How to get facebook page likes/fans in Nigeria, Ghana & all countries

On this article you will be learning tips on how to get facebook page likes easily. After creating a facebook page, the hardest task is getting people to like your facebook page which means growing facebook page fans. Note that when ever you make an update or post on your facebook page, your post will go to all the people who like your pages, this means if you have 100,000 fans which is facebook like, your page post will be appearing to 100,000 people when ever you post.

facebook page likesHow to get facebook page likes/fans in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, UK 

There are many ways of gaining facebook likes, growing facebook fans which we are going to look on this article.

Invite your friends to like your page

The is one of the first thing every facebook admin must engage on, after creating you facebook there s an option right on your facebook page wall that allow you to invite all your facebook fiends to like your page. The method is free and required no hard technique. All you have to do is click on the invite friends and start inviting your friends.

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Promote your facebook page

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Facebook has made it easy to gain more facebook like for some little amount of dollars, facebook will charge you per like and you have the choice of promoting your page to your choice region or country.


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Put your facebook on your website of blog

If you have a website of blog, you can implement yo facebook page to your website so your visitors can like you on facebook, this is a great way of gaining facebook like.

Join informationhood Authors.

Informationhood is open to dedicated writer who have any thing to contribute to the life of others, this is ranging from politics, information news, reviews, crime, fashion, relationship, health, in fact any thing you feel like talking about or sharing with the world since your content will be unique. informationhood gives you the chance of putting your facebook page url on your author biography, if your wite interested post people will be amaze at you and hurry to follow you on facebook by liking your facebook page. Infomationhood is one of the best and easy way of growing your facebook page likes, all you need to do is write interesting article showcasing your talent and ask readers to follow you on facebook if the like your articles.

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As informationhood author you have a lot of benefit outside page grow and stand a greater chance of making money wining writing contract deal to become an author. To become informationhood author you can check the requirements and how to apply for an author by visiting how to become Informationhood writer.

Always update your facebook page with interesting post

Know how to customize your facebook post that will easily get attention of audience, when your post is interesting people will likely want to share it on their wall so heir friends and family can see it. your page is likely to get more likes if it post is been shared.

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Note that growing your facebook page likes/fans may take quite some effort, hard work and time. Don’t give up with your facebook page, if other people is making it; you too can do it. Just out on more effort.

This is the most effective way of growing your facebook page in Nigeria and all over the world it doesn’t mater what country you are whether you are in the USA, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and any part of the world, if follow the above step your facebook page will be counting thousand to millions likes within few months from now. Before you think og going you can let me also quickly show you how you can make money with facebook. Visit how you can  make money with facebook in Nigeria

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