25 Best Hair Business Ideas in US, Canada and UK

Are you looking for the best hair business ideas that can bring you high profits? If so, you have come to the right place. Healthy, thick hair is the dream of both men and women. Therefore, they spend a lot of money on hair care. 

Here you can find hair business ideas, serve different clients and make money. Apart from the well-known barber shops or barbershops, there are various categories and types of hair business ideas that not only have a good client base but are also very profitable. 

People with short hair need wigs or hair extensions which are a great source of business ideas. You can focus on these elements and grow your business. Another promising business idea is the sale of hair care products.

Before launching any of these hair business ideas, do thorough market research to understand the local demand as well as the competitors in the field. This will help you decide which niche to choose for your hairdressing business. 

25 hair business ideas in the USA, Canada & UK

1. Hair Styling Parlor

A hair salon is one of the most common hairdressing business ideas. 

But still a very profitable and promising business idea. The store styles customers’ hair with different types of haircuts, hair styling, curly hair straightening, and the use of different colors. Modern technology uses digital images of clients in hair styling options and photographs of clients to get their hair done. This allows customers to choose the right style.

2. Personal Hair Stylist

Instead of working for several people in a private barbershop, you can become a personal barber working with individual clients. This can be done on your site or a client site. If you get a celebrity on your client list, you can make huge money with this hair business idea. 

3. Bridal Hair Stylist

Choose a niche for bridal hair styling at bridal stylist weddings and make a good income with this hair business idea. 

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

Each bride has her hairstyle and being an expert, you can create a hairstyle that will match the wedding look and harmonize with the bride’s wedding dress. Get more orders by adding your special imagination and innovation to your wedding style.

4. Barbing Salon 

All men visit the barbing salons. So, this is a profitable and sustainable business idea. A basic haircut combined with a hair wash, massage, or hair coloring service will bring you a good income regularly. 

5. Hair Blog 

As an expert in hair care and styling, you can blog about hair. You can write articles about hair care and products, styling by age, hair quality, product and salon reviews, and more. You can earn good income through advertising, affiliate marketing, and more.

6. Hair VLog

Like a hair blog, you can create a hair video blog containing various hair-related topics such as interviews with experts, hairstyles, and hair care. This is a profitable hair business idea.

7. Hair straightener manufacturing 

Hair straightener manufacturing is a profitable hair business idea. A hair straightener is a cream used to straighten curly or curly hair. Relaxers are now in high demand. 

8. Hair Accessories Shop

If you can produce a quality relaxant, it will sell like hotcakes to beauty salons, consumers, and barbershops. Hair Accessories Shop Hair accessories range from hairpins and ribbons to flowers and scarves, charms, and hair bands. Open and sell your hair accessories store in a good location and earn a lot of money. This hair business idea can also be implemented through an online store.

9. Create and sell natural hair extensions 

Hair extensions are used by women to lengthen their hair and sometimes to hide the wrong hairstyle. Hair extensions are in high demand these days as long hair is a trend. If you can do hair extensions with natural or human hair, the price will be higher. This hair business idea has great potential and promise.

10 Hair Consultant

 As a beauty expert, you can start your business as a beauty consultant and make a lot of money. People often consult hair consultants for their hair problems, so you can have a good client base. In this hair business idea, we look at the client’s hair type and come up with different solutions.

11. Hair Masseur

Hair massage is good for hair health. Everyone from everyday people to celebrities like movie stars and models relies on hair massage to get healthy and voluminous hair. So you can start your hairdressing business as a hair masseur and provide massage services to your clients. This service can be provided at the massage center or the client’s as needed. This is a profitable hair business idea.

12. Mobile Salon

Use your truck or van to set up your mobile salon and provide all kinds of services like haircuts, styling, and more. in the other place. This is a profitable hair business idea and the longer you operate the more profit you can make. However, you should invest in a comfortable and comfortable interior of a truck or van with all the comforts of a well-appointed interior.

13. Selling hair care products

There are many types of hair care products on the market. These are shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, styling gels, hair dyes, hair masks, and much more. You can buy and sell these products from wholesalers and make a good profit. Sales can be carried out through brick-and-mortar stores or over the Internet. After all, this hair business idea will bring you good income.

14. Mke Herbal Hair Care Products 

Herbal products are in high demand and hair care products are no exception. If you know or can learn how to make herbal hair products, you can start a manufacturing unit as a hair business idea. Since these products are in high demand, high profits can be made from these deals.

15. Hair Modelling

If you have good hair, you can make a lot of money with your hair. This template is required for various hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner. You must take very good care of your hair and contact several agencies and modeling coordinators to get this hair business idea. 

16. Treatment of head lice.

Head lice are a terrible and annoying hair problem that is very difficult to get rid of. Do a little research and set up a head lice treatment center to get rid of head lice in your hair. Also, provide special hair care and massage tips to attract more customers. There are medicated oils and shampoos specifically designed to treat this condition. Include more natural or herbal products to attract more customers to this hair care business.

17. Make Organic Hair Care Products 

Organic products are in high demand these days. So, start producing organic hair care products that are properly certified. This hair business idea will bring high profits and is a promising line of business.

18. Hair Removal Services 

Hair removal is a service that almost everyone needs. Thus, you can open a hair removal service center with a hair removal business idea and make a good income. Provide your clients with the best possible care by using proven products and removing unwanted hair. Also, check if you are allergic to the product.

18. Hair Removal Services 

Hair removal is a service that almost everyone needs. Thus, you can open a hair removal service center with a hair removal business idea and make a good income. Provide your clients with the best possible care by using proven products and removing unwanted hair. Also, check if they are allergic to the products.

19. Hair care and styling tutorials 

Start a hair care and styling tutorial or training center. Many aspiring barbers want to take formal training to equip themselves. So, with this hair business idea, you can earn a good income for your expenses. The emphasis is on hands-on learning through people and models.

20. YouTube Hair Styling Channel 

Start a YouTube channel with different hair styling techniques and earn good money through advertising and sponsorship. Each step of creating a hairstyle is demonstrated on a real model and clearly explained for the audience to understand. This hair business idea is trendy and profitable.

21. Retail Business of Hair Dye

The retail business of hair dye is a profitable hair business idea. You can start this business and get good profits from the discounts you get by bulk purchases from the wholesalers.

22. Online store of hair care products

An online store is a very profitable business concept today. So, you can start an online hair care products store and make a good income with this hair care business idea. Maintain a wide range of products and price ranges to attract more customers and increase your revenue.

23. Selling Home Products 

You can groom and style your hair with a variety of home products such as straighteners, straighteners, blow dryers, and sprayers. Sell these products with hair business ideas and make huge profits. Since these products are in high demand, you can expand your business right away.

24. Making Wigs / Tutorial 

Making and learning how to make wigs is a profitable hair business idea. You can start this business by making wigs in different styles and colors and teaching interested students how to make wigs. Wigs are a sustainable business because they have a stable market.

25. Hair Product Marketing

If you’re into hair product marketing, start consulting on hair product marketing. You can also write ads, captions, or slogans for your products, act as a social media influencer and create marketing and advertising strategies. This is a profitable business idea. Hair business ideas have a wide range of ideas. You can work in one of them and earn a good income.

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