All You Need to Know About Bank Current Account in Nigeria

Current account in Nigeria has been the second most popular account type companies and individuals are opening in Nigeria. Generally it worth talking about, the question is what is the meaning of current account in Nigeria?.

All about current account in nigeria

All About Bank Current Account in Nigeria

Current Account refers to a type of deposit account made with a financial institution that permits the withdrawal of funds and allows checks to be written against the balance.

Again current account is an account with a bank or building society from which money may be withdrawn without notice, typically an active account catering for frequent deposits and withdrawals by cheque.


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In most cases Current bank account is opened by businessmen who have a higher number of regular transactions with the bank. Though the account is not restricted to individuals, and according to our research, Current account can be opened in co-operative bank and commercial bank.

In other words current account is a simple and straightforward account, with no monthly fee but with all the essentials for managing your money. What you get. 24/7 access to your account using Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking, cheque book, account manager and more.


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Almost all Nigeria banks offer current account, and made simple to operate. With just little amount you can open a current account and start managing it. You will have access to ATM card, Passbook, Cheque and many more. This account type worth operating if you are a business man. We have noted that all the 4 recommended banks to open savings account by informationhood are still the best for opening current account in Nigeria.

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