Should you Buy UK Used Laptops or Brand New? Read this Before Buying a Laptop

Good day, welcome to informationhood. In this article, I’m going to talk about UK-used laptops vs New ones and also share with you which to go for and how to go about it. This is one of the topics I was not ready to write about but recently I have had over 8 people ask me the same question, so for the sake of some friends asking me repeatedly let’s just talk a little more about it so I can keep referring to anyone who asked this post.  

A lot of people find this very stressful when trying to get a laptop as to which is the best to go for, and the authenticity of each. If you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, or anywhere in Africa, this post is going to give you an insight into which is best for you.

We conducted research in 2019 and the result was quite unclear so we repeated the same research in 2023 and this time the result still comes out the same. Let’s get in more deeply to know which is the best for you.  

When we talk about new laptops vs UK used, here are the major differences.

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Performance

These are the major things that are involved, so let’s start with affordability. Generally, laptops are not cheap therefore it’s not easy for someone to just count our thousands of Naira or other currency to purchase a laptop. For those of us in Nigeria the exchange rate has topically messed things up for us making it difficult to buy electronics these days. If you take note in Nigeria, only 10%-15% of those buying laptops go for new, the rest of us go for foreign used known as UK or American used.

Since the UK-used laptops were introduced many people have been saving a lot of money by getting used laptops instead of brand new. Let me further explain, an HP Probook 840 G3 core i5 is sold as brand new for NGN560,000 this is Nigerian currency so you can convert it to any currency of your choice, and the same laptop is sold at NGN165,000 for the used one. Both of these laptops have the same specs and configuration. So why should I spend so much money on getting a brand new laptop when the UK USED can serve me better? If I can for foreign use I’ll be able to save over 400k. If I were you I would go for foreign used from a company that offers quality products.


I have seen people scared of used computers thinking it will give issues in a short time, so they think of going for new laptops thinking the new laptops are the best. It’s supposed to be so’ but that’s not the case when it comes to African laptop vendors and products.

75% of new laptops today are refurbished and put inside cartons to scam people, and some of the new laptops aren’t actually from the original brand written on them, some of them are from China and some refurbished from the original companies. This is because some of our African dealers want to make more money for themselves.

Some new laptops are made inferior compared to the original brand so they get heated up on time and spoil before you know it. sometimes you’ll notice you’re feeling dizzy while working on your laptop because of how slow it could turn out to be. I’m not saying there are no original laptops but when getting a brand new laptop make sure you get it from a company you know sells original products.

As regards the UK used, here’s another reason people go for UK-used items more. Laptops produced for the American and European markets are the very best among all other countries, this is because they don’t tolerate inferiority. Laptops from the US or UK are the best among all.

Getting UK or American used laptops you stand in chance to get a very high quality laptop that will serve you very well at affordable prices.

Schools and government organizations in the US and UK change their staff’s laptops every 6 months and then sell the old ones out.

As per my experience, I have been using a laptop I bought as a UK-used for over 6 years now and it is still serving very well. A friend of mine we both bought almost at the same time has bought 2 more laptops all because he prefers to waste his money on getting refurbished brand new laptops packaged in a carton that doesn’t last.

My Advice

New laptops are not bad but make sure you’re getting the original product from a trusted computer dealer or you’ll end up buying trash that will only last a couple of months.

My Suggestion

If you want to get a laptop I would prefer you get a UK or US used that’s still very sharp. If you’re gifting it, you can ask the vendor to get you a customized carton that’ll make it lovely. The company I buy my laptop from does that for me and other of my friends I have referred there. They can help you brand a carton for your laptop that’ll look new and also have a thing of your choice written on it if you’re gifting it to someone. Their laptops are extremely neat. The company name is SEROHOOD and they have offices in Lagos.


UK used laptop will serve you very well and is well taken care of, if you would like to get brand new then go to a company that’s trusted for high-quality laptops. I don’t know if SEROHOOD also sells brand new laptops but I have bought laptops from them several for my friends and myself and their computers are very good and extremely neat too. If they sell brand new you can trust them because they’re the best I can recommend right now.

Their website:

Address: Ikeja, Oshodi, Kubwa Abuja and more

Phone Number: 08059844173 or 08105975788

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