10 Health Benefits Of Onions in Nigeria

Onions can be defined as a swollen edible bulb used as a vegetable, having a pungent taste and smell and composed of several concentric layers. here on this post are 10 Health Benefits Of Onions in Nigeria

Ten Benefit Of Onions

We have different types of onions such as Green Onions, White Onions etc.

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Onions can be roasted, grilled, pickled, caramelized, battered and deep-fried, sliced thinly or chopped and served raw in salads, sandwiches, dips, or as a garnish for tacos, making them among the most versatile and ubiquitous ingredients in the culinary arts.

Onions is good in the body and it brings out the taste in our meal women in the house you know what am talking about In this article we are going to discuss about the benefit one can actually get by eating or making use of raw onions

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10 Health Benefits Of Onions in Nigeria

  1. Onions is the best for a good memory and a strong nervous system
  2. Onions cure menstrual disorders. Raw onions should be consumed before a few days of the beginning of your cycle.
  3. Use onion juice on the hair or the scalp to get rid of lice and hair fall. This is one of the most prominent of onion benefits for hair.
  4. Inflammation from arthritis in the joints can be healed with onions.
  5. There is a small trick with onions to get some relief from body pains. Onions should be fried in sesame or castor oil and can be used to heal any aches.
  6. One of the well-known tricks to remove dark patches or pigments on your face is to apply onion and turmeric juice on that area.
  7. Onion juice is also used to cure ear and eye problems. This juice is used for infants as eye drops for clear vision.
  8. This is also used for toothaches and tooth decaying.
  9. Onions have rejuvenation properties on the body tissues
Advice: Those that put on sock when sleeping you can cut up an onion and put it at the bottom of your  sock while you sleep
because it purify your blood: Phosphoric acid from the onions as it’s applied and absorbed through trans-dermal means purifies the blood.
It Kills bacteria, germs and pathogens: Onions (and garlic) have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits! try it out. thanks for your time learning the 10 Health Benefits Of Onions in Nigeria

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