Blog Designer in Nigeria: Get a Good Looking SEO Optimized Professional Blog for Just 19k

Would you want to get a good looking SEO optimized professional blog? Everyone is going online, what are they doing online? searching for information of course. while the information providers are making millions online monthly? Don’t be surprise yet.


Online users are growing everyday, that is why Nigerian network has left advertising calls rates and settle for data adverts.

As we talk people are still making a living online with blogging in Nigeria and world wide. Yes, currently in Nigeria, there is no good job but some people has made a huge company for themselves online with their blog. The hope for a better future is starting something today, so what do you think you can start now? if you are starting a business then plan it well, you can check some small business ideas.

How about if you don’t have money to start a business, there is still hope for you. I have good passion for anything that will be helpful in future, learning is never a stress to me, if you think you want to start a business but no money then read how you can start business with no money.

How about you have a little amount of money and want to a comfortable online business invest on? in these case consider blogging or social network as the best option, as for me i would recommend blogging because it doesn’t required advertisement.

Today blogging is one of the thing that will get you good amount of money if you know how to do it proper. Some Nigerians has miss used blogging and left it to trash while others are making it huge from blogging.

You can start a professional blog that will get you popular while making the money, e.g techrez, ogbongeblog, informationhood, nigerianfinder. If you are expecting me to mention Linda sorry to disappoint you, because she is just a lucky blogger not a useful blogger.

Information is what people need these days, not gist or even entertainment gossips. On my company blog, we are having more than 2k visitors from google daily and the blog is just 6 months old. Do you know why? because the blog provides what people are on google and other search engines searching for. if you should search google for “how to waybill from lagos” we are the top ranking, if you should search for “how to pay Consat TV Online” we are the first result, a lot of our articles make the first position on google and bing search engines. This is what i mean, the good thing is that the visitors are commenting asking for more solution to their problems because they have seen the website as problem solver.

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How about Nigerianfinder? make many of the search google today such as “Gotv related issues, how to pay Gotv” and more, you will see the blog posts with plenty of comments all because people are searching for solutions and not spamming gist etc. Nigerianfinder is currently making $80 USD daily, if we should do the maths 80×30 = 2,400 monthly. Now that dollar is N420, lets convert the $2,400 to Naira, that should be 420×2400= 588000.

Are you surprise? these means Nigerianfinder is making Five Hundred, Eighty Eight Thousand Naira monthly. These is to say these blog is making over N1.1m in two months and over N7m yearly from adsense a lone while there are other means the blog monetize it. These is a Nigeria blog. So tell me how much have you made these whole year?

It not just about starting a blog, it about starting a company, take your blog as a company. Your mindset have a lot role to play when starting your blog. I wrote this on my company website earlier, the way you see you business determine the effort you will put on it.


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Google Adsense will never ban any valuable spam free blog, but it always good that you don’t go for the money early age. With all the traffic my company blog is archiving daily, we have not yet think of putting google adsense on it reason because we are not only seeing it as means of making money but a big company that will have both international employees in future.

How to grow your blog, we have covered these on one of my company blog post but i will be talk briefly about it here.

The best way to grow your blog is through search engines. You won’t have to spend any damn before you start seeing people coming to your blog and reading your articles, the question is how will search engines grow your blog for you?.

Recently i wrote an article “best blood tonic” and as we speak that article is the second ranking article on google when someone search for blood tonic would wide, it not because people haven’t write about it before me but because i decide to brand it my own way and added more value to it. These is to say if you must rank well on search engines you must write valuable articles that will interest even search engines. There are more things to do in other to rank well on google, we will be launching that article shortly on my company blog.

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Above all, if you want to grow your blog it has to do a lot with the blog design/building and working hard on the SEO. If your blog is not SEO optimized and same time poorly design, you will never see yourself on search engines.

Again if your blog is not friendly you won’t get returning visitors that will make your name popular. returning visitors are the people that will spread your name across the internet, because they love your article and your blog design as well. Therefore you need a professional blog design that will be friendly with your readers. As i mentioned earlier, take your blog as a full business not just a trail. using blogspot is not advisable any more if your dream great. spend some little cash on your blog and see how serious you will be with it.

When you use free blogspot to create a blog, you will easily want to give up, reasons because

1. You didn’t spend any damn on it so when you go through tuff challenges you would just want to say’ goodbye to blogging, instead of fighting to stand again.

2. Poor Design: poorly design blogs are never suitable/friendly to visitors and even you as well. You need a unique standing blog, not a copy of Linda’s blog. Every business is known for it unique color, logo and design, also is blog.

3. low visitors, blogger doesn’t have any good tools to work on seo, these automatically slow down search ranking rate on it posts.

From my own experience i will be writing how to become successful in blogging when i have time to. Or you can read it on my company website.

I Will Design A WordPress Good Looking SEO Optimized Professional Blog  For You @19k Only

I will design unique blog and optimized it for SEO for few interested person’s who wish to start blogging and also help write some few post that will rank high on google and other search engines to encourage you pickup.

  • Last but not the least, i will help in setting and connecting your blog with google search console and bing webmaster, and also generate site maps, so that you can rank high on google and bing which are the most used search engines would wide.
  • I’m offering the service at just 19k. I will work with just few person’s because of time as i am always because on my company website.
  • Your blog will have customs domain such as WWW.YOURNAME.COM
  • I will buy good hosting service of 1 years
  • I will create custom email of your domain such as [email protected] and help you forward it to your normal gmail account so when you have email it will be delivered to your email and also set auto respond to inform senders that you have received their email.
  • I will make available auto spam comment detector so you don’t stress yourself deleting spam comments
  • Premium theme or i customise a theme a theme of your choice for you. Note that i will charge you addition service fee if you want me to create a theme from scratch.
  • I will teach you how to use Yoast SEO to rank high
  • I will teach you have to work on a page SEO so your post can rank high on google.
  • We will respond to any issues and have it fix for you. Assured 6 months support.
  • If you are in Ikeja Lagos we can render a free tutor on how to design a SEO optimized wordpress blog and work on the seo, in fact all what i know if time permit. If you wish to join our author group, you can for free and earn as highest view author of the week and month that if you are accepted to the team, currently we have a lot of authors though, but you can still apply to join. email [email protected].
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PRICE: 19,000 Naira

My personal email is [email protected] you can also reach me on 08059844173

All question and request should go below.

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Service Quality

We guarantee you best quality service and long period suppor and maintainance.

Developmenet Duration

Your blog or website will be live online within a period of 4working days, our expert will put all effort to have your website life witho further delay.

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