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The Bible Vs Relativity: ê still de “epp”?


Please watch it: this isn’t going to be entirely written in p-English, lol. So, yas! As you might have mind wondered there- Is the Divine Book and Manual of Life as I more often refer to it, still applicable real-time? Why’d I get meditating on the subject anyways? I mean as a child growing up, […]

Behind The Scenes: A Parody Story

Disclaimer: The author wishes to state that this story account is in no way intended a mockery of the Bible, but rather a focus on the faith and belief of four guys who may have been  considered thugs in present day. (Scene 1) The whole town of Umu was agog. They have heard so much […]

Ignorant Knowledge: An Open Letter To Daddy Freeze

The verse above was the first thing that came to my mind the two nights ago when someone sent a video of this man that spoke against tithing so seemingly knowledgeably without realising how ignorant his arguments sounded?  Who is this that’s questioning knowledge with so much ignorance? Apparently he has been on this crusade […]

Supernatural – Frank Edwards (Audio, Lyrics and Video)

Frank Edwards Supernatural Artwork

Our own amazing talented Nigeria gospel singer Frank Edward has drop an amazing song again in 2018 titled I’m Supernatural. Gospel Song: I’m Supernatural – Frank Edwards The young Christ Embassy gospel singer has drop a single song following the Christ Embassy theme of the year which is Supernatural. The song is the second most […]

Oh Jesus – Sister Wisdom | @1sisterwisdom

Sister Wisdom

This is an amazing song coming from our beloved sister wisdom titled Oh Jesus. This song is a lovely gospel song talking about the love of God that never failed. Proclaiming the power in the name of Jesus that breaks every chain. Which as well speak about the love of God for us. This is […]

Are you a Servant of God or Just a Christian?

Become a servant of God

A child of God will never walk along with evil doers, just as a child of sheep never walk along with goat and that of goat never with cow. If you are a friend of evil doers then you are not yet a child of God. If clubs and bar is your best place, then […]

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