See reasons why we sometimes encounter problems in life & how to fix

reasons why we sometimes encounter problems

this article show you some reasons why we sometimes encounter problems Some of us never knew our success and happiness comes from God, some of us are really irritating thinking that the things we have is by our strength, or they happened coincident.

Informationhood would want to expose some reasons why some things strange happened to us and how to over come them. First if you are not a Christians then you are lost already. Life without Christ is nothing but wasted life. Becoming a Christian guaranteed you an ever lasting life and blessings of God during your stays on earth.

Reasons why we sometimes encounter problems in life & how to fix them

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

1. Are You A Child Of God? if you are not then no need of talking about your case, because you choose the part you are going through yourself. The only solution is embracing Jesus that you will be save from evil. Psalm 1:1-3 Says: Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.

2. Temptation: Every child of God must be ready for this part, it definitely going to come and there is no way you can escape be tempt, in fact this often happen when you are about to move to the next level in life. Temptation is just like an exam that promote you to the next level, it only depend if you are going to pass or fail. When ever you  find yourself been tempt then you should know your promotion is around the corner. When ever there is a test, there is a testimony.

How to over come temptation: Every privileged open to a child of God come with a trail, it depend when it comes either after or before the priviledge. Be joyful when you pass through trails and problems that the enemies will be surprise that you are never moved by all their means of making you cry. the only quick remedy to eliminate temptation is to appear as if nothing is happening to you, this will shuck your enemies, and drive them to quit because they have no other option, this to let the devil and enemies know that they are doing nothing but wasting their time. be glad for what will come next is great, and hold your heart strong. Always pure out your pain to God in prayers, when ever you see things not going your ways, pure your heart to God in prayers. and always praise God in all circumstances.  psalm 62:1-7-8  

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3. Lack Of Prayers, Studying The Word Of God, Trusting In God And Obeying His Rules: I know there are evil forces, and i also know there don not try God. the bible said in Psalm 56:4 In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me. there is no way, God will let you out to your enemies when you are obedient to him his word

4. Standing In Ways Of Other To Accomplish You Need: Being an enemy to someone just because you want to make it. There is no peace for the wicked and you know this. In other wards this is called oppression. The bible say love your neighbor as yourself, without this you can’t make heaven, not even been happy on earth. For what ever measure you give to other God is returning it back to you if you don’t stop now.

5. Greedy: A greedy person will never receive rather than loose. for many reason’s God has blessed you, the question to ask yourself is; how are you using the blessing he gave you to honor him? how have you been helpful to others? and how has the blessing increased your love to your neighbors and to him? if you can’t answer these questions, then tell me why shouldn’t his blessing be withdraws from you?  A person’s down fall can easily come from greedy act. you only care about yourself and your family, your children don’t feel ill before taking them to hospital, but still you don’t have the time to check on hospitals to see if there are some helpless poor children you can help pay their hospital bill. There is no way such kind of person will never runs down because God himself knows you doesn’t deserved what you have. You can pray from now till tomorrow you are definitely the cause of your problem. A lot of thing will happen to such person that will claimed him/her  all those wealth and happiness, and at the end they start pointing fingers at people. God who bless you is sending you a message and if you refuse to go, he knows how to take his blessing back and send another person. Please when we say blessing, it’s not only money. Children, friends, happy family, good health etc are all blessings. Again if before you were bless you were a friend to God, you do the work of God, such as cleaning the church, playing instrument in church etc, and after his blessing you claimed level has change, and beginning to claim busy, you hardly go to church all because of business, then you have just collected your falling ticket successfully. Psalm 75:7 Says: But it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another.

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6. Lack Of Adding Value To The Kingdom Of God: The bible says any tree that doesn’t bear good fruit will be cut off and throne into the pit of hell. How have your business or job helping or promoting the work of God? Do people see’s God in your business?  Do you still have time for the things of God as it was before? Is there any good reason why God should spear you or your business in his judgment? are your friends or children been put in God’s way by you? How many words do you talk per day, and how many time does God appear in your conversation?. Are you collecting the glory which should be given unto God? some people do this, they are happy about it. when you do something for a person try to use the opportunity to tell that person about God and let him/her know that it the grace of God and not yours you have help him/her, he should thank God and not just you. By doing this you are promoting the kingdom of God, and for sure you will be bless. I was happy reading Jen Thorn recent article title The God of All Weather where she mentioned some touching part of how wealthy God is.

7. The Fear Of God. Are You Conscious About Things Of God? the way you live your life in Christ? When you sin; do you heart tells you that you have sin?  and do you plead for forgiveness from God immediately?  do you try avoiding the things that God dislike? are you righteous if i should ask?  does the length you can bear pain for the sake of Christ unlimited? don’t it seem to you that you are respect your boss more than God? does people see God in you or you advertise yourself as christian? These above question should help you amend your ways.

8. Fear Of Challenges: It obvious that what ever you fear is greater than you. The fear of challenges can kill dreams, it faster than you ever thought. i will be writing on how to eliminate fear of challenges soon.

9. Lack Of Appreciation: You have easily forget where you are coming from, this is too bad. Appreciation is the most important part of life. No body wants to give you more when they notice you didn’t appreciate the previous they give you. The bottom line is someone who doesn’t appreciate will not increase further, you should learn how to appreciate God, when you do good to someone, appreciate God for it. someone may say  why, the reason is that nothing happen within your power, not even good thinking, it neither by your power you archived what you gave. so you must appreciate God all the time countless of what is happening to you, Because God knows.   Failure to appreciate people who does good for you or help you when you were in need will lead to the destruction of what they have for you next.

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before i end this post i will like to inform you that the reason of our existence is praising God. that is the purpose God made us. Just as the reason you buy phone is either to call or to browse, and when it looses it value then you throw it away, but when it fulfilling it duty; even when it old then you look for way to change the case and wrap it with fancy wrapper. So we are to God. when you looses your value and God purpose then you will be thrown away by God, but when you are fulfilling your purpose why God created you then he clothe you with glory, bless you and lift you above all life difficulties, cause any one that causes you, all because you have taken him as your responsibility he will also take you as his responsibilities.

What to do when things are going well with you.

Romans 6:12-14. Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts. And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace

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This is just the beginning, there are more you need to know.  By the grace of God, i am “Ogheneserome Daniel” by name, the Ceo and founder of informationhood. With God on my side there are a lot things i have to make known to the world, all i need is your support by helping extending sharing the post with your friend. Next article i will be writing on

  • How to grow stronger in faith
  • How to eliminate fear of challenges

You can always check, because i will be writing information that will help us in life. I pray that God will show us mercy, give us wisdom and grace to do according to his will; so we don’t loose what we had already and the one’s to come, in Jesus name. If there is something you don’t understand you are free to use the comment box below.

Before you go i want to use this opportunity to inform you that  not all wealth and riches are blessing. Some wealth are wrap with death. You have to be careful not to get yourself to such mess. It good  to wait patiently for God, according  psalm 62:1-7-8.

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