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Sales Principles To Learn From Bible

Sales Principles To Learn From Bible let me start by telling you that Bible is a complete book God gave to us to live a complete and successful life, so ignoring the principles written in bible is fighting a battle you can not win, one things I do is to teach sales and business success from the Bible. so many of us in this industry sometimes don’t understand what sales actually means some people thinks that sales means talking to people and moving from one location to another in other to sale our products or services to make good money, doing that is not a bad thing but that is not sales.

let me give you my own definition of what sales means before I give you the first principle to sell anything, Sales is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become, sales offers solutions and opportunity for human to solve their problem and move forward. so let me give you the very first sales principles to learn from bible and is found in the book of Luke 6:38. it says give and it will be giving to you, Give there does not mean when you respond to charity, what it actually means is what you give to people in the market place the solutions and help you are offering to people and what will happen is that what ever you give no matter how big or small the value is it will be given back to you, when people are willing to exchange their money for the products you produce or the services that you offer, what they are doing is giving you back based on the level of value and measurement you gave them. 

Listen human beings are not stupid to listen to you while they know what you are offering can’t be a solutions to the problem they have. so once you give values Luke 6:38 assured you that it will be given back to you because people will be happy to pay for it, so the big question you need to ask your self what are you giving in the market place? listen Lack and poverty is a report card that you are not giving significant value in life, people follow solutions they resist problems and people who are rich in this industry became rich because they found a problem and was touched to offer solutions.

Another powerful sales principle to learn from the bible is found in Matthew 5-14, Jesus said that a city set on a hill can’t be hidden .let me explain it to you there are millions of people in the word right now who want to buy what you sell, people who are ready to pay you what ever you charge but the big issue now is where can they find you? where exactly are you? to make money in sales you need to position your self, destiny is location sensitive if you can not be seen you are not going to make money look at the the global brand around the globe they took advantage of this scripture (Matthew 5:14) they are on internet right now. if you are still operating offline sales and marketing you will be let behind sales have moved to another dimension, Internet is the new market once you create and build your online presence there you will be like that city Jesus said that is on hill that can not be hidden.


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  • Top notch bro, nice Post…

    Prince chigozie September 4, 2022 2:14 pm

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