How to Start Popcorn Business in Nigeria ( Complete Guide )

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Popcorn business in Nigeria

I have always talk about business ideas to start in Nigeria. Discussion always hit at point of starting a business and doing what can be giving yo money. Today we are going to look deep into the popcorn business in Nigeria.

As you already know, there are so many businesses to start in Nigeria. After making a choice, it time to search more about it, how to start and more details that could be helpful.

How to Start Popcorn Business in Nigeria ( Complete Guide )

Popcorn business in Nigeria

On this post, we want to share with you how to start popcorn business in Nigeria and how to grow it and make more money from it. If you follow carefully, you will learn how to advance your popcorn business to a higher level by turning it into a company.

Popcorn is a very lucrative business in Nigeria though it looks like small business, with good management you can become a company in future. Never give up in no matter the amount you have for this business.

One thing i love so much about popcorn business is the fact that, it’s not a business that required too much start-up capital/cash. With a little amount of money such as N15,000 – N20,000 naira you can easily start this business comfortably. Don’t even think of telling me you don’t have money to start business because i have writing article where explained how to start a business without money here.

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On this I’m going to show you the requirements for this business and how you can acquire them all. As for me I’m currently in Lagos so my post is going to be according to the view of this business in Lagos. As for your state, you can go out and make some research on this business and know how to start it but nevertheless the idea share on this post be very helpful. However my view and idea on this article w be very helpful in getting you started without any additional research.

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Requirements for starting popcorn business in Nigeria

Let start with what popcorn business needs to kick started. There are some machines, materials and products to acquire before you think of starting this business.

1. Popcorn Production Machine

This is the machine you will use on producing popcorn, this machine does all the work by baking the corn and converting it to popcorn for you. It’s impossible to start this business without buying this machine. Know that popcorn machine are quite expensive though not too much.

There are two types of popcorn machine, there is one for manual and another known to be auto. You have a choice of buying either new popcorn machine from konga but if you don’t have much with you, you can buy a used one on jiji to cut expenses.

To make things easy. There is auto electronic popcorn machine and manually machine.

The electronic popcorn machine works with electricity only and easy to operate while the Manuel machine work with gas cooker and required some physical energy. It need regular turning effort and more work to produce popcorn.

The machine type you will use depends on your choice and location. If you can afford the electricity popcorn machine including with the power source such as generator etc, then good luck. Also consider the cost of fuel before you make your choice.

As for the Manuel machine, it less expensive and works without electricity supply. Popcorn manual machine cost N5,000 – N10,000 naira.

2. Sugar

Sugar is needed for producing popcorn. Sugar is one of the most affordable popcorn productions material You can buy a sachet of sugar from the market and the price is within 200 naira. 1 sachet of sugar is OK for the start of your popcorn production.

3. Get a Plastic Chair

At least you need a plastic chair for a popcorn business to enable you seat when you are free to or when chanced to.

4. Get a Wooden table

You need a wooden table, it’s necessary to have your popcorn machine installed in a table and wooden table is considered the best.

5. Corn Kernel

It’s popcorn we are talking about here,  the source of it is corn. According to my research, I find that the corn used for popcorn is quite different from the normal roasted corn you see along the road or cook to eat.

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Some additional Ingredients includes

  • Nutritional yeast
  • Coconut Oil

Ingredients you choose to use depends the quality outcome of your popcorn expected.

6. Go Get a Good Location

Not everywhere you see you can start your popcorn business on, the fact is that there is place popcorn business will not be lucrative on, example is a street. There won’t be a reasonable senses starting this business in your street that doesn’t have enough audience. Who are the people who are going to patronize your business? For this reasons you must search for a very good busy location. I would recommend you go to a very busy location where people always walk by. Best option should be a busy road side.

Do you know the good side of this business? This is one of the business you can handle even if you are not in the location. A good entrepreneur will utilize this business and make good amount of money from it if properly handle with extra view-point.

As for me, do you know that you can open this business in over 5 busy location and let people handle it for you as a daily balance? This is the trick, get a very serious-minded someone who can handle this business on your behalf. Get all the material needed including the location and do this, instead employing the worker, make a deal with him or her of balancing you 3k daily. Any amount she makes is none of your concern, all that you need is a daily balance of 3000 naira, if you makes 10,000 naira daily she only needs to balance you 3000 naira and the rest for him/her.

If you have up to 5 location you are making 3000 from daily is a huge amount of money in a month. Let’s do some calculation here. N3000 from 5 locations daily is 3000×5 = 15000. This is to say you will be making N15,000 daily from your popcorn business.

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If you make your calculation correctly you will discover there you will be making N450,000 in 30 days which is one month. Tell me why won’t you start huge business from this small business in a year. This is not a time to be asking for where to get money to start a business. Start small business and gather money to start your dream business from it.

With time, you can decide to grow your popcorn business with little more tips. All you need to do is advance your popcorn packaging and turn it into a company. No more staying at the road but inside the company.

Produce your popcorn and supply to dealers, you may supply to them at N70 per sachet so they can make N20 profit when they resell for N100. All that is needed is to brand your company name, produce a package sachet with your company name printed on it. You also have to register your company name, learn how to register your company name here.

Know that your life depends on your action today, know one will force you to a prominent stage. It’s your choice to choose a goal and work towards it. Every wise and serous minded entrepreneur will take every little advice and chance they get hold of even in the tightest road and make a huge way with it.

If you are interested in starting a business but have no much startup capital, you can see list small capital business that you can start as small as N5,000 – N10,000 naira here.

How to produce popcorn

For learning purpose I decided to include the video tutorial on how to produce popcorn in Nigeria so anyone who have interest in popcorn business can master themselves with this practical video before kicking on. Note that this video below is not a property of informationhood. We are calling this video from YouTube for learning purposes and it all about using the electronic popcorn machine. Watch below

This is the complete guide, how to start popcorn business in Nigeria inclusive with the requirements of popcorn business.

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