God Purpose of Creating You? Read This

What is the reason why you bought your phone? What is the reason why you rent/build a house? Have you ask yourself what is the reason why God created me? To every human with a reason why God created them and has been protecting them. God wishes to use us for purpose accomplishment when the time comes but most of us has been ruining away from the reason God created us.

Why Did God Created You?

If i should use a phone for an example, before you bought a phone it must be something you wish to use it in acquiring. What happen when you couldn’t archive the purpose of buying buying the phone or what happen when the phone get spoiled beyond repair? The truth is that you will have no option rather than throwing it away or drop it then go get another. This is how we are to God, when you fail to archive his purpose for creating you then he will make a replacement of you.

Don’t be useless to the creator, you can’t succeed without fulfilling the purpose of God. There s something why God has kept you till today and still keeping you. Seek for the purpose of God for your life, don’t let it be too late.

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How To Know The Purpose Of God For Your Life

The only way to know why you are on earth is seeking it from God, he is the only one that can make that to come through in you life. Another thing you should be aware of is keeping yourself holy and blameless before God. Job 1:1. With this God will be proud of you and bring his purpose of creating you.

Your reason of coming into the earth is different from mine, your friend, your dad, and even your mum, brothers and sister, you have your own case to answer to God so don’t wait to your friend, sister and brother to take a lead before you start. Jesus knew the reason he came and he didn’t let any thing to distracts him. Our reason of coming to this earth is not just to succeed in wealth and become extra rich but to do something that will give glory to the name of God, God create his children for many reasons that will give glory to his name. find yours and stand working on it. You have to know that without fulfilling the work of God in your life you can’t be successful in our own desires.

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Tips to live a holy live

  1. Accept Jesus as the son of God who die for our sin to save us that we may gain forgiveness from God almighty.
  2. Be humble before God almighty.
  3. Know what God hate and depart from them.
  4. Fear God and keep his commandment.
  5. Always seek first the kingdom of God and it righteousness.
  6. Be merciful to one another.
  7. Always stay close to the words of the lord.
  8. Be mindful of your speech.
  9. Wash clean your hands from evil.
  10. Praise the lord even in time of temptation.
  11. Don’t always expect flavour, be ready for tines of temptations.
  12. Show love and tenderness to everyone.
  13. Have pity on the poo and help them.
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Ephesians 2:10
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.


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  3. Now we reach to the place to be able to talk about the purpose for Allah to create the universe in such a layered structure. The answer is simple, the very creation of Humans and Jinn’s require such a creation as a mean for their evolution and improvement. Allah put us in a world whose

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