How do i setup betting shop in Nigeria ?

Hello, guys please I need your help. There’s no betting shop in my area so I plan of renting a shop and use it for the betting business. Please I need advice from who is in the business already or someone with an idea of how it works.

Is the business lucrative? How much can I start it with? What is the best betting to partner with? I’m thinking of Bet9ja. Please someone should help me with some information. I haven’t done anything related to this before and I usually do not bet. 

The comment box is open and In case you need to reach me, I’m on WhatsApp at 0 9 0 5 6 2 5 0 7 9 0

What do you think?

Written by King Sero

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  1. 4.5℅ of your total sales I.e amount played. When you check your quick report through the virtual platform, you’ll see it there

  2. You been the shop owner you get paid a weekly commission every Tuesday.. Commissions are calculated based on number of tickets you play per day..

    And as the operator that’s if you’re employing someone, top up from virtual is a means of making money.. By top up I mean those monies that are not up to 50 or 100 naira (depending on your location) are yours to pocket.. E.g I play a game of #150 and win a sum of #1,990, the #90 will be yours.. so at the end of the day, calculate the total money at hand minus the opening balance for the day.. e.g 17500-10000 I.e 10000 opening balance.. you’ve made a gain of 7,500.. Note this has nothing to do with your commission

  3. Baba betting business is lucrative if you have enough people coming to your shop. I heard somewhere that Betway has fewer requirements. Anyways I do not have much knowledge