Personal development or self improvement consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, and if you are the type that doesn’t like someone or people to control you in your organization you need to develop yourself professionally.

 in everyone of us 30 percent of what we need to do has already been done for us, doing the remaining 70 percent is what guarantee your success.

So let’s say you were born into a family you have your parents, siblings this are people who can help you to develop your potentials that’s the 30 percent, or you come into a business organization, you have a great products and you are exposed to the market, you have a business model, without you doing anything 30 percent of the deal has already been done, what about staying in a developed or developing countries where you have government putting laws and structures that enables big and small organizations to strive, you stand a chance of being successful because the government has done 30 percent of the work, for some of us that are into sports you see a club that signed you, when you come into the club you have the coach that will train you, you have experience team mates that you can learn from without doing much work 30 percent of the work has been done by the club, so why do many peoples fail though they have been exposed? I will tell you because in success equation 30 percent is failure, is just like when you want to buy a bottle water let’s say the water cost 100$ and what you have is 30$ even though you have some money but is not big enough to buy you the water.

Now the issues is developing the remaining 70 percent. Many thinks that since the 30 percent is there naturally they will become successful overnight no it doesn’t work out like that, understand that nothing happens on its own there are things we all must do to live a successful life we want and to develop the remaining 70 percent in us.



The mind is very powerful it control’s almost everything we do,( proverb 23:7 ) says as a man thinks in his heart so is he, so improve and invest in your mind, thinking that doing 30 percent of the work will get you to sit with people who are putting 100 percent efforts is a lie, it doesn’t work like that so don’t be a mental hobo, train your mind to stick to positive believe system’s.


Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

There are two types of pain in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regrets, to develop the remaining 70 percent we need to put more discipline in our daily training, resourcesand time, have you seen people especially in sports who made huge amount of money, 5 to 10 years time they lost all the money, they forgot one thing that nobody grows young, let’s learn to put more discipline daily.


Have you seen people who knows how to do something but they are not doing it? Listen when you are lazy both God and Satan can’t use you, because both of them required some one that works hard, but do you know when you are mental lazier God still won’t use you because he requires your mind to do the work, many gifted people are so lazy they think that 30 percent of the work is enough, the tasks you are into might require more than 30 percent, and staying with a lazy fellow hurts alot even when he sees a golden opportunity he won’t take advantage of it.


Life is hard for two reasons is either you are in your comfort zone or you are living your comfort zone, and to develop your self professionally required you leave your comfort zone, and that’s why many people prefer to stay with 30 percent ability because they can’t pay the price of being uncomfortable to attend the remaining 70 percent, excellent in any field requires discomfort, when you think of being successful and exceptional you have to put in more hours in your work, thinking that you give little and get a big rewards is a big deception.

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My name is Uchechukwu Johnson (Business content creator & Entrepreneur)  

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