8 Easy Ways Of Making Your Palm Soft In Nigeria

So make people are in search for how to make their palm soft and lovely in Nigeria so on this post we going to discuss on this. First to welcome you to informationhood the largest information platform in Nigeria. Do you find it difficult shaking due to your rough and hard palm? Today we will be looking at how to make your palm soft. Happy weekend and enjoy your weekend!!!!

How to Make Your Palm Soft in Nigeria

How to make your palm soft in Nigeria

Due to the environment, we live in today, the society we own and our various ways of life, the skin is exposed to harsh elements every day, from the sun to the wind and from the wind to the harsh chemicals around us down to the drying soaps.

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Your hands are prone to roughness, dryness and cracking even during the winter season the skin tends to be stressed, hard and really dry having taken the brunt of every chore. The soaps, cleaning products like detergents, bar soaps and liquid washes we use daily could make the palm look wrinkly, rough, and discolored, even from the house chores to the weeding of the garden wears an inevitable lead on the palms.

Smoothing and softening of the palms by following a daily routine that is natural and easy with healthy ingredients required for the body is what we want to look into today. Do you need silky-soft palms?  are you ashamed of the rough and hard palms you have when you want to shake?

Below are the easy guidelines you need to overcome the rough, dry and hard palms you have in Nigeria:

1. The use of Olive Oil and Sugar

It is widely known that Olive oil is a great skin moisturizer, going through this process will help a lot; take about half teaspoon of olive oil on your palm, add a teaspoon of sugar, mix together with one finger, then rub your palms together, ensure the oil and sugar covers your skin. Keep rubbing for some minutes but don’t rub harshly because of the sugar crumbs won’t peel your skin. After rubbing dip in warm water and rinse gently

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2. Apply Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

The word Vaseline is known for the ability to lock in moisture and soften the hard palm Vaseline is generally used as a body cream, it is noted as a number one beauty secret of the body. The petroleum jelly serves as a quick remedy to scars because they are an excellent moisturizer. Wash your hand with a gentle soap and dry with a towel, rub the Vaseline on your palm massage the palm for about thirty seconds, zip up the palm in a glove or socks till the next day then you have your palm supple like a new baby.

3. Applying the Citrus Powder

Using this fast method helps to lighten and soften palms. Wash your palms well with warm water and soap which is gentle on the skin, in a container mix; lemon, honey, and baking soda apply this mixture on your palms, rub thoroughly and massage for some minutes (about ten minutes). Wash your palm in warm water without soap and repeat twice a week to remove discoloration and improve soft healthy-looking hands.

4. Mix Glycerin, Rosewater and Lemon

Blend glycerin, rosewater, and lemon following this procedure mixing a tablespoon of glycerin and a tablespoon of rosewater in a small glass jar. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a few drops of bottled lemon juice. Stir thoroughly, then cup your palm and pour about a teaspoon of the mixture into your palm. And rub your palms together.

Ensure the mixture covers the palm and the back of your hands. Ensure the mixture spreads between your fingers, after some minutes, dry your hands with a soft cloth or towel. Try Applying twice a day to get soft palms. This mixture shouldn’t be kept for more than a couple of days.

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5. Apply Butter and Almond Oil

Applying this simple mixture aid in diminishing cracked skin and the diminishes the wounds on your palm.  Make cream of butter and almond oil by putting about 2 teaspoons of butter, and about one teaspoon of almond oil in a small bowl. Blend well with a fork until smooth. Try rubbing cream well into your hands.

Allow the mixture to be absorbed by leaving it in your hands for at least 20 minutes, then rinse gently in warm water. The vitamin E present in the almond oil helps heal the cracked skin and diminish wrinkles. Trying this as a Nigeria helps to give you a safe area and lighten your palm.

6. The use of Coconut Oil to Soften Your Palm

Naturally, coconut oils are good moisturizers to the skin same as the palms. The coconut oil helps cure dry skin, gives the smooth skin to the palms, massage the coconut oil on your palms and leave over the night to give a quick and effective turnout on your palm.

Trying this on your palm in Nigeria gives you a silk-soft palm. You could also put a tablespoon of coconut oil into a small bowl and add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well while in the second bowl, mix about one-quarter of cup sea salt together with one-quarter of sugar then add a tablespoon lemon juice to the dry mixture until it has the uniformity of slightly damp sand. Put on your palm and rub your hands together well, gently spread the scrub across your palms and between your fingers.

After some minutes rinse with warm water, and gently dry with a towel. Ensure you apply 1-2 times per week

7. Applying Lemon and Sugar

Applying lemon and sugar on your palm gives a thorough cleaning. Taking a half cut of a lemon and sprinkle a little sugar on the sodden organic fruit, squeeze the sugared lemon slice into your palm until the sugar seems completely gone.

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Repeat this method on the other palm. This simple remedy can be easily found if you’re in a restaurant and want to soften your hands quickly. The lemon slice helps to rid your palm of unpleasant odors, like garlic or fish when cooking or working. Trying this step gives you a soft palm in Nigeria.

8. Take A Lot of Water

All-natural treatment boils down to feeding well and taking water well. It might be easy to overlook that the cause of rough palms is been dehydrated but it is highly essential we keep our body hydrated as a first step of putting an end to our problem. Taking about eight to nine glasses every day improves the soft hands and smooth skin.

As applying a moisturizer to your skin is important, so also it is important to apply a moisturizer to your palm always after every wash, if possible you could use wet wipes as a moisturizer on palm after wash. Nothing is as cute as having a smooth and soft palm always, that enables you to shake well due to fabulous palm

Use Hand And Palm Softer Cream to Soften Your Palm and Foot

There are many palm softening creams in Nigeria that claim to be palm softening cream. Though you may hardly find the one that works but consistency buying will land you at a very nice one. I’m pretty aware that Boi Claire help in softening you palms and foots.

On my research i find one hand softening cream on jumia, called Longrich Brighteningand Softening Hand Cream the price there is 4,000 however if you can afford it, the review’s shows that the product works very well.

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