ABC Transport Branches in Lagos Nigeria, Ghana and Cotonuo

Abc is the Number one transportation company in Nigeria that render the best transportation service to Nigerians. Abc is likely seen in almost every city of Nigeria having the best city buses and drivers.

ABC transport branches

Over the years Abc has grown huge and has now extend it classic service to outside Nigeria. Abc Nigeria operate from Nigeria to Ghana, From Nigeria to Cotonuo, and some other Africa countries which vehicle can reach to.

On this article we will be showing you all ABC motors branches in Nigeria, Ghana, Cotonuo. just screw and go through the list. We have also Included all ABC motors branches address and phone numbers so you can easily get reach to the branches or terminals closer to you and make inquires.

ABC Transport Branches In Lagos Nigeria, Ghana and Cotonuo


ABC Transport – KM5, MCC Road Branch
Umuoba, Uratta,
P.O.Box 2575, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]
abc motors KM5, Mcc Road phone number 08039600958, 08053002000, 046660283,046660750

ABC Transport – Benin Branch
K�mel Group, National Stadium, Houhounou, Beside Volvo Place, Opp Hotel Peace & Love Cotonou.
abc motors Benin phone number +229 9747 5522 ; +229 9596 6774

ABC Transport – Aba Branch Abia
Aba Terminal, Abia State
2, Ikot Ekpene Road
abc motors Aba phone number 07029116651, 081-42552421, 081-4255242

ABC Transport – Umuahia Branch Abia
Umuahia Terminal, Abia State
8, Mission Hill
Umuahia, Abia State
abc Transport Unuahia phone number: 0703-8571144

ABC Transport – Katampe Branch Abuja
Katampe Cargo Centre
Plot 1850 Cadestral Zone BO7 Near Mabushi Mordern Market. Jahi, Katampe District. Abuja.
abc Transport Katampe phone number: 081-42552447, 081-42552442

ABC Transport – FCT Branch Abuja
Abuja Terminal, FCT
No. 36, Ekukinam Street
Utako District (off Berger Junction)
abc Transport FTC phone number: 081-42552437, 081-42552437

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ABC Transport – Gwagwalada Branch Abuja
Gwagwalada Terminal, FCT
Jibeco Nigeria Ltd
abc Transport Gwagwaladda phone number: 081-42552441, 080-63789157

ABC Transport – Awka Branch Anambra
Awka Terminal, Anambra State
Arroma Junction by Ozoagu Bus stop
abc Transport Awka phone number: 081-45003728, 0806-4834870

ABC Transport – Onitsha Branch Anambra
Onitsha Terminal, Anambra State Onitsha-Asaba Expressway, Opp Ogbaru Main Market, After Upper Iweka Flyover Onitsha, Anambra State.
Abc Transport Onitsha phone number: 081-42552425, 081-42552426, 070-38570482.

ABC Transport – Amuwo Odofin Branch Lagos
Amuwo-Odofin Terminal, Lagos
Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, By Festac BypassAmuwo-Odofin, Lagos State.
abc Transport Amuwo phone number: 081-42552436, 080-53001000, 070-66855569

ABC Transport – Ojo Aspanda Branch Lagos
Aspanda Cargo Outlets, Anambra Plaza, A11 Shop C23,Aspanda North, Ojo, Lagos
abc motors Ojo Aspanda phone number: 07028151453

ABC Transport – Ojo Branch Lagos
Aspanda Cargo Outlet Block A11, Shop 13, Aspanda South, Ojo, Lagos State.
abc Transport Ojo phone number: 070-28151453

ABC Transport – Ikorodu Branch Lagos
Ikorodu Cargo Outlet
62, Ayangburen Road
Off Ebute Road, Ikorodu
abc Transport Ikorodu phone number: 080-63261919, 090-32976426


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ABC Transport – Bolade-Oshodi Branch Lagos
Bolade-Oshodi Terminal, Lagos.
129 Agege Motor Road
abc Transport Bolade Oshodi phone number: 0703-8570556, 070-66727905.

ABC Transport – Ikeja Branch Lagos
Ikeja Cargo Outlet
2, Simbiat Abiola Way, Opp.
Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.
abc Transport Ikeja phone number: 081-05795502, 080-23422666

ABC Transport – Jibowu Branch Lagos
Jibowu Terminal, Lagos
22, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba
abc Transport Jibowu phone number: 081-42552434

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ABC Transport – Lekki Branch Lagos
Lekki Ticketing Outlet, opp Jakande 1st gate
Beside FCMB Bank, Lekki Expressway, Lagos
abc Transport Lekki phone number: 080-35077983

ABC Transport – Fadeyi Branch Lagos
Special Cargo Centre, Fadeyi, Lagos.
52C, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos State
abc motors Fadeyi phone number: 081-01312485, 080-63261919.

ABC Transport – Enugu Branch
Enugu Terminal, Enugu State
122, Ogui Road,
abc Transport Enugu phone number: 081-42552427, 081-42552428

ABC Transport – Enugu Branch
9TH Mile Terminal, Enugu State
Beemartz Hotel
38 Enugu Road
9th Mile Corner, Ngwo, Enugu State.
abc Transport Enugu phone number: 081-42552424, 080-30936393

ABC Transport – Ibadan, Oyo Branch
Ibadan Transit Terminal, Oyo State
Opp. Nig. Breweries, by Acorn Filling station
New Ife Road, Ibadan
abc Transport Ibanda phone number: 081-42552449, 081-42552449

ABC Transport – Lokoja, Kogi Branch
Lokoja Transit Terminal, Kogi State
178, Hammed Bello Way
Opposite New Market, adjacent Texaco Petrol Station
abc Transport Lokoja phone number: 0703-8570375, 080-62942374

ABC Transport – Owerri, Imo Branch
Owerri Terminal, Imo State
Plot 9 Egbu Road
Owerri, Imo State
abc Transport Owerri phone number: 081-42552430, 081-42552432, 081-42552431

ABC Transport – Mbaise, Imo Branch
Mbaise Terminal, Imo State
Alpha Paradise Hotel, by Ahiara Junction
Ahiazu Mbaise,
abc Transport Mbaise phone number: 080-63786378

ABC Transport – Benin Branch
Benin Transit Terminal, Edo State
INE oil Ltd
Off Km 8 Benin-Lagos Expressway
Euboumore Village
Edo State
abc Transport Ibe Oil Ltd Benin phone number: 080-36788464, 070-33244246

ABC Transport – Port-Hacourt Branch
Port-Harcourt Terminal, Rivers State
Eliozu Junction, East/West Road
abc Transport Port-hacourt phone number: 081-40066938, 081-40066939, 081-40066940
ABC Transport – Plateau, Jos Branch
ABC Motors – Jos Terminal, Plateau State
Hallmark Homes Plaza
7/9, Luggard Road, (Former UTC Motors)
abc Transport Plateau phone number: 090-32909262, 0703-8571173

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ABC Transport – Calabar, Cross-River Branch
Calabar, Cross River
75, IBB Way
abc Transport Calabar phone number: 08-40066942, 081-40066941, 08069189038

ABC Transport – Kaduna Branch
ABC Motors – Kaduna Terminal, Kaduna State
3, Kachia Road by Railway
Station Market
abc Transport Kaduna phone number: 081-39083445, 08-034910292

ABC Transport – Akwanga, Nassarawa Branch
ABC Motors – Akwanga Terminal, Nasarawa State
60, Jos Road, Beside NYSC Zonal Office
abc Transport Akwanga phone number: 0703-8571256

ABC Transport – Uyo Long Distance Bus Branch
Uyo Terminal
Long Distance Bus Terminal, Park Road,
Itam, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
abc Transport Long distance bus Uyo phone number: 081-42552429, 070-38894946

ABC Transport – Uyo Branch
60 Ikot Ekpene Road, Opp. MTN Office,  Uyo
abc Transport Uyo phone number: 070-66895256

ABC Transport – Warri, Delta Branch
Warri Terminal, Delta State
194, PTI Road, Effurum
abc Transport Warri phone number: 081-42552433, 070-66221578.


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Accra, Ghana

ABC Transport – Acra Ghana Ltd
75, Nsawam Road, R5 Bus Stop (caprice)
Opp. Priceway Hotel, Avenor
Accra, Ghana.
abc Transport Acra ghana phone number0303965352,0303965353

Lome, Togo

ABC Transport – Lome, Togo Branch
7 Rue Sylvanus Olympius
Behinde Total filling Station
Beside Hotel Marox, Lome Togo
abc Transport Lomo phone number: +228 9007 6956; 9171741; 9255998

Cotonuo, Benin Republic Branch

ABC Transport – Benin Republic
K’mel Group, National Stadium, Houhounou,
Beside Volvo Place, Opp Hotel Peace & Love
abc Transport Lomo phone number: +229 9747 5522 ; +229 9596 6774


  • Seun Duet

    Pls how much from Akure to owerri and where can I get your transport within Akure?

  • Seun Duet

    Pls how much from Akure to owerri

  • Anyanwu Cynthia

    Abc transport company is the worst so far, the can delay their passangers very well.. I hate them with passion, can never recommend them for any reason.. My mum boarded Abc first luxury bus this morning from Jibowu terminal to Ahiara junction (Mbaise terminal)at the cost of 7,450naira. At 5:30am we were already at their pack, to my greatest suprise the bus wasn’t avaliable, we waited, nd waited and got tired of waiting. At 8:10am, i went to ask one of their customer care representatives what the problem was, she said the bus was coming from Amuwo odofin, was fustrated i had to leave in order to meet up with work on time, but was still keeping in touch wif my mum. According to my mum the left jibowu terminal at 9:38am to the eastern part of Nigeria, as am typing this complaint now, they re still at delta state (8:39pm)..It is too fustrating, i hate them with passion!! I hate Abc transport company!!! F*ck Abc transport company.. They play with people’s lives, hw can u keep someone on the road from morning till midnight all in the name of travelling wif u.. Abc pls u guys need to look into this issue..

  • Epoga peter

    What will it cost to travel from lagos to ghana

  • Epoga peter

    What will it cost me to travel from lagos to ghana

  • Aisha Bako

    Abc is the worst cargo company. I will never recommend them for anything. They will mess you up. I have been expecting my goods for 2weeks now and no one seems to know where they are. This thing that you people did to me is the height of wickedness. The drinks and cloths for my wedding was in my package. I had to find alternatives and abc will pay for the stress and extra cost I have incurred. You will be hearing from my lawyers.

  • ade

    can i use my nigeria master card to buy a ticket from accra to nigeria through pos

  • imam Qamordeen Ibrahim

    I need to ask about one of your staff his name was Stephen tochi I miss h for long time he posted to Ghana



  • oil olatunji

    pls how much is Lagos to Ghana and what is the procedure for booking.

  • anna

    pls how much is it from lagos to Ghana

  • faith

    How much is Lagos to Accra

  • Carmetta ikeobi

    Please I want to know if ABC transport goes driect from lagos 2 ivory coast. Thanks

  • Evangelist. Chukwudi

    from lagos to cotonou is how much?

  • Hector

    Please i want to get your schedule for Benin Cotonue to Nigeria.

  • james philip

    How much is the price for cotonuo to Lagos?

  • UCHE


  • UCHE

    hello how much is Accra to lagos first bus on tuesday 20th dec 2016?

  • Ikechukwu okppkiri

    Hello hw much is Ghana to Nigeria

  • momoh isime

    Goodmorning. ABC how we i went to Ghana from Nigeria and amount we he cost me

  • Akpedafe onome

    How much is Accra to Lagos with 11 traveling on Sunday 6th November 2016

  • Bigben

    Pls am in ghana now-accra,how much in cedis can take me to Lagos through ABC trans and if i have someone in Lagos can he/she book for me??hoping for ur kind response.

  • pablo

    How much is from Ghana to lagos

  • pablo

    How much is the prize from Ghana to Nigeria

  • Ighoteguono kparobo

    Pls does ABC transport have direct bus from Benin to Ghana, if yes, how much is it?

  • Success Irhonise

    Pls does abc trans have direct bus from benin to ghana? if yes, how much will it cost me? Thanks. Success

  • Victor

    Pls how much is lagos to calabar, n how can I book online?

  • Richard Edet

    Hello good morning, please i am a Student writing a thesis on Road transportation & am having difficulty gettin information as Ghana branch say they dont know much on what am researching.
    1) who are your top 5customers & top 5 Suppliers
    2) who are your competitors to these suppliers & customers
    3) what are the top 20products by spend of the organisation or company
    4) what are the long term benefits of strategic sourcing of the company.
    5) what product do the company classify as Commodity goods.
    6) what are procurement function in supply chain of the company.
    Thanks very much for helping out.

  • James Binford

    I am trying to arrange transportation from Il-Ife Nigeria to Lagos Nigeria. I have steadily searched for schedules routes and times. Could you please tell me what services ABC offers that will help me to make this particular trip. Ill need to know the earliest possible departure time for NOV1st. If a route doesn’t exist, does a route exist from Ibadan to Lagos? Thank you

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