Guide on How to Start Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria

Welcome to informationhood. Thinking of a lucrative business? Here is one; The Catfish farming business is the act of growing various groups of ray-finned fish for the commercial purpose in Nigeria. The business involves the building of concrete and tarpaulin ponds rearing the fishes in different sizes like fingernails, juveniles and so on as they grow in different stages. If you are thinking of what aspect of farming in agriculture you could establish, here is one which is fast growing, easy to learn and highly profitable in Nigeria.

How to Start a Catfish Business in Nigeria

Since catfish is a very easy farming and fast to learn, it is mostly practiced by many Nigerians. Thanks to the kind of climate and the coastal region we have in Nigeria which is warm and makes it convenient to raise the catfish. Below are the guidelines to follow when planning to establish your own catfish farming in Nigeria;

Get a Good Location or Land

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Of course, in starting a farming business like this you need to get a good land to start this which is easily accessible. Getting a good location is very essential for raising catfishes, their breeding and effective management. Before going to pond planning the location must ventilated, comfortable and serene for the fishes.

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Have your Capital

Every business starts with a plan, budget including the expenses and the amount that will be spent on the business that the business is made due to the size of the capital. After you have gotten a land for your fishes, set up your capital and write out your budget and expenses for your business. Start up your business.

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Get a comfortable fish ponds

After setting up your capital and gotten your land you need to plan on getting comfortable ponds for your fishes. To get your pond constructed, you need to get an expert to do the job well by carefully setting up the blocks, the depth of the pond to ensure the availability of oxygen and the plumbing works accurately connected.

Get adequate water supply

Steady water supply Is very essential for the fishes, it is most times advisable to get running water through the use of boreholes and get enough tanks large enough to store water, since water is the major source of existence for these fishes, it has to be stored properly in cases of emergencies.

Get Good Catfish Fingerlings

Since you are starting new into this business, get a consultant, or an expert that could guide you through getting these fingerlings and how best to handle them with care so that they will get used to the environment.

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Get Good Fish Feed

You could buy feed from the market or get an expert to write out a good feed formula that will be nourishing for your fishes at Feed Mill Factory. Ensure whatever feed you are getting is enriched with protein and mineral which is very vital for the fishes. You could give them calcium as they grow, feed them well. When they grow try sorting the bigger ones from the smaller ones to create space in the pond and more so allow the smaller ones grow. You can see how many times to feed catfish daily here,

Market your Catfishes

After raising your fishes, you need to go the market, and the restaurant to sell your fishes, ensure you sell your fish at an affordable price and make your grow strong and big. There are bulk buyers of catfish everywhere, if you don’t want to waste time in selling of your fishies then the best idea is to sell to bulk buyers who resell to end uers. In other to get this people, just go to the market and talk to those who are selling catfish there on the day you would want to sell your fishes, Note that those people measure with scale killo. you would want to get big scale ready before your selling day. The scale killo is not as that used in measurement of chicken at the frozen food oh. You need the very big scale because they will put lot of fishes on a big bowl and carry it on the scale. This is the measurement is done. If you are selling in bulk to retailers, the price will not be high as when selling to restaurant, however it more preferable to sell your fish to those reselling at the market as you will be able to account your whole money at once instead selling one after the other.

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Having done all of this you are good to starting your own catfish business in Nigeria. Anyone can start this business, it doesn’t matter your educational status or monetary status but the little you start with will always become big, the bigger you grow in this line of business. The most imperative your passion for your business and plans to make it grow big.

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