How to Start a Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Welcome to informationhood. If you are thinking of establishing a lucrative business here is one. Thinking of how to own a business with your little capital in Nigeria? Here is what you could start with and that is Car Wash business. The Car wash business is a very lucrative business and really common among the western countries most especially Nigeria.

Step by Step Guide How You Can Start A Car Wash Business in Nigeria

How to start car wash business in Nigeria

Setting up this business is one of the easiest in Nigeria because it doesn’t require much capital investment but lucrative more so, many car owners like to go around in clean cars definitely they will patronize the car wash in a week or month depending on their schedule.

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It is apparent the many car owners are too busy and find it difficult to wash their cars some part of Nigeria is filed with pot holes and dirt in which if vehicles bump into it will definitely stain the car, also the weather we live in Nigeria constitute majorly in causing dirt for instance most cars get dirtier during wet or raining season where the gutters are flooded up with stagnant water and stay on the road also during dry season some area are really dusty, this makes the car get even dirtier than you think.

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The good part is that since it doesn’t require much capital or much funds, you could start on a small scale and grow gradually but for those that have the money to invest in businesses this is also a great option with the motive of great profitable returns based on your attention and management of your business. To start this awesome business, here are some things you need to do.

Get a perfect location and Capital

Business like this should be situated in a very good location so as to attract customers, starting this business, the location must be on a busy road with easy access which is the most important part of your business. When deciding the place to establish this business, ensure it is a well populated area with lot of traffic and where motorist pass easily.

If you are worried about buying a land to start as a location, you could do a door to door washing till you get your own location. Every business does not run or start without money. You need to set up your capital and get a good location to invest your money.

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Get an automated Car Wash Machine

Getting a car wash machine will help you wash your cars with ease and really fast.

Get Water Tanks

Before buying the location or starting ensure there is water that will be supplied steadily since it’s the major source of washing. Consider getting water tanks, digging boreholes or a well and a pumping machine to ensure adequate water supply in the tanks. In case of emergencies ensure you have water tanks to store water because without water the service will be impossible to render.

Get Generator Sets

Due to the state of electricity in our country or your location it is required you get a generator set that could help pump water out of the well or boreholes into the tanks and as well power other equipment used for washing too. Also, it lightens the environment when it is dark which makes it important in getting a generator.

Get other Necessary Equipment or Tools

Getting other tools like buckets, brushes, soaps, bowls, polisher, vacuum cleaner, hose, steam washer, spider pump, towels and detergents is really important when running this business. These tools could be gotten easily.

Get Employees

As soon as you start your business, you will need helping hands, and the more it grows it becomes really stressful for you to handle alone, so you need to employ people that will help you out with the job so as to ensure smooth running of your business.

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Get a Pressure Washer

Getting a pressure washer might be really expensive but it does serve a huge purpose in washing of vehicles. You could get any size of your choice; the washer does not only make your work easier and fast but at the same time it gives a thorough cleaning to your vehicle.

Get Approval

Getting approval or registering your business at the assigned agency or authority is really important before investing into this business to avoid issues in the nearest future. Do not start any business without checking properly the rules and regulations of the state so as not to have problem with the authorities.

Having done all this you are good to establishing your own car wash business with the assurance that it will operate well and more profitable. If you have further question or contribution’s regarding car wash business, you can use the comment box below to ask your question or drop your contribution

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