Guide On How To Start A Successful Laundry Business in Nigeria

On this article we are going to discuss how one can start a successful laundry business in Nigeria. As you can see the world’s population is now more than 7.5 billion people. Many of the people are made up of the working class. Most of them do not have adequate time to handle their domestic activities on a daily basis.

How To Start A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

How to Start a laundry business in Nigeria

These chores consist of home cleaning, washing dishes, grocery shopping and this have now become an industry that is profitable. Many however are not able to do this using adequate time since the 9-5 working routine makes them completely busy with little time to handle their laundry tasks. Majority of them on weekends visit their friends and clean their homes and not wash their clothes. This have made laundry enterprise a booming enterprise in Nigeria.

The Definition Of The Laundry Enterprise

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The laundry enterprise has to do with the art of washing linens and clothes for people by making use of the traditional method or by the use of washing machines. This is a paid service after which the individual collects her clothing within a period of time.

What Are The Benefits Of Starting A Laundry Enterprise?

  1. It is not capital intensive.
  2. You can do it at home.
  3. It is convenient to begin.
  4. It is profitable because majority of people have no time for laundry. Many people make up the workforce with very tight schedules and they see laundry as a waste of time.
  5. The quality of clothes is protected.
  6. It improves personal hygiene.
  7. You manage it yourself.

Facts About The Laundry Enterprise

  • The cost of starting a laundry business in Nigeria determine the price
  • All stains may not be removed
  • Clothing may get burnt during ironing
  • Clothes that are dry cleaned tends to last longer
  • Shrinkage of clothes can take place
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What Opportunities Exist In The Drug Cleaning Enterprise?

1. Dry cleaning

This happens to be the most profitable in the laundry enterprise. Since majority find it as a problem to do dry cleaning, it tends to spin revenues because it enables people to do their dry cleaning at their own convenient time.

2. Ironing of clothing

Ironing of clothes after washing is part of drug cleaning. Certain individuals bring their clothes that are rumpled in other to iron them. Dry cleaners can charge a range of N100 for each ironed cloth and a N1000 for clothes ironed.
One can get N100000 on a monthly basis by just ironing clothes.

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Types Of Laundry Enterprise

1. Laundromats

A laundromat is a self servicing laundry business that let’s people to have their clothes washed and dried using the washing machine. This is operated by a coin and is often referred to as coin wash. They call it coin laundry and coin wash in Europe and America.

2. Staffed Laundries

This category of laundry business employs the staff to offer the dry cleaning service to customers who need them. This is very popular in the United Kingdom, United States and their function range from sitting above the counter to selling of detergents monitoring of clothes so as to ensure they are not stolen and this includes the laundry for customers.

3. Fluff and Fold

This is among the most popular kind of laundry service in the country Nigeria and in other African regions. Here the dirty clothing is accepted from the customer, washed, dried, ironed and folded. Some services may render a pick up and delivery option. They call this kind of services Wash-n-Fold, Bachelor Bundles, Drop Off or Full-Service Wash.

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Challenges Of The Laundry Business

  • Clothes can be misplaced
  • Clothes get burnt
  • Inadequate and inefficient supply of electricity
  • Inadequate staff
  • Very short or impossible time of delivery
  • Clean water access
  • Worsening of clothes
  • Worsening of clothes
  • Lack of drying sunlight
  • Space for facilities
  • Breakdown of equipment
  • Clothing a loyal client base

Setting Up The Laundry Business

1. Financial Consideration

Based on the location that you intend to start, starting a laundry business may or may not be capital intensive. You may be decide to get a franchise that can reduce the risk. However take note that obtaining a franchise causes smaller control over your enterprise and also an extra one head in the form of other expenses and royalties.

To run your enterprise from home is also a nice idea if you don’t have the money for franchise. You will have to conduct a well detailed cost analysis when you are starting a laundry enterprise in Nigeria. This analysis will offer you an idea of the very sum of the cost of begging and running a laundry enterprise in your location. This report from your analysis will enable you to set goals for your enterprise.

2. Get Your Business Plan Drawn

You now get your plan drawn in which you consider your demographics and target market. Consider who are your customers when drawing the plan. You have to check various niche service options in this plan.

3. Choose a relevant location

If you do not want to operate your laundry enterprise at home, then you will have to find a suitable location. When you are searching for this suitable location, make sure that you choose an accessible area which is near apartments. This will enable customers to locate you. The best places for this are places of high traffic.

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4. Get a permit and register your enterprise

Get yourself registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission or you may begin on a small scale. You may apply for this by going to their website. Depending on your city and location, there is variation of the necessary license. Registration methods may differ according to location.

5. Purchase of relevant resources and laundry equipment

You will then proceed to buy the following laundry and dry cleaning equipment:

  • Laundry carts
  • Washing machines
  • Generator set
  • A washing basin for soaking and separating colors and materials
  • Machines for washing
  • Conveyor for garments to hang clothes after they are dried or washed
  • Ironing table for folding and straightening of the dried clothing by the use of the industrial steam iron..

6. Market And Proomote Your Laundry Business

You now go on to promote your enterprise to customers. You may begin by placing door hangers on buildings. You then list services and offer some deals to customers. They are services like:

a) Bonus which can improve your patronage.

b) Loyal competitions and rewards which can improve your revenue stream. You will offer extra packages for loyalty.

c) Discounts which can enhance your customer service. Notify customers of available discounts.

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The laundry enterprise is very profitable and more people need someone else to do their laundry for them. Many people are too busy to handle their laundry themselves and this presents an enterprise for many Nigerians to engage in. If you have any questions on starting a laundry business / enterprise in Nigeria, feel free to ask by making use of our comment box.

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