Procedures To Start Fruit Juice Business In Nigeria

The fruit juice business in Nigeria is related to the sachet water enterprise in Nigeria. This is because Nigeria is the largest fruit juice consumer in the world and the including fact is that Nigeria is the largest market in the continent of Africa.

A well detailed fruit juice investment in Nigeria will offer 3 folds of returns on investment in a short time. Half of more than a hundred and forty million of the Nigerian population are daily consumers of fruit juice. This is one reason while Coca Cola, Chivita, Leventis Foods, UAC and the rest have been booming in the enterprise as they make billions.

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This article tells you how to produce fruit juice as an enterprise. The fruit juice market in Nigeria is a booming market. There are many fruit juice producing companies in Nigeria.

Steps To Begin A Fruit Juice Business In Nigeria

Fruit juice business in NigeriaThe profit potential of the fruit juice business in Nigeria is further doubled by the government ban on importing fruit juice from foreign countries in Nigeria. Before the bean, the use to sell LA Casera for N40, but immediately the ban came into effect, the price of LA Casera went up. They now sell LA Casera for up to N100 as the price for retailing.

Reliable sources confirm that the cost of producing and distributing a bottle is about N35 meaning that they are getting a N65 profit for each bottle which is shared among the LA Casera company, its retailers and distributors over the decades. The drink is not just carbonated. The value of a quality juice is much better than a carbonated needed:

What Do You Need For The Production Of Canned And Bottled Juice

The production of fruit juice is capital intensive and it’s worth the investment. One good news about it is that you can start small and have the new frontiers explored. The commercial processing of fruits like paw paw have not yet been efficiently done in Nigeria and this have caused the wastage of this valuable produce.

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This is a new enterprise for anyone who intends to invest in the production of fruit juice. Pick the fruit juice category that you intend to produce. This may be paw paw or any of your choice. You can select each fruit juice drink that you intend to manufacture.

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You can choose the carbonate drink that resembles LA Casera. Your own business plan should be focusing on the category or aspect of fruit juice that you intend to produce. Let your business plan be detailed of financiers are going to see.

Have comprehensive details included about the category of fruit juice that you intend to produce, 3 year projections of profit, 3 year expenses of operations, competing fruit producer’s analysis and information concerning selling avenues and potential vendors. Recommendations include going for flavors that and not very common in Nigerian market. A different category of fruit juice will offer you another added advantage and obtain new customers for your very brand that will enable them to patronise the product.

You will also need NAFDAC approval and this is necessary before you indulge in the production of any drugs, food and beverages. Go to NAFDAC after setting up your NAFDAC successfully. Produce some quantity of bottles and have them forwarded for last approval. Begin the process on time.

What Machinery Do You Need For Fruit Juice Production Business

A fruit juice is a suspension of sugars, water, acids, vitamins, proteins, essences and pigments. The fruit is not just squeezed into the very bottle, it rather undergoes mixing, preparations, packaging and bottling. The following items are needed:

  • Raw water
  • Raw water pump ( high pressure
  • Multi medium type of filter ( quartz sand)
  • Active carbon filter
  • Pumping of water
  • Exchanger for sodium ion
  • Precision filters
  • Ro and ozone device
  • Tank for water rank
  • Melting tank for sugar
  • Sugar filter
  • Blending tank for juice
  • Homogenizer for juice
  • De-aerater for vacuum
  • Tank for storage
  • Instant temperature sterilizer ( UHT ultrahigh)
  • Cooling and heating tank
  • Blowing machine for mould
  • Conveyor for air
  • Automatic capping machine for washing and bottling
  • Automatic labelling machine for the hot drink
  • Label turned for hot drink
  • Packing machine dryer for the bottle (plastic shrink)
  • Printer for jets
  • Labelling machine that is automatically hot shrink
  • Wrapping package (auto film shrinkage
  • Workers starter
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This machine gives you an idea of the requirements for the set up. This demands capital but you can decide to start small.

The Semi Finished Products of Fruit Juice

  • Pulpy or cloudy juices single strength or the concentrate that is made up of solid particles that are insoluble
  • Concentrate or single strength of Puree

Concentrate or clear juice strength ( consisting of solid particles that are insoluble. There is need to develop the technological cycle so as to preserve the organoleptic attributes, aromas and color of the juice.

The necessary thermal treatments that are required to obtain a good yield in certain steps or obtain microbial stability should be evaluated properly to prevent of browning, protein and vitamin C radiation. The treatment has variations which is dependent on the fruit PH. Organic acids are present like citric and tartaric acids which depends on the category of fruit PH.

Important Of Pectic Substances

For fruit puree or cloudy juices, there is need to retain the original content of pectins in the production. The fruit enzymes have to be inactivated when processing to begin the heating process. Pects make up the filtered fruit juice and this aids a high degree of juice concentration and a good yield and this is done through addition of enzymes that hydrolyse the substances.

2 Systems For Fruit Juice Concentration

There is concentration of the pulpy and puree juices by evaporation that are forced by the circulation pumps to pass through tubular heat exchangers that has to be heated so as to have them released into an evaporation chamber. You can use secondary condensates to obtain aromas. You can use bags for storage by a cooling and heating process.

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Marketing For Fruit Juice Business

The method of marketing is by meeting with wholesaler’s of other fruit juice in the market. At first you would want to make your price quite more affordable than others, you can increase your price when you fruit juice is accepted in the market. If you have enough cash, you can run tv and radio advert or sponsors events to gain fast population.

Register Your Business Name

Before you can start business Nigeria, you must first have your business registered with the Nigeria CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). This means before you can start production, you must have you company name register. The first step to register a business name is to consider a very good name for your company and then proceed to the Nigeria CAC office. Read to register business name with CAC here.

Get NAFDAC Approval

The NAFDAC are responsible for the public health. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a Nigerian government organization under the Federal Ministry of Health that is in charge of managing and controlling the manufacturing, importation, exportation, promotion, distribution, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and packaged water.

Before your production gets to the general public you must first acquire their approval. Production without NAFDAC could land you in a serious trouble. Read how to get NAFDAC approval here.


Due to ban on the importation of fruit juice, starting a fruit juice enterprise is profitable. If you have any questions, feel free to make use of our comment box.

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