsApp but has more features than WhatsApp. With telegram one can create a large number of groups and also there’s what is called a channel which is a super amazing feature.

Businesses and organizations find telegram more efficient and comfortable to their businesses than any other platform as it allows them to gather a huge audience.

Recently telegram introduced a way of making money on the platform by selling a username. This is to enable companies whose names are used by others to still have access to it by buying it from the registrant. So this is how it works.

First, you register a username, then you put it up for sale, telegram is already provided where you can put it for sale. Next people start bidding for it, then you accept the highest bidder and sell to him/her. You don’t need to sort for buyers yourself, the company helps you do. You don’t have to go through any stress, and you know the amazing thing? Registering a username on telegram is free which means nothing you’re paying for.

How to get started

To be successful in it, you need to create valuable names that people will be interested in buying. I saw Nike was on sale for $1m and people are bidding high already which will be sold in no time.

The more valuable the name the more chances for easy sale and also a high amount. So the first thing to do is think of valuable names or top businesses that can afford it even if you choose to sell it for $20k. So let’s get started, download telegram and register.

Click on the pen 🖊️ icon and go to create a channel, enter any name, and on username enter that username you would like to sell and register it down so no one else can register it.

After then you’ll need to wait for at least 1 week before you can put it on auction. I suggest you register up to 5 names while you wait.When done, visit and click on the right menu icon.

You’ll also need to download Tonkeeper and register it to get a wallet then click on connect to tonkeeper to connect your tonkeeper app. Also, click on connect telegram to also connect your telegram. On the right many when connected you’ll see “My Asset” kindly click on convert usernames to collectibles.

You’re to see all your usernames, click on place on auction. You’ll need to confirm the action in telegram as a confirmation msg will be sent to your telegram.

Oya let’s go make some money, the comment box is open below and I’m willing to answer any question and render free support

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  1. Thanks for this idea. I heard I can sell a telegram username for high as high as $1m if the name makes sense and meaningful. So the idea is to register great usernames

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