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Are you looking for where to buy a uk used laptops at a wholesale prices in Nigeria? Computer is now becoming part of our daily activities, Now that we are in a model world of technology, the need for the use of laptop has increased and every one want a laptop be I old or young. Some of us can’t just do without computer, You too will definitely need one. The fact has remain that there are many laptop sellers in Nigeria but the question is; are they affordable?

uk used laptops

If you want to buy laptop at a whole sale price in Nigeria then you must have to locate a warehouse that deal on uk laptops only. Some warehouses in Nigeria allow end users to get their laptops at affordable prices which they sell the retailers.

If you want to venture into laptop business then the truth is that you definitely need to import the laptops from UK or America directly by yourself, the best thing to do is visit warehouses in Lagos and get a deal with the. This is what 70% or people selling laptops at computer village do, they don’t import but the have nice laptops which they sell and still make good amount of money they use in taking care of their family and paying their shop rent. Buying from warehouse in Lagos is the best way to start with if want to venture to laptops sales business.

And for a end user, you won’t want to spend a lot in getting laptop, this is the majo reason you would want to go for a UK used laptop at the first place, since UK used laptops are even more stronger and cheaper. Getting your laptop directly from the laptop warehouse will sale you a lot of money really. instead of going to buy from those guys in computer village or any computer shop that buy from warehouse in lagos, you don’t you go to the warehouse and buy it yourself and sale a whole lot of the money you would have spend getting it from shop guys?

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Because i am mentioning warehouse some people might think it a whole lot of stress or trouble going to warehouses to buy laptops. the truth is that there is no stress at all and warehouses are not hiding inside holes, with just a little visit outside your house you can go straight to warehouse and get a nice cleaner laptop. The thing i like most dealing with warehouses of any stuff is the ability of returning it and get another of it immediately because they always have more than hundreds of same products.

Do you know that you can get a normal laptop of 14.1 inch for as low as 10k (10,000) Naira at the warehouses? The same laptop can be sold for 38,000 in computer village. The only issue in Nigeria is the ugly act of greediness in those who knew warehouses in Lagos, they will prefer not reveling it to the public, this is because they want to keep it to them selves so buyers will come to buy from them rather than going to the warehouse, i understand that they are business menand women and they would not want to hurt their business.

There is no ware on the internet you are going to find a warehouse, and even if you visit to those who sell at computer village to link you up to warehouses where they buy from, they will tell you that they do importation, this is because they don’t want to reveal it to you, rather they will offer to give you at a low cost so you can be buying from them, but the truth is that their prices are still very high when compared with warehouse where they buy from.

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This is the reason informationhood decided to ease it on those with little amount that needed a laptop, and for those who wanted to venture into UK used laptop business by showing. This article has a list of just one warehouse that we are aware of in Lagos that has affordable laptops from 15k up ward.

America / Uk Used Laptops Warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria


The warehouse name is Shopin Verse Computer’s Ltd, it’s located inside the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi. It a big warehouse that is been well managed. They have almost all kinds of UK used laptop brands at an affordable prices.

Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos State Nigeria.

Phone: 08059844173

Whatsapp: 08059844173

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This is the only warehouse informationhood is aware of currently that has cheap laptops, and 65% people who sell at computer village buy in bulk from Shopin Verse Computers Ltd.

If you are not Ok with Shopin Verse Computer Ltd warehouse then you can go to Ladipo, there are still cheap laptops in ladipo market but the only disadvantage with Ladipo market is they are not 100% trusted and they don’t give guarantee but Shopin Verse Computer Ltd gives 6 months Guarantee and their laptops are well tested, so it better you buy directly from the warehouse than buying from people along the road in ladipo, but that choice depend on you.

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