How to Become a Successful Blogger in Nigeria, Africa

how to become a successful blogger in nigeria

A successful blogger is equal as a successful business man/woman. Every business person is always happy when things are going well. To become a successful blogger in Nigeria there are things you must do and must not.

According to our research, We noticed that Nigeria and some other Africa countries bloggers are making some horribly mistakes which has cloth blogging black that today there are many Nigerians whom are mad at bloggers as well afraid of going into it not thinking of having anything to do with it. Below are some mistakes Nigeria bloggers make, we have also covered how you can avoid this mistakes and become a successful blogger in Nigeria.


To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria, Africa

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how to become a successful blogger in nigeria

Follow the steps below and put them to practice, it will amaze you how far you will go in future.

1. Set Up A Professional Blog 

Imaging someone using blogger for their blogs, this is never an advance way of blogging this days. It was before but not now. The truth remains that; things has change and people doesn’t takes blogspot blog serious any more. The people who succeeded from this early back then are the only recognized blogspot blogger today. The most annoying thing is using a blogspot domain name such as, this work before but not now any more my friend. If you intend of managing blogger to start-up your blog, at least make sure to get a custom domain for your blog (e.g and use a matured/advanced blogger theme.

2. Be Patient And Hard-Working

Seriously this is another dedicated issue that has affected some Nigerians that went into blogging and run out of it, and now labeling blogging as waste of time. Put this in consideration that nothing good comes easy. to become a successful blogger in Nigeria or Africa is not a day job, therefore you can’t read someone success story and think you will also be successful soon you started doing what the person is doing.

You don’t even know how the person started, you don’t know the stress he or she has under goes, and just because story is easy to tell you expect that soon as you get into what the person is doing within a month you will be rich like that person and become a successful blogger in Nigeria

The truth remains that, who ever tells you to start blogging and start making money from that very month or even next 6 months is considered a lair.

Blogging is not ritual and you should know that it take a lot of time and hardworking to make it out of the dust. If you are looking for ways of making quick money, it better you don’t think of blogging because it not going to lead you any where. But if you are interested in setting a goal of being a millionaire in life time you can consider blogging as one of the things that will make you rich in life if done properly.

Social medias could be of good help in generating traffic to your blog, you can create a facebook page and start driving in some traffic from facebook. Check our previous article how to get facebook page likes/fans in Nigeria, worldwide.

3. Don’t Imitate Others Bloggers

Same niche Blogging: If you might have notice, you will know that this has really affected Nigeria bloggers. Niches is a form of categories which bloggers choose to blog about, the only difference is that niche is one aspect in which a blog is recognized for. For example informationhood is an information platform. We have technology blogs, wedding blogs etc.

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Over these years some Nigerians heard about how Linda Ikeji is making millions from her entertainment and news blog. This mentality now affect urging Nigerians who have been affected with hardship to think that when they go into Entertainment, Gist and News blogging them too will make millions of Naira like Linda. This makes Nigeria having the many number top News and entertainment gist blogs worldwide. In my own conception this is really crazy, tell me how many times would someone want to read the same news or gist? Nigeria now has millions of entertainment news and gist blog in the internet.

The truth is that this is not the right way of blogging and this will not make these bloggers any money because there are so many blogs already known for that, and google will not rank these kind of websites because they are all having the same contents which is considered a duplicate content.

Blogging started in America and Europe, but never been abused in this countries. Can you just go on and search for Nigeria gist, you are going to see millions of Nigerians blog every, all of them claim to be giving the hottest gist. But now let do another search, go on google and search for “UK gist” i bet you are not going to see any, the only thing that will shows up is history of UK by wikipedia. Even some times you will see Nigeria gist just because is use to Nigeria as the only gist country, this might be funny but it the truth. So tell me are this people not the same people who make the platform which Nigerians uses for the blogging?

4. Don’t Be A Copy And Paste Blogger

A blog claims it offer breaking news and hot entertainment gist but still it doesn’t have journalist or any source of information, all it has is a computer or even no computer just a tablet or blackberry smart phone, lol.

Yes many Nigerians you see blackmailing blogging because they fail, if you have the time to go deep why they fail, you will discover they where using either blackberry phone, tablet or some china android phone and their blog claims to be offering latest breaking news and hottest entertainment gist, can someone tell me the future of such blog or blogger. It must end miserably some day, this because it was not taken serious.

You are not a journalist, you didn’t employ journalist and you want to be using your blackberry phone to be offering latest breaking news and hottest entertainment gist, how? This is where they go about from one unique blog to another that has journalist which offer real news, entertainment gist and start copying those people handwork contents and paste on their blogs.

Doing this they expect to be millionaires bloggers, how possible could this be? the worst thing is that; they apply for google adsense and think they will start making money because google is a fool. If only you know how Google hate/disliked copy and paste thieves who called themselves blogger’s.

After 3 months google will just banned their adsense account and throw them away from adsense, the next thing they will start complaining that blogging is a waste of time and money. lol, can you see the bottom of the pot now? this is the problem facing Nigerian bloggers.

Those kind of copy and paste blog post can never make it to google search ranking because the website has been considered valueless by google, this is because of copyright/duplicate contents. Don’t let these kind of former bloggers confuse you that blogging is a waste of time. If you have something unique to offer, blogging is never a waste of time, all it need is hard work and you will be compensated greatly for it. Just as you are reading this post informationhood is making it money and you are gaining what i know for free.

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This help the world to get better than it was because more details are being shared online and new knowledge are being fetch each day.

Advice: If you want to start blogging then do it a unique way. i didn’t say entertainment gist or news is bad. If you are a journalist or have the money to employ journalist then you can go into entertainment or new blogging. This will make your content to be unique and have value to google so you can rank well on search engines. But is your intention of blogging is to be copying other blogs content; then you are definitely not a blogger. that is stealing and google and other search engines will never rank your blog this will leave you to hustle your visitors by yourself, and when you apply for google adsense, you will still be bane without paying you a damn.

5. Invest Time And Money On Your Blog/Website

Outside blogging, this mentality affecting young Nigerians too much. There was a day we where looking at the search phase that are bringing people from search engine to this blog and we came across a search phase which someone make on google and were directed to informationhood post. what the persons searched for was ” Business to start with #2,000 Naira and make millions monthly?”. Hmm didn’t that question shuck you? You can’t believe this, some body want to use 2k to make millions in a month. First I don’t even know what Google was think to have directed or recommended this blog for him, maybe they knew it a Nigerian and we should have the solution, Lol.

So tell me how is it possible to start a business with #2,000 Naira and start making millions monthly? If that is the case; what happen to a person who start business with 200,000 Nair? i guess the person will be making trillions monthly hehe. This is what also affect some Nigerians bloggers. Some people will tell you that starting a blog is almost free, the fact is that informationhood was started with $1,070 dollars at the time when dollar was #380 Naira which total was #406,600.00 Naira.

The reason was that we went for close to the best knowing that this platform is not going to end just too soon and we need to make the best for it. there are still much more to do, we need a lot of twitter and facebook followers and fans, and all this are only archived with money. so how do you think you can make it in blogging without spending on it? some people even use their last savings in purchasing domain to start blogging in other to see that it not as easy as they thought.

5. Blog Base On Passion 

Before going into blogging considered what you are good for or what you love doing so you won’t ran out of content and start stealing other bloggers content. If you have passion for writing then choose the right niche which you like writing about. Just keep writing about it, give people free information’s and keep growing. For the begging we recommended that you forget about google adsense and grow your audience to the maximum level you could ever think of.

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Informationhood would advice not to go into news blogging because there are a lot of them already that are been known for this Niche already and people won’t go about reading the same news else where except you have something new or unique to offer. Because beating them will not be easy. You can try go into other niche such as food blog, Jokes blog, Text message blog, How to information blog etc there are thousands of niche at there that you can choose from depending on your passion.

6. Work On Your Blog SEO

Seo is another important area to look at in blogging. the fact remains that some companies are spending millions or Dollars on their blog seo annually but for a beginner you can learn some seo tip that will help your blog grow beyond ordinary bloggers.

SEO means Search Engines Optimization, this is the area of visibility of your blog on search engine such as google. when your blog is properly optimized it become seo friendly and easily appear on search engines when people search for your niche. Search engines are considered the best way of getting traffic to your to your blog so this should not be neglected at all.


7. Avoid Duplicate Content On Your Blog

We have been stressing If you can maintain your blog very well and you are not copying others blog content then duplicate content will be far away from your blog. If your blog is using wordpress there are a lot of plugings at there to stop other content thief from copying your blog content because if you allow other blogs to copy your contents. it will still be harmful to your blog as google is going to penalize your blog for having duplicate content.

This work with SEO, so it better to avoid copying other blog content and also stop other blogs from copying your contents.

8. Start Something New, Unique Or Seldom

Try to give your blog some unique and fantastic functionalities. This means standing out totally deference from what your competitors are offering their visitors. Unique content is not enough, try to do something new which other competitors doesn’t offer their visitors. Doing something new or seldom will not only gain you new visitors but also hold their heart to your blog website that when ever they need such service they have no choice than coming to your blog or website again.

I hope you enjoy this post? and not just enjoy but helpful to you? Don’t just be a reader, put this to action to become a successful blogger in Nigeria. It will be my proud to know you get to the top and share your testimony how you get inspired by this article. Before i sign out i will want you to also read how you can get visitors to your blog using the link on the green box above so you will have a complete knowledge to get to the top. So this are my little effort i can add to help you by providing you with my little experience and knowledge on this article “how to become a successful blogger in Nigeria, Africa”

Bringing you the right informations. Touching every corner, exposing the true facts. Yes! It's Information Hood leaving nothing untouch. (Your loyal Serome)

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