How to Start Business Without Money or Capital in Nigeria

Good day my friend, You can start business without money, it very possible. Well theses question of starting business no money has been asked by thousands to millions of people.

Informationhood support teams has been receiving lot of email on these question. Today we have decided to give out the complete way to start a business without money.

how to start business without money in nigeria


Nigeria is a country that love business, lot of entrepreneur happy with their business than working for someone, last three months we launch an article how to start businesses with 5000 to 10000, which a lot of people has benefited from. But today we are going to show you how you can start your business without startup capital. So no money? no worries try any of the idea here on these post, you will be happy.

List Of Businesses To Start Without Money In Nigeria

1. Sell Your Old Items to gather some money:

Do you have some old items in your home that is not more useful to you? You cab sell these items without stress and start your business. Nigeria currently have classified website where you can post your items and get urgent buyers for them. You don’t have to start selling all your things because wanted to start business, sell only things that are not useful to u at the moment, even if you could raise only 10, there is a lot of business, you can start a small businesses with N5000 or N1000 and grow big in time.

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2. Do Freelance Marketing for Companies 

This is another nice way of making money to start your business. Create and set your mind on a business niche, after that go out to meet with businesses or companies that are already on the business and offer them a service of bringing them customer and get paid on commission.

Most time the payable area of this is to tell them to give you the price of the products/items, then you tag your own price on it while marketing.

These business required you to have a nice phone that can access the internet and take clear photos, already i know you have means of accessing the internet of you wouldn’t have been here.

Take the photos of the items and start the marketing soon as possible, you can meet with people you think they would be more interested on the products such as schools, churches, clubs, companies etc. But the major fast means of selling your items will be online. follow the step below to sell the items faster.

  • Make a good description of the item by writing it on your phone notepad.
  • Make sure you have more photos of the item on your phone ready.
  • Go to and register new fresh account
  • Click on the sell your item button
  • write a good eye-catching title and copy the product description you have writing on your phone notepad
  • to the description field. Post more than 6 photos of the items, and make the price reasonable because if t too expensive you won’t get buyer fast.
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Now go to and register with your real name, address and phone number.
Click on post new ad and put your product title, description, photos and price as you did earlier and click post.

After all these get ready to be receiving hundreds of calls if the product is something people always want and the price is also reasonable.

3. Do Money Collector

Are you someone honest? collector business is known as daily contribution business, your job is to help them to be saving their daily contribution while some collect their monthly and others yearly.

Collectors make money in two ways.
1. collectors make money from the contributors whereby having 5-10% of each contributors money.

2. Collectors make money from loans they render out.

3. Collectors are entitled to win banks gift and promo.

This is the business most of the young ladies are doing, Consider to start collector business, collector business does not required much start-up capital. just print collector cards which is not more than 500 naira, buy a notebook and start meeting your neighbors to help them save their money.

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The best place to get more clients are business places such as markets, plaza’s, computer village etc.

To start these business you must be bold to meet and communicate with people, you should be able to convince people of your self.

The mistake to avoid in these business is loaning money to none trusted organisation or individuals who cannot pay on time.

4. Scrap Metal

These business is very lucrative in Nigeria, to start these business required nothing less than 200k naira. Hmm you must be wondering why do i add it here. With these heavy amount people are starting these business with, i want to tell you that you can start these business with no money. Just follow the steps below.

Meet dumps or sellers and negotiate price with them, and go to companies that buy, tell then your price and take them to the seller. You can make up to N70,000 Naira per deal from these business if the materials are plenty enough.

These are the means to start business with no money in Nigeria. There a lot more that will be added to these post shortly.


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