How To Begin A Custard Production Enterprise In Nigeria


Custard is a nutritious food. Majority of beverage and food producing firms began little before they became the companies they are today. If you are not determined to start and run your business and explore opportunities, then this article is not for you. This article is for entrepreneurs who are determined and willing to take action.

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When the starch of corn which is edible is mixed with the rest of the nutrients ( concentrates), the result is custard. The rest of the nutrients may be a combination of milk, corn flour egg yolk, glucose, tatrazine and glucose to become paste. This article is about how to produce custard at home.

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The powder is like pap. It is the same corn that makes pap that also make custard. Nevertheless, custard has more nutrients than pap.
This is because there is addition of more nutrients.

The edible corn starch of custard is also for whitish drugs and other products of pharmacy. The starch is made in China, Holland and also India. The rest of flavours which are evaporated milk, egg yolk, milk ( powdered), vitamin C, nutrients (concentrated), banana, strawberry(vanilla), glucose (yellow/tetrazine), aspatin etc.

Who Are The Consumers Of Custard Powder?

  • custard
    Many people eat this custard powder. The product is a nutritious product. The following major consumers of custard powder.

    They are:

    • Children since the meal is good for children because of it’s nutritious nature. The food can be used for dinner and breakfast. The custard comes in many flavours and children are fond of it.
    • Student take custards to boarding schools and it does not take time to prepare.
    • Pregnant women take custard due to it’s nutritious content
    • Nursing mothers ie women breastfeeding their babies take custard since it is nutritious
    • Roadside sellers make custard for people

    Custard is a food for everybody. Some religious people also take it.

    The Capital For Making Custard

    You can start this business with N40000. First get a good business plan before starting. This money meets all the cost for starting up.

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    Majority of the raw materials undergo measurement. You can produce the quantity that you need by purchasing the required quantity.

    What Are The Requirements For Making Custard Powder?

    • Sealer is for the sealing of the nylon package of custard
    • Mixing is for mixing the corn starch. You may use the biggest plastic drum available. It is better for you to make use of the aluminium tank even though this is more expensive.
    • Small size plastic is used during mixing. Mix the liquid ingredients like vitamin flavours and a small quantity of starch and then pour it into the plastic drum for mixing

    Raw Materials For Custard

    The following raw materials are for producing custard powder:

    • vitamin C powder
    • Corn flour or corn starch ( edible>
    • Condensed milk flavour and vanilla flavour
    • Egg yolk ( the region of egg)
    • Sodium Benzoate (serving as a preservative)

    Production Process Of White Custard

    To make custard powder follow these methods:

    First Step

    First of all open the bag of 25Kg then measure a kilogram of corn starch. Add a little quality to the clean basin or container. The white basin is the place where you mix the flour. Break 2 eggs and add the yolk.

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    Mixing proceeds for blending. The mixing is done so that there is blending with the floor of the corn. Put tetrazine with spoon leg as measurement. Next is pouring inside and putting vanilla and flours of condensed milk ( a spoon for each), a spoon for glucose, a teaspoon of the vitamin C.

    Put sodium Benzoate with a spoon leg. Start mixing with white hand gloves. Ensure that the raw materials and the corn flour are blended to prevent the particles that are inside. Take note the product will come well when properly mixed.

    Second Step

    Ensure that all blending together in the above step when premixing. It is from this point that you get the formula for production.

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    Third Step

    Put the corn flour into the basin that is bigger or in container that is plastic. After you premixing becomes in order, proceed and put the contents for premixing inside the container of the plastic and mix them together. Ensure that no pallets are within the content. You can finish in 5 minutes.

    When you finish the process of mixing, start the packaging process and put it in your own way of branding. Take note that the formula above is applicable for the method of one bucket production. You may proceed with this formula to produce many quantities. The manufacturing requires a hygienic place.

    Making A White Custard Powder

    The measurement for this is 3 in 1 of a corn flour of custard with sweetener and milk.

    Raw Materials For Making White Custard

    • Corn flour or corn starch ( edible)
    • Condensed flavour of milk
    • Powder milk
    • Powder of vitamin C
    • Aspatin ( sweetener) or sugar for grinding
    • Preservative (sodium Benzoate

    First Step

    First open the cornstarch of 25Kg. Then measure a kilogram of corn starch. Do this from the bag. Put a small quantity into a little clean plastic or basin.

    The plastic or basin is for premixing. Mix the corn flour quantity and then measure vanilla after which you condense the milk flavours a full spoon each and put it inside the container, a glucose of spoon, a teaspoon for the powder of vitamin C. Put 300g of milk made of whole powder and add 3 spoonful consisting of sugar ( ground). Put sodium Benzoate with the spoon leg to measure the little and put it inside before you mix.

    Don’t forget to put on white gloves (hand) and then begin mixing. Ensure that the corn flour and the rest of the raw materials mix properly to avoid unnecessary particles. Take note that when you mix well, you get a smooth turnout. Therefore mix well in this first step.

    You can get the raw materials from the market. This is according to the quantity you intend to produce. Do not use fake materials.

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    Second Step

    Put the corn that is remaining into the larger basin or into the plastic container. As premixing is going on, put the contents into the large container ( plastic) and mix properly. Ensure no pallets are present and you can finish in 25 minutes. When you finish mixing, packaging and branding is next.

    Note that the formula above is just for a bucket.

    What Tools Do You Need To Make Custard?

    • Table for production
    • Large spoons: a stainless spoon is required for stirring
    • Custard nylon for packaging
    • Stainless large spoons for storing
    • Apron
    • Machine for mixing: this machine is the one for your process of production. You can manually use a cottage producer using mixing spoons. The use of items are flavouring, starch, vitamin like Vitamin C.

    Location For Making Custard

    Your backyard can be starting point. Make it hygienic. You can still do it outside your residence if you have the place. Get registered with NAFDAC.

    Packaging Custard

    • Bucket packaging: This is common in the market. They come with yellow colours. They normally have a red cover with varieties of sizes ie 2Kg, 1Kg containers.
    • Packaging for lunch
      It let’s the child turn the packaging to lunch box as school goes on
    • Refill: This is not common. It let’s you refill the pack

    Marketing Your Custard

    Before you market, get the product registered. You can add additional packages with your product and do some advertising.

    Profitability of the custard business

    Making this product is profitable. Make your custard of high quality. Ensure proper printing so that your brand can be identified.

    Be innovative with your it. Brand your custard with different flavours and content. Have the determination to do this business.


    Making custard is one business in Nigeria that is profitable. It is more nutritious than pap. You have the freedom to use our comment box for any questions.

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