Procedures For Opening A Cinema Business In Nigeria

Are you fond of movies? Do you wish to use movies for your business? Then, this article is for you. The analysts have rated the movie industry in Nigeria at $3 billion. This shows that Nigerians have an appetite for movies. A precise way to tap into the Nigerian movie industry is to join the cinema business. You have to consider starting a cinema business plan in Nigeria. A movie theatre or cinema is a location where the movies are displayed on large screens.
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The cinemas are normally known for high picture quality, effective effects of sound and furniture that is comfortable. All these combination gives you experience that is awesome. The culture of the cinemas in Nigeria started in the early colonial days from where it got peaked in the 1980s and the 1970s. It was only in 2004 that the Silverbird Cinema got opened in Lagos rekindling the culture in Nigeria. The cinema business have become very profitable drawing crowds to view movies generating much profits for owners. Many people are fond of good movies and they prefer going to the cinema with their loved ones or friends. Many of them discuss the movies available including whether the cinema is properly fitted out. The movie theatre that is most popular gives you a seating that is comfortable, expanded refreshment range and variety of snacks from where you can pick from including a sound system that is excellent. Do you want to start a cinema business in this country? You have to answer certain questions. Do you have the capital for funding the project from the beginning to the end? This enterprise is a profitable enterprise that gives a good investment return. This article shows you the necessary steps for starting a cinema business in Nigeria. You may begin by going to the already existing cinema enterprise in Nigeria. There are cinemas like the Silverbird cinema and others. Partnering with a cinema that is existing will help you to open a cinema using their own name. One benefit of this is that, you will not have to begin marketing your cinema just like a startup because the already existing cinemas already have many fans. That is the reason why you have to make sure that the cinema you are partnering with has a good track record. Another advantage is that you benefit from their guidance and experience while you run your cinema. The disadvantage is that you will have to operate and pay some segments of your income since the business is franchise.
Another method is to begin the entire enterprise right from the scratch. This method is encouraged of you have been running a cinema business before and you actually know the business. They may tell you what is the cost of starting a cinema in Nigeria. There is a requirement to have your own contacts formed in the industry including marketing the name of your brand. Inspire of the fact that you are to carry out what you need at your pace, it has its own risk. You have to consider both options to know the one that fits you most.

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Steps To Start A Cinema Business In Nigeria


Do a research

This step is quite important when you are beginning a cinema business or any other type of business in Nigeria. You do a research on certain factors like the cost of beginning a business. Check whether you will need a license or document before you can begin the business. How is the competition in the business? Find out the necessary equipment that you need and where you can purchase them, how many needed employees and what you need in this business. Planning of a cinema can take many months or sometimes years before you conclude. Doing a research has to do with going to your competitors in order to see how theirs is run so you can form something different that will make you unique.

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Get a location that is unique

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The location of your cinema is necessary. You have to do a research of your location where you intend to position your business. Consider a large space for this since a good cinema should have a space for parking for vehicles and others also have a playground for the children. Ensure that your cinema is located in a busy area since this will go a long way to give you the exposure that you need for your cinema business.

Get a cinema training

If you happen to be experienced in the cinema business, that is okay but if not so, adequate training is necessary for you to get the necessary knowledge and the first hand experience to be able to operate yours. Your competitor will have to train you and he will teach you things like cinematography, how to structure movie tickets while pinpointing areas that are not operating well.

Have your business registered

This happens to be among the necessary things for operating in Nigeria. If you don’t want government officials to disturb you, then have it registered. This is also an advantage for you if you intend to get funds. You will also need to get registered with the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board ( NFVCB). This is the organization that is into the regulation that is into the regulation of the movie industry in the country.
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There can be complete banning or shut down if you show movies that are not allowed by the Nigerian board.

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Connect with producers and film distributors

These people are the main operators of your enterprise. This is due to the fact that they give the movies that you will have to use in your own cinema. It is actually wrong to have a movie shown with the permission of the movie owners.

Form a snack stand

You will need to form another source by creating a stand for selling drinks and snacks. Majority of the viewers are not able to resist the process of purchasing drinks or snacks as you watch your movies. Biscuits, pop corn, ice cream and cinemas are among the foods that are popular and also sold normally at cinemas.

Have your cinemas advertised

After you put all things in place, ensure that your business operates fine. You also have to let people know your movies and cinemas. Market your cinema using many means. Facebook let’s you control who sees what. Social media is a platform for this. The process of giving out your free ticket is a way to promote and market your business. Sponsor radio and television programs and make use of this medium for running contest and use your ticket for rewarding winners.
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This will help people to have an idea about your cinema and come to check out your cinema.


The cinema business is very lucrative in Nigeria. Investing in cinema business is profitable. This article explains how you can start one. If you have any questions about starting a profitable cinema business or about cinemas, feel free to use our comment box.

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