How to Get NAFDAC Approval In Nigeria & Registration Process

How to Get NAFDAC Approval In Nigeria & Registration Process

This article aimed the favour of those looking for complete process of netting NAFDAC approval on their product in Nigeria. Proper explanation will be emerge on this post in other to make absolute control of the approval steps are in accordance with the operation and demands.

How to Get NAFDAC Approval In Nigeria & Registration Process

How to Get NAFDAC Approval In Nigeria & Registration Process

On this post we want to discuss something more serious which is how to get nafdac approval for your in Nigeria. This has been one of the most ask question since 2014 to this very moment.

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First to start with, what is nafdac and what are their opposition in Nigeria. NAFDAC means National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. This are the people responsible  for regulating and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices aspect in the country for human safety reasons.

NADDAC have a very important role to play in the country, making every possible best that proper health care is been maintain generally in Nigeria by super checking eatable and drinkable items.

Today before you can start production and distribution of any eatable or drinkable product to the public, it a must to first acquire nafdac approval on that product by approving the item is perfect for human consumption. This is to ensure good health is been maintain around the country. Lab test health related test will be carried on before approval or any product.

Nafdac retained every right to disapprove items suspected to be harmful to the public and as well can lock down any production company that doesn’t go through the normal procedure before starting production.

Before, the chance of getting NAFDAC approval were more easy compare to now when lot of new companies are submitting request for approval daily.

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On this post we want to share with you how you can request for nafdac approval in Nigeria and how you can get approved of your request having in mind that the rate of disapproval is high these day. First, you know the product which you want to be producing, be it water, medication, food etc the process is same though approval time duration differ.

First thing before request for nafdac approval is to set up your company properly, but don’t start production yet. Be warned that your business and yourself is at a high risk if nafdac officials get’s to find that your company is operating without legal approval. So take your time and wait for your company to be legally approve for production before you begin to avoid stories that touch.

If you don’t want disapproval letter or mail from NAFDAC, here are some things your must put in place before requesting for nafdac approval.

Tips To Get NAFDAC to Approve your product in Nigeria

Hygienic production environment

Nafdac will definitely visit your production ground for inspection. If where you intend to be producing your products is not hygienic enough, consider your request terminated or disapproved. It’s as well advisable to make your production space big and well convenience for your staff and customers, as some of this facts maybe considered in the approval process.

Complete Production Materials or Machines Acquiring

They will want to see that all your production machines and related materials are acquired and your company will not have to be managing spoiled or incomplete materials, before submitting request for NAFDAC approval, make absolute sure you have all your product equipment ready.

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When these two most considered important factors of your company is archived, you can then proceed to submitting approval request to NAFDAC. below are detailed guidelines how to archive submition of approval request.

This part of the article is vital and detailed, how to. Previously on the above tips, you already know what to archive from your approval request, how to prepare your company awaiting NAFDAC, but funny enough one important area was not mention. We will love to included it on the post as well for your own goodness sake.

Before you proceed with the idea of nafdac registration, you must first acquire company name registration from the Nigeria CAC organization, which legalized your business for operation in Nigeria. It a must that every business should have their company or business registered under CAC

As well note that as soon as your business is registered, you are entitled to tax payment either monthly or annually according to choice pick. We got an idea that there is what is called ltd cooperation and others. To register a business name is as well very easy.

All that is required is to submit your busines name to the CAC and then a database check will be conducted on your name to find if it’s available. Before now when our technology was still at it craw point, it do takes time to have a submitted name check on their database unlike now when one can check name availability on CAC website if his/her name is available or not on CAC database even before submitting request for name registration.

For proper guide on business name registration, read this article how to register business name in Nigeria.

Back to the main topic, our step is getting closer by time. We are just doing our best to be sure you get all the necessary information regarding this naftdac registration.

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According NAFDAC, it takes them 90 days to decide either to approve or disapprove food items and 120 for drugs. Time may exceed this stated period depending on submission demands. If the number of request is high within your application period, there may be I slight delay that may exceed the giving period. However below is how to apply for NAFDAC approval in Nigeria.

The following are required from Applicants

  1. Submit your application form with all relevant documents for registration and application letter in accordance with the issued guidelines (see relevant guidelines).
  2. Provide NAFDAC with the relevant information and description of the facility for inspection where it relates to registration and importation of NAFDAC regulated products.
  3. Provide samples of the products to be registered when notified by NAFDAC for laboratory analysis.
  4. Ensure all payments are made as at when due (See relevant guidelines and tariffs and fees).
  5. Ensure all documents are complete and with the appropriate description to prevent unnecessary delays.



  1. Registration of food product not more than 90 days from acceptance of application.
  2. Registration of drug product not more than 120 days from acceptance of application.
  3. Variation of product registration takes not more than 60 ddays

This is the complete step of application for NAFDAC approval in Nigeria, is you required more details or have opinion regarding this topic, please use the comment box below to a voice to this topic. Howeverbif the explanation above is not clear enough to you, you can as well use the comment box to ask any question you wish to know regarding NAFDAC registration and approval process in Nigeria.

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