How to Start Pineapple Farming Business In Nigeria

Pineapple is the second fruit that is consumed highly in the list of the most consumed fruits in the planet. It is made up of about 20% of the population of the tropical fruit of the world. 70% of all the pineapples undergo fresh consumption in the countries where they exist. Paraguay and Brazil are the headquarters of this fruit.

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Pineapples were discovered first and in these countries and from here it spread to other countries of the world. Now the main manufacturers of the pineapple fruit are China, Thailand, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Costa Rico and Kenya.

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Pineapples are made in these countries. The country Hawaii is among the largest manufacturers of pineapple in the world. They are also among the largest fruit suppliers.

Pineapple Popularity

Their supply are mainly in Japan and USA. There have been increase in pineapple farming. The explanation for the popularity of the fruit is the breeding of new species. This species is referred to as ‘Gold’. This category of fruit came into existence in Hawaii. It then became popular in the 70s.

Ever since then, the volume of pineapples in terms of trading double. They sell and consume pineapples in homes. The increasing demand of consumers for pineapples have become such that it is now profitable. This is profitable both the small and large scale.

Planting Process Of Pineapple

Pineapples is among the tropical fruits. Almost everyone knows the taste and the look. However not all harvest and plant this fruit. You have to understand first the attributes of the plant first before you become an expert.

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Pineapple is a herbaceous and tropical plant. It is also a perennial crop. Pineapple can grow to up to a height of 2 metres when mature. The condition for this is that land should be bare.

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The plant possess a foliage that is firm. It also possess a squat and flat stack. Pineapple is more bushy than a grassy plant. It tends to grow in a rapid manner after the planting process.

System Of Planting Pineapple

It has dozens of leaves that are intertwined. It also has thick stalk. The foliage of pineapple is pulpy and narrow with edges containing sharp brands. They get up to 70cm in length as the pattern. The plant tend to survive in extremely dry periods.

The leaves structure is special and this is helpful since they absorb large amounts of fluid. The crop begins to bloom with several flowers that are spike shaped above. The blossom category is harmaphrodite. Pineapples can be red, yellow and violet for the colours. This is according to the type.

Each flower forms a berry. The berries of the pineapple form a berry. They grow and become like juice. Then they join together and become fruit that is in the shelves of our store.

The berry tends to contain seeds that are tiny and can have negative effects, its price and edibility. The farmers of pineapple try to eliminate the pollination of the plants. This pollination is caused by hummingbirds that are valid.

A pineapple gets shoots that are new from the leaves after the ripening takes place. They utilise them for propagation vegetatively. The plants blossoms and produce berries if the side appendages is reduced on time.


The farmers plant new crops and uproot the pineapples and this is after the second harvest.
The farmers utilise the plant top card and the seeds. This is in union with the reduction of the pineapple shoots. The top of the pineapple (ripe) is young leave crown.

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It can turn to a ripe crop under the appropriate states. Wild pineapples to possess fruits that are smaller with seeds that are plenty. Pineapples are also good for certain animals.

Breeding Pineapple

The pineapple fruit can undergo breeding using the following methods:

  • the use of side shoots. There is cutting of seedlings when the roots lay down
  • The use of the fruit top. When the top is cut and then planting in a soil that is bare proves it takes shoots. There can be interchanging of a soil that is bare with the flower pot.
  • The use of side shoots. There is cutting of the seedlings when the roots lay down

The appearance of the seeds are like cells which are under the fruit. They resemble apple seeds. The seeds are collectible from pineapples that are overripe. The plant tends to grow after planted. Fruits come out after certain years.

Pineapple Plantations In Nigeria

The largest producers of pineapple are Asian,, African, Australian and American. The specialists in Nigeria are into making fruit juice in a quick manner. They use only a method that consumes smaller time for maturing and less technologies for production.

The root stalks have a height of 20cm as the smallest and then they are planted in double rows. Process the stalks with acetylene to obtain a mass crop and blossom the plant.

There is processing of the stalk using acetylene. The gas enables the buds of the pineapple to come out at the appropriate time.
The farmers normally do the covering for the pineapple flowers. They do this to obtain the fruit (ripe) and they also prevent pollination.

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They make use of measures that are productive and other items to prevent birds and insects. Today, farmers utilise means of irrigation that are mechanical, insect and weed management and fertilizing.

You can get up to 2 harvests in a year within the tropical zones.

Planting Pineapples In A Hothouse

The rooting pattern of this crop let’s the planting in a little layer of soil possible. You have to mix:

  • Perlite
  • Garden ground
  • Charcoal
  • Peat
  • Humus

There is irrigation of the plants using water that is acidified. This is because pineapples grow properly on soil that have more acidity. The water should have equal temperature as the greenhouse air.

Pineapples undergo smoking or processing with acetylene to obtain a crop that is rich. However by using a proper tending and a material of high quality, the pineapples begin to yield fruits. The pineapples are not more than the fruits obtainable in the tropics.

Things To Consider In Pineapple Business

You have to get a good business plan. This plan should consider all the phases. The following points should be noted when starting pineapple business:

  • Sand and acidic soil
  • Proper tilling and uprooting
  • Pineapples thrive with water. Proper water supply is necessary
  • Consider suitable species for marketing and planting species like ‘Mauritius’ is preferable. ‘MD-2’ is another hybrid. The fruit is normally yellow and shiny. Other species are ‘ Smooth Cayemne’.
  • Take measures that are preventive against pests, birds, fungi and diseases.
  • Proper weeding


Pineapple demand of companies making fruit juice in Nigeria is much. This is the reason why the business is profitable. Asking questions with our comment box is at your freedom.

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