See List of Items They are Selling in the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos

Are you among the thousands asking, what are the things they are selling in the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Oshodi?. or what can someone buy in the arena? would you want to know list of things someone can get in the arena? then this post will be helpful to you as we bring you vital information that will get your mind-set.

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The Nigeria Army Shopping Arena is an Army shopping complex located in Oshodi just by bolade bus stop. Everyone is allowed to trade and purchase in the army complex if you can afford the charges.

Buying at the complex is free of charge, all you need to do is pay for the item. One of the major reason it more recommended is the security, what else can you expect from an army shopping complex? The place is well fence, guard by armies.

List of Items They are Selling in the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos

On this article let’s gat a look at some of the items someone can get at the Arena market, and what prices can the go for. Note that we can’t give you exact price of any item, only the seller have the say to give you the right price to his or her item but we could be of help by giving you an estimate.


You can get almost all kinds of electronics in the arena such as Photo and Video camera, laptop, microphone, PS game, cd/dvd, home theater, and Church properties such as band, projectors, guitar and many more. Also some other items which you can get in the arena are as follows.

Food Stuff’s

In case you are looking for a place you could get good cool stuff, you can as well get almost all kinds of food stuff in the arena at affordable price. There are a lot of stuff in there we don’t if a gat the strength to mention them all, but for sure you will get Rice, Beans, Garri, Cat fish, Cow Meet, Amala, Semo, Stuck Fish, dried fish and many more.

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Hair Stuff’s

If you are close to Oshodi the best place to go for your hair shopping is the Nigeria army shopping arena. Almost all kinds of hair stuff’s can be found there, we can’t tell of the quality but for sure you will get your choice in there. Their prices are much more affordable than most places. You can get such as hair relaxer, weavon, Hair Attachment, All kinds of hair cream and many more hair stuff you can think of.

Baby Wears and Play Toys

In the arena, you will get baby wears and baby play toys at most affordable prices, we can’t tell how much more affordable they could really be pretty sure you could save up to 20% if purchasing from the arena. Play toys such as Baby ball, Baby car, Baby bike, Baby bicycle, and so many other play toys are in there. You can as well get all kinds of baby wears.

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Phone & Tablet

The arena market is not a home for phone shopping, however it not impossible to get phone as slot is located inside the arena. You can check out for slot in the arena if you wish to get a new phone only. But there are no phone dealers inside the arena, sad to say.

Computer Laptop, Desktop and Projectors

How about laptops, projectors and desktop, can one get a laptop at the arena as well? The answer is yes, there is a warehouse dealing on tested UK used Laptops, desktop & projector and the warehouse is known as shopinverse computers located inside the arena. They have the most affordable price laptops in Lagos as a whole, their prices start from 17,000 upward. you can contact them on 08059844174, all of their laptop and pc are well-tested.

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UK Cloths Okrika Bale

If you are looking for where to buy Okreka/Okrika cloths bale in lagos Nigeria, the right place to go is the Nigeria Army Shopping Arena. They have direct importers of okrika cloths there, their prices are very much affordable. Note that the warehouses don’t sell to end users, they sell at wholesale price to retailers. A lot of warehouses there deal on this business, there is no better place to go for uk cloths okrika cloth bales rather than the Nigeria Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos.


Fruits are multiple excess in the arena, and there is no where else to get cheaper fruits than there. It always surprising for new visitors when they saw how cheap fruit is in the arena, very cheap we mean to say. All kinds of fruits are in the arena, such as apple, orange, water melon, straw berry and may more. It will surprise you the amount of fruits you will get for just N500.

Cow Meat

The arena has cow meat market, an area build for just cow meat. If you are looking to buy cow meat in oshodi, one of the best place to locate is the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena. They always have fresh cow meat there and lot of people come around from different location in lagos to buy meat right there. The price of meat in the arena is as well cheaper than anywhere else lagos. The right time to go for meat is 8AM to 11am, reasons is because lot of people also go there for meat. If you don’t go early enough, sorry you won’t meet fresh meat or won’t even get at all.

Cat Fish (Freshly Alive)

How about cat-fish? The last time we check, we were so surprise the kind of alive cat-fish we saw there, we mean to say how big they was; pretty think rare to find. If you are looking for cat-fish in the arena, then try to locate the cow meat market and ask of where to buy cat-fish, it very close to the meat area. Though we didn’t price much, but the price we bought last there is pretty 35% cheaper if compared with amount in other market’s in Lagos.

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Hope we ware able to answet your question of List of Items They are Selling in the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Oshodi Lagos. There are other stuff’s you can get in the arena, but this are the little we were able to list for now. At least we have been able to give a clue of what you can get at the arena. This information is just to help you make a cool move and what you should be expecting when planing of visiting the arena market.


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