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You Have no Life if you Don’t Accept Jesus Christ as Lord


My pity on those who are still in the dark, those who still think they have it all when they have nothing. Those who run after richies instead of salvation. Those who still not believe in Jesus christ are totally lost ships. If you are such a person, for I tell you today you are like an empty house build with mood which no one stays in or like a victim in the court without a defender.


You Have no Life if you Don’t Have Jesus Christ

There’s no two ways about it, without Jesus Christ you are lost. He died for the sins of the world and bring peace to his followers, that those who accepted him will not perish but be established and have ever-lasting life. Many will read this and give their lives to Jesus why some others will still want to think about it first.

There is nothing to think about my friend, Jesus has paid for your sins. Repent and be save, don’t be deceived by the angels of darkness, there is no solution elsewhere. (I warned)

Most people are still been mislead by foolish act of their ansestors / fathers, were as some of them weren’t able to hear the truth, that is why they follow the wrong way, how about you reading this? what will be your answer when judgement shall arise opun?

Stop serving images, stop been used by the devil, follow christ and be saved. There is no way out without christ. Stop killing people, REPENT … REPENT … REPENT and Jesus will set you free of you bondage. Ask yourself is it a good thing to do bad to people? Are they not human like you?

Some of you think you are doing it for your god? Now i tell you, your so called god is the devil we talk about, it only the devil that doesn’t want the goodness of the world. But still you didn’t know it.

TA key for instance, as for me and my family we are for God, Jesus is our savour. In times of trouble he recure us. When devil agents plot evil against us, he saved us. The more the enemies seek our downfall my God shows up and take us higher and higher. Great is our God King of kings, Lord of lords. He created heaven and earth without my concept, he made everything by himself without the help of anyone long ago be he formed me and brought me into the world. This is the true living God, i and my family follows Jesus.

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

Now let’s go deaper, if my God can do all of this things for himself and for me, who are mine to kill for him when he has the power to kill whom ever he wants? I mine stronger than him? Why do you still kill in the name of God knowing that God almighty is stronger than you. Now i know, it because you are not yet serving the true living God, and you are afraid that your god may be distroyed.

Nothing that my God wants that he can’t get for himself, all i can do is to hail him, thank and praise his holy name. Jesus die for me that i may be saved and you are there killing people, animals and what so ever you call it for your devil god. You’re still lost dear, turn to the true living God, Accpet Jesus as your lord and savour today then repent and be save.

To choose the true life with God, you have to stop evils, you must be kind to everyone, you must love God almighty on your side, Jesus is more than everything. When you love him you will obey his commandment.

The Ten Commandment Of God

  1. I am the Lord your God, thou shall have no other gods before me.
  2. Thou shall not use the Lord’s name in vain.
  3. Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy.
  4. Thou shall not make any graven images.
  5. Honor thy Mother and Father.
  6. Thou shall not kill.
  7. Thou shall not commit adultery.
  8. Thou shall not steal.
  9. Thou shall not bear false witness of thy neighbor.
  10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife or anything that belongs to your neighbor

The only true religion

Religion maters a lot, don’t be deceived. You can’t eat rice and feel the taste of yam in it. So it is, when talking of religion. Some deceivers would likely tell you that don’t worry it’s same God we serve; Liar. How can one serve who he doesn’t know? Anyone who tells you that we serve same God is a liar and devil’s agent.

Ask yourself this question, if your religion is the true one why are you ashamed of sharing it? There are so many religious but only the true one is proudly talk about, this’s testifying the Goodness of the true Lord Jesus Christ. Go to the market you will see Christian preaching it, on travel vehiclesthe good news of christ is there, twlling the world about our God, shouting repent and be saved. Where is yours?

Where are the others? I tell you they have nothing to say about their god, they are confused, that is why those set of people/religious get involved in killing unbelievers of their religion.

How to know you are on the wrong religion

Take note of these things, then you will be able to detect if you’re on the wrong part or not.

  1. If your religion didn’t accept Jesus christ as the son of God and savour of our soul then you are deeply swimming on the very wrongly religion.
  2. If you religion advice killing unbelievers for the sake of your god, know that you have step on the wrong religion.
  3. If your religion still do blood sacrifice, it clear you are on the wrong track. The truth is that’ Jesus is paid with his blood for us all, therefore no more blood sacrifice is required any more.
  4. If your religion doesn’t preach humility and repentance, you are not far from the wrong religion or organisation.
  5. If your religion showcases their self in public to be seen by everyone of what ever they do. You are not far from the wrong place.
  6. If you religion required you to be kind to only certain set of people then know you are on the wrong place.
  7. If your religion advice revenge the you are at the wrong place.
  8. If your religion name animal with their enemies name then kill it, my friend it time to run out. You are at the devil office.

There is no two ways about it my friend. The only way to serve God genuinely is converting into a christian, note that not everyone that call the name of Jesus is real. In every real there is the fake. Look for a good place where the words of God are been preach without fear. Where repentance is been preach without stop.

Any church that preach money always is a fake place and not of God, beware. If you love Hod, keep his commandment and follow him without stop, he knows what you need and he will make it available for you. Seek first the kingdom of God and it righteousness, and everything you need and that you have never thought of will be giving to you without even asking for them. GOD who is in heaven knows the needs of his children.

How to know you are on the wrong church

As there are lost religious that still follows the ignorance of their ansestors so there are false prophet and fake churches whose interest is to steal peoples money using the name of God and Jesus. Below you will be able to detect if you are worshiping in the wrong place.

1. Churchies that task members money in order to receive miracle prayer. If not that you are socked with interests of physical valueless things, you should be able to know by yourself that Jesus never sell miracles. Do you really want me to tell you that you are with a wrong prophet?

2. Prophet that will tell you that as a christian you will not suffer again. The truth must be told, been a christian doesn’t stop the word of God manifesting in your life. Jesus suffer, Job suffer, Daniel and other servant of God suffer. The main truth is it’s not label suffer but temptations, your faith must be tested, along the line your faith will become stronger, many temptation will come but God will not let them overwhelmed you.

As my pastor once said, temptations are like exams, and at the end of every exam there is what is called result. If you pass your exam you get promoted to the next level. So are temptations also, as you passes through them you will be rewarded greatly by God. My pastor included that when ever you see temptation your promotion is around the corner. The temptation is only there to test you if you will be able to handle the next level.

Repent now and be save.

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