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How To Become A Sales Consultant On JUMIA?

Owning your own business is the path to fulfilling your dreams as being financially independent and becoming an established entrepreneur. Jumia offers you a platform of a lifetime where you do not have to work for any boss and earn unlimited income! Get on the JForce train today and earn money through commissions by selling […]

How To Pick A Perfume For A Date In Nigeria

Got a hot date coming up? In need of some perfume tips for the occasion? Then this is the article for you! Here we’ve listed what fragrances are suitable for each stage of your relationship. Enjoy! FIRST DATE Calm first date nerves with the scent of Jasmine, which is well-known to sooth stress and anxiety. Found […]

Email marketing

Marketing has always been about reaching out to prospective patrons, getting their attention and yea – drawing future plans from their opinions and interest. Maybe Jesus and Mohammed ain’t that much of our technological guys, one thing indisputable though is their understanding of marketing and how they used it effectively for both their causes. “…So […]