How to Locate Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi, Lagos

the arena market main view

How to find your way to Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi, Easy way how to get to Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi. If you are looking on how you can travel to the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi Lagos then this article is for you as i will show you easy step on how your can locate Nigerian Army Shopping Complex in Oshodi Lagos.

the arena market main view


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Address: Ikeja Military Cantonment, Bolade Bus Stop, Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Agege Motor Rd, Ikeja, Nigeria

Before i proceed to step on how to get to the complex, let me quickly tell you a little things about the complex also. Nigerian Army shopping Arena in Oshodi is an army shopping complex that many businesses operate inside such as electronics shops, warehouse and more businesses. The Shopping complex is not just only for the army force alone though it named the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, it free for every one to can go in and trade what so ever he or she wishes to buy.

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There are many business in complex, warehouses and shops that deal on electronics and all kind of stuffs, the warehouses in this arena specialist on Bulk of foreign used cloths (Okreka) and Laptops. The arena is having one huge used laptops sales warehouse. There is still a Slot Ltd inside the arena and some other individuals that sell electronics and other kinds of used stuffs.


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To get to Nigerian Army Shopping Arena is very easy depending on your location. The Arena is located at Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi, and it very visible to be seen just along the road, it very huge inside as it contain lot of businesses. No one will harass you entering into the Complex, not even the armies, as it made for every body to go in and trade.

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The Arena also have a market where all kind of food stuffs are been sold such as food stuffs, fruits and other important house hold materials.

The good thing about doing business inside the complex is the security, it 100% secure dealing with any body that sell in the Complex because it surrendered by military, and all sellers go through the process of registration which stated no report of maltreating customer should ever arise. If a seller violate the law, it will not only lead to quieting but facing great penalty of the military, so for this reason it very safe to do business in the Arena.

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To Locate Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi Lagos

Find your way to Oshodi under bridge at Oshodi Lagos, and then ask any one for the Nigerian Army Shipping Arena, it will be point to you, as it very easy to locate just along Oshodi Ikeja Motor Road.

If you are coming from Ikeja side, then you don’t have to get to Oshodi under bridge. Tell the drive to stop you at Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi. When you get down, just cross the express, you will see it writing on the entrance gate Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi.

This is how easy to find your way/locate Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi Lagos.

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