How to waybill or send item from lagos to any state or location at low cost

Sending items from lagos to any part of Nigeria is as easy if you know the right way. some people like buying from lagos but don’t know how they could get the item ship from lagos to their location without sending much. This make some people to miss what they would have love to buy in Lagos or they have no other option than to travel to Lagos by themselves which is more expensive. But on this article How to waybill or send item from lagos to any state or location we have covered all areas of sending items from lagos to all the states in Nigeria without wasting too much money on shipping.

Waybill send item from lagos in Nigeria

You will agree with us that shipping service are more expensive to afford, if you should calculate the cost of shipping with ex-ford, dhl etc to your location, you won’t see any reasonable reason why you shouldn’t buy the item right there in your location. On this article we will show you the easiest and low cost way of shipping your item from lagos to your location easily.

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On this article we will be using from lagos to delta as an example, so let get started.

If you have a trust worthy seller of what you are buying, then you don’t have to go through the process of travelling to lagos.
the easiest method that will save you money and stress is using waybill service to ship your items from lagos to any state e.g from lagos to warri delta state, and you will receive your items within 24hours time.
This process is the easiest, you don’t have to go through the stress of travelling to lagos. Just follow the steps below and your item will be in your city soon.

Step 1: Source for a reliable seller of what you want to buy, ask the seller if he/she can help you ship the item from lagos to your location using waybill? some sellers don’t agree with this method because of the stress they might go through, especially when the item is huge such as refrigerator, but If you have a way of pleading with the seller to help you, then congrats.

Step 2: The seller should package the item very well with a carton and sill it if he/she could, then the seller should take it to a transportation service which you know it travel from lagos to your city e.g a transportation service going lagos to warri or any part of delta state, in this case we recommended ‘God Is Good motors’ ‘ABC Transport’ and ‘Agofure motors’, for example if you are shipping from lagos to warri then you should consider using God Is Good motors as it’s the cheapest currently, but if shipping to other areas of delta state then you should consider ‘Agofure motors’ because ‘Agofure park is in Ughelli. What this mean is; you to first confirm any of the transportation service park nearest to you.

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Agofure motors charges #3,150 Naira in ‘Jan-25-2016’ to any location in delta state, and ‘God is good motors’ charges #2000 naira to warri, you have to be inform; that God Is Good Motor doesn’t go to Ughelli, their park is in warri only. If you live outside warri and you decide to use ‘God Is Good’ motors you will definitely travel to warri to get the item. Hope you understand the above example with your own location?

Note: None of these above recommended transportation services accept payment on delivery. This means the sender have to pay for their shipping fee right there upon shipping process. None of these transportation services take money from buyer to seller for any reason, that is to say; they have no business with the transaction within a buyer and the seller, they have no business on how the buyer pay the seller for the items, all they are concern about is the shipping process and they will not be held responsible for any deal carried by the seller and a buyer.

To clear the above mentioned shipping cost, we have to inform you that it’s not all items that are ship for that amount, you can’t be expecting to ship refrigerator or generator for #2000 right? uhmm so the fact is that it depends on the item you are shipping and your location, you will only get the accurate cost when you visit their offices. The above mentioned amount is the cost of shipping stuffs like laptops, mini printers, mobile phone etc.

While God Is Good Motors came first in our recommendation is their mode of attending to their clients and passengers, and also the advance support if having any issues with your parcel or what so ever, but it sad they are not located in some areas of Nigeria.

ABC transportation is in all over Nigeria’s cities and states, even some others Africa countries, and they are also doing good as Agofure.

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Again God Is Good motors mode of packaging parcel look more advance and secure, also their process is more easy unlike Agofure, because the lady at the Mile 2 park is not really helpful.

God Is Good park uses computer in saving data, but we notice Agofure services deliver faster than others. This means all of them above have their own ways of operating, but they are all 100% reliable.

Step 3. The sender will fill a form requesting sender name, sender phone number, and receiver name, receiver phone number including location sending item to.

Step 4. The sender will give them the item, at this point if the sender failed to package the item right from home or his/her shop, #100 will then be required for packaging fee.

Now what next? Ok the sender will pay the shipping fee, and a receipt containing the waybill number, sender and receiver details will be issued to the sender. The waybill number should be kept properly because the waybill number is the only prove the receiver can use in claiming the item. For this reason we warn that the sender should keep it safe, though sender can still get the waybill number by going back to the park he/she send the item, but you won’t like to go through that stress we guess.

Note 2: uhmm the sender should please specify the particular park the item should be send to, because they may have more than one terminal known as park in a particular city. This mean; the receiver will tell the sender the park nearby to him/her which he/she want the item to be send to or else the receiver will end up going from one park to another looking for the item.

Now that the sending process is completed the sender will give the receiver the waybill number to go and claim the item the next day.

Step 5. when the receiver get all the details from the sender then he/she will go to the transportation service park with the waybill number and his/her identity card having the name which the sender use in sending the item. Ordinary id card might be rejected, therefore the receiver should make sure he/she have a government issued identity card ‘ID CARD’ (e.g voters card, national identity card etc).

Now you see how easy it is buying from Lagos to any state in Nigeria without wasting money travelling to Lagos.

Warning: Sender should never agree giving the item to any one who claimed to be a manager or official worker of any particular terminal that will not be able to provide the shipping receipt immediately. We didn’t say just the waybill number, but the whole original waybill receipt containing all the details. Don’t let any one tell you your waybill number with a word of mouth, or tell you that your waybill number will be send to your phone number later or tomorrow, else you will end up been scammed. it rather better that you return your items back home if the waybill receipt can’t be issued immediately.

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Warning 2: Sender should not give items to drivers directly, still better go direct to the Secretary office and pay the normal shipping fee or you will find yourself to be blame if them items get lost, because these transportation services wouldn’t be held responsible for any business transacted with their drivers directly, it illegal.



Iyana-Ipaja Terminal
164, Lagos-Abeokuta Express way, Beside Diamond Bank, Lagos. 08071391840, 080903945330

Yaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos 08056898540

Yaba Volkswagen
Volkswagen Bus Stop 08172011915

Ajah Terminal
Near Police station in Ajiwe Ajah 08090470737

29, Ikotun ROoad, Opposite Ikotun LG, Ikotun Bus-Stop. Lagos State. 08090394538

Festac Gate Bus Stop 07054008753

20 Ikorodu Express Road, Jibowu, Lagos

Bolade-Oshodi, Lagos
Bolade-Oshodi Terminal, Lagos.
129 Agege Motor Road
0703-8570556, 070-66727905.

You can see more God is Good Motors Branches, addresses and contact details in Nigeria




Phone Numbers




Fadeyi, Lagos
Special Cargo Centre, Fadeyi, Lagos.
52C, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos State
081-01312485, 080-63261919.

Ojo, Aspanda Lagos
Aspanda Cargo Outlets,
Anambra Plaza, A11 Shop C23,
Aspanda North,
Ojo, Lagos

Ojo, Lagos
Aspanda Cargo Outlet
Block A11, Shop 13
Aspanda South
Ojo, Lagos State.

Ikeja, Lagos
Ikeja Cargo Outlet
2, Simbiat Abiola Way, Opp.
Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.
081-05795502, 080-23422666

Ikorodu, Lagos
Ikorodu Cargo Outlet
62, Ayangburen Road
Off Ebute Road, Ikorodu
080-63261919, 090-32976426

Jibowu, Lagos
Jibowu Terminal, Lagos
22, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba

Bolade-Oshodi, Lagos
Bolade-Oshodi Terminal, Lagos.
129 Agege Motor Road
0703-8570556, 070-66727905.

Lekki, Lagos
Lekki Ticketing Outlet
opp Jakande 1st gate
Beside FCMB Bank
Lekki Expressway, Lagos

Amuwo Odofin, Lagos
Amuwo-Odofin Terminal, Lagos
Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way
By Festac BypassAmuwo-Odofin, Lagos State.
081-42552436, 080-53001000, 070-66855569

For more of ABC transportat branches and contact details check out ABC transport branches in lagos Nigeria, Ghana and Cotonuo

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  1. Wow nice write up, i like this. Is it possible to ship harbal medications with any of the transportation you listed?

  2. Pls, i saw an advertisment on newspaper that the custom are selln cars. I calld them nd made arrangement wit them on the car i wnt, der told me d price nd told me dat der wil deliver it or i shuld cm nd tak it mysef, i told dem dat i wil cm mahsef. I went der ystrdday n paid the money bt i didn’t c the car. Wen i calld aqain dey didnt pick mah cal. Afta dat i cm bck 2 lokoja nd calld aqain nd the controller pick nd say dat i shuld b annoyd dat d car wil b deliver dz morninq. Bt i shuld pay anoda money. Bt I refuse. Plz help me. Dz z der no. 07031379262.

    1. Sorry for that, from your story, those people are scammers,and not real custom officials. have you tried going back to where you paid the money to them? it seem those people have scammed you. we advice you to try and meet with them one on one again, when going go with police, play along them till they get arrested, and for their number we will consult proper investigation on it and get back to you soon as possible. till then don’t pay any money to them again. again what news paper did you get their number from?

    2. from our find out, the person who owned this number you provided is a scammer, we notice he has been posting on many online classified website on admission stuff, green tea stuffs and vehicles sales stuff scamming people. we will forward the number to the police right now, we advice you go to the police yourself and make arrangement with the police to arrest him. make sure you play along with the scammer in other to get him arrested.

  3. Wil i gt mah money if i do xo. Coz i dnt tink dat he z the only person n dz. One said dat he z mr garba, samuel sunday nd d comptroller. Nd they sent a txt ystrday sayn dat d proccess wz succesful bt i shuld pay d rst money 4 urgent delivery.

    1. Don’t pay any money to them again in respect of any thing, their number has been forwarded to the police for investigation, we will notify you the follow up. While waiting you can go to the Nigeria cusetom to confirm from them yourself to know more, you will find all nigeria custom addresses and contact details here Nigeria custom office addresses and phone numbers once again don’t pay any more them again. From our point of view and our find ou about their number, they didn’t seem to be real custom.

  4. pls help me a friend send me ah phone through a waybill,and am in Benin,I gave the pples 4 thousands naira yesterday through their account num,n she is saying that from Lagos to Benin is 6 thousands Naira
    ,she is demanding for me to send the 2 thousands naira before she can send the item,what am I going to do,help me 09086752715

  5. please I was sent a package and it landed in Lagos but am in anambra state I told them to waybill it but they are saying I should pay 51000 naira for waybilling.their number is 07038069515

  6. Pls i need urgent reply from now till 1:30
    i was sent a parcel and it landed in murtala Muhammad international air port but am in enugu state i told d agent of KLM to waybill it bt they are saying i should pay #5000 for waybilling in ABC transport their agent no is 08148744863

    1. You can ask the shipping agency to help you waybill it to your current location. You will be the one to pay for additional waybill charges to get it to your location since it has already arrived Nigeria.

    1. Take the item you want to waybill to the transportation company you wish to use ( God is Good Motors Preferable) and request for a waybill form. It’s a very easy process @Tina

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