Best Internet Business in Nigeria to Make Money Online

Today we are going to talk about internet business in Nigeria which you can make money online from. These days almost every Nigerian have phone that browses the internet and so many youths waste lot of their time on social media’s chatting and commenting on irrelevant topics. So why not turn your time to money making time and make good amount of money from the time people use in chatting without gain.

Best Internet Business in Nigeria to Make Money Online

On this post u want to share with you the best internet business you can do from your home right you phone or computer in Nigeria. It a great opportunity you are here today and about learning this free.

Internet marketing

As you already known, every business wants to keep growing and growing. It was even said that business without marketing is a dead runner be it new or already existing.
This is an act of marketing people businesses or brand online. If you know how to use the internet very well and as well have a platform with access to lot of audience then this is a good business to consider. The good thing is that you can do that right inside your house without any form of stress. All you needed to do is grow a platform or pages even groups.
When your gather lot of fans then companies will want you to promote their business for them at a charges.
You can start by gathering fans on Facebook page or group. This business can earn you up to N50,000 or more monthly.

Web designer and developer

Web designing business is a true a lucrative internet business in Nigeria aspect to look at to. This required code knowledge and ability of presenting good job at the approximate time.
If you know your job and perfect in what you do, you can get international jobs and the good area is that who used you today may still seek for your services anytime to come.
Freelancer is where to get job in same online without stress all you need is focus and good knowledge of what you do. Sweet presentation may still include.
You can also get local jobs within Nigeria from big companies who may need help in designing their websites.
To start this business you need to first go and learn web design at a professional web designing school in Nigeria or outside Nigeria

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist

I’m pretty sure you came in here from google or some other search engines. The fact remains that this website traffic comes fro. search engines alone. This is a good internet business idea in Nigeria to consider.

Same thing is happening to many business at there. Their only source of traffic is search engine. Not to imaging how much we have spent working on this website SEO to keep going on google and other search engine.
SEO means “Search Engine
Optimization”. There are experts who knows how to make a page or complete website rank high on search engines and companies are looking for such kind of people with a good pay.
You can acquire this skill and start making money from this internet business in Nigeria. You can as well make reputation and more. This business can earn you up to N120,000 monthly.
To get the job you can search online or register to become a freelancer on freelancer.

Content writer

This has have been one of the most recognized internet business in Nigeria. Websites cannot grow without content and users. Content writer are mostly called freelancer article writers. You can start by writing for top websites or industries or media homes.

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Instead of stressing yourself through the day in hard work, you can have have the writing business done easily and get some cash. Some Top Nigeria blogs such as informationhood and infoguideNigeria have more authors a s wants more. You can search for the available vacancy and write for them.

Resell Product and Service

There are people who have growing business already and you don’t have any yet. On the he resell product business, you are to contact such product dealers and offer them your Service for free in adding commission.
If you wish to resell Laptop or Phone then meet with the dealer and take a photo of the item and the post it on social medias and classified website such as olx and jiji.


Blogging is another good online business in hat earn good amount of money in a long run. Why did add long run? Blogging is not a goldmine business and it never an easy business.
In other to make money with blogging you will need to be a full time blogger and target to solve a serious problem which no one is not solving yet.
For the past 6years Nigerian bloggers has only target news, entertainment, gists and gossip and so on due to the success story of Linda making thousand of blog owners regretting why they even get into it at first when they discover nothing coming out as income.
Blogging need more than 2hous of your time daily while blogging content is more than just news and entertainment gist or gossips.
Time to think right, and if you have any interest in blogging you should think of a problem and the solution to offer your users and also know that you will only succeed when you are unique, doing something no one has ever done.
Grow Social Media Pages or Groups and Sell
Do you have enough time to stay on Facebook for up to 6hours or more daily? This is an opportunity to make money if you don’t only waste your time in chatting and commenting alone. You can create a Facebook page or group now and start working on it to grow huge.
If you have a page of about 1.5m likes or group of about 10m followers, there is no doubt you are close to a millionaire as you can sell such page or group to big industries for a Million naira plus. This is what some people you see on Facebook are doing. All you keep doing is typing amen and so on and as well share their post to your timeline.
It impossible to take this as full time job, which means you can even start growing your page or group when you are still doing your current job because it doesn’t require much time. It just like as you manage your normal Facebook account updating photos and timeline. That all, it even more easy.
Aside the money aspect, it fun gathering people together and having them comment and like your posts and as well discussing something’s you consider matters.
Online Affiliate marketing manager
This has been for a long while now and it still remain one of the best way to make money online. If you have a blog or want to start a blog, you can consider this as one of the best option to make money in Nigeria.
Affiliate marketing is when you refer someone to buy item from an online shop or service provider then you can get a % commission once the deal is sealed.
Jumia and konga are the online shops in Nigeria that offer affiliate programs to Nigeria however some Nigerian bloggers are making money from amazing affiliate program and the rest.
Hope for those who do not have a website, you can still make money with affiliate marketing if you have friends you can give your affiliate link to buy item through, such as your friends family member or so.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is a great opportunity to make money and as well easily get job in industry and companies. Graphic design is always an additional value to CV when looking for job, this time we are not going to look on that job aspect but on the area of making money online with graphic designing online in Nigeria.
If you are professional graphic designer you can make enough money online without stress and the fact is that you keep getting job and then be a boss of your own.
Go on freelancer and register your account and include what you offer and for what amount you are willing to offer it. To make it more professional and for you to get job always, I would recommend you get a website for yourself where you will be putting your previous work, portfolio which will also include your contact details.
Your clients will take you more serious when they see that you have a website.

Software developer

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Are you a software Developer? People make money from this skill online without them stressing themselves or going out to look for a job. This is an opportunity to start making money.

On a single job a software developer can make up to N500,000 on freelancer and upwork.
To start making money online with software developing skill, visit freelancer to register you account put in your skill. Also visit to register account and input your skill then wait for job to come in you can as well be bidding for jobs on


In today companies and platforms are developing new software’s and application including websites and they don’t want to make mistake of critics so they want to be sure whatever they are introducing or launching must be properly confirmed perfect and error free.

On website like and up work and some others, brands come in there to seek the service of profession reviewer’s on their application, website or software. They want you to report from your end when you experience. They would want you to test the software, website or app from different types of phones and computer then write your report on it.
They can go as far to pay $1000 for each job if they consider you to be a professional reviewer.
Cyber security engineer
Do you have skill of hacking and preventing hackers from website, software and app? If so then why are you not making the money? This days the chance of getting hack is very high and due to the fact that companies. Businesses and organizations knows what they stands to loose if this happen they do their best to protect their business.
So many website and other organizations need a service of security personnel, someone who check fro breaches, error and attacks. If you have this business you can make good amount of money a month up to $8,000 if working with huge website or software.

Mini Importation

Importation business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria and a some many entrepreneurs have become millionaires though importation. The good side is that you can start importation without having to travel to China or any country. Right from your home, and your phone or computer with internet connection you can start mini importation from China and all over the world. In will explain better on this business latter in another post, however if you would want to receive alert when the my mini importation guide post is launched then leave your comment below.

Theme Development

Do you know how to develop a WordPress theme? If yes then you should be making huge amount of money monthly or even weekly. All you need to do is get a good graphic designer to design a portfolio and then visit and create vendor account and upload your theme there, you can put price you want to sell and get paid when someone order your theme
This is a cool way of making money online
Nice having you here, this are my ideas of how you can make money online in Nigeria

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