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New Holland 480 in Sudan: Its Specifications and Review

Almost every person is well familiar with the name Malik Agro Industries. Here we will talk about New Holland 480 prices in Sudan, specifications, and many more. This tractor will fulfill all your requirements owing to its sturdy construction style, powerful engine, and unbeatable performance. The New Holland Sudan comes with adjustable size and loads of innovative features. 

We are a company well-versed in progressive farming needs. You might be a farmer looking for a perfect machine to handle multi-purpose tasks in your field. We have got you with our New Holland 480 model. Stick to our guide and never miss reading any aspect of this vehicle. Are you looking for tractors for sale in Sudan? Your quest might end here. 

Tractor Prices in Sudan: 

The tractor price in Sudan is reasonable. Our company delivers its economical products worldwide. In Sudan tractors, demand is very high to accomplish a boost in agriculture. Farmers are always pursuing the best vehicle, and so are the manufacturers aspiring to prepare the best possible machine. Read the specifications of New Holland tractors Sudan to get an idea about a better option. 

New Holland 480 Performance: 

This powerful tractor comes with a direct injection diesel engine comprising  3 cylinders and 4 strokes. The piston displacement comprises 2931, whereas bore and stroke diameters are 104 mm and 115 mm, respectively. 65 HP at 2500 rpm and 22.7 Nm of maximum torque at 1500 rpm is the amazing power of the New Holland 480 in Sudan. Moreover, a force-feed lubrication system, dry-type cylinder liners, and a water cooling system help automatic management of the system. 

Its electrical system requires 12 volts, a 4 hp motor, and a 400-watt alternator to start working. The dual plate clutch is dry type and delivers separate controls. One is a hand lever operated for PTO, and the other one is the paddle for transmission. The driver’s seat is comfortable and equipped with cushioned spring suspension. New Holland tractor price in Sudan is very affordable. You can purchase one such economical tractor in Sudan from Malik Agro Industries. 

Its gearbox comes with a constant mesh. 8 forward and 2 reverse gears help speed up and decelerate this vehicle at different values. You can get synchromesh on 3, 4, 7, and 8 gears. Simply, you get to relish a sliding spur in transmission with these gears, providing maximum control over the vehicle on any type of soil. If you are searching for the best tractor provider Sudan, we can help. 

The turning radius of hydro-assisted power steering consists of 3.1 mm with brakes and 3.9 mm without brakes. Fully independent 6 spline shafts operate at 540 rpm and 1967 engine rpm to provide excellent power take-off.  The tractor Sudan fuel tank capacity is 54 liters, and the pump capacity is 22.7 liters. 

If you look at the machine’s body, you will know its structure is designed to provide maximum facilitation for inspection and cleaning. Its hood is supplied with a cover to allow engine inspection. You can easily remove the front grill to quickly access the battery and air cleaner. The vehicle’s forward speed is up to 3.0 / 31.5 km/h, and the reverse speed is 4.3 / 15.5 km/h. 1920 mm wider wheelbase delivers amazing stability. Contact us now to buy your tractor in Tanzania. 

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

Optional Equipment you Get with NH 480: 

  • The optional equipment you get with this machine includes  
  • Front ends weight with frame 
  • 9 hole drawbar 
  • PTO pulley 
  • High clearance kit 
  • Pintle / Trolley hook 
  • Fiberglass Sun Roof canopy 
  • DTO suction pump 

Agricultural Needs in Sudan: 

Oil is the major contributor to Sudan’s economy, accounting for 70-90% of the country’s total exports. Agriculture is also a major sector, and most citizens tend to rely on it as their main income source. The rising inflation, drought, and the government’s lacking of central planning are the major challenges to this sector. Around 90 million hectares of pasture lands, mechanized lands, and rainfed lands are under threat. Poor use of modern agricultural technologies is also thought to be the contributing factor to decreased production. 

The government is now planning a wider program by uniting all state governments to enhance agricultural yield. It believes farmers have limited access to and untimely availability of resources. Eastern Sudan was provided financial support, but it decreased by half this year. At the same time, the rest of the country does not even get any financial assistance to improve their farming practices. 

Appropriate policies and actions can help the state overcome these problems. Proper and timely use of modern agricultural machines is also crucial. Farmers can increase their productivity and yield by wise use of their time and money. New Holland 480 is the skilled channel to enhance your farming growth. Malik Agro Industries is the best tractor provider in Sudan. 

Why Malik Agro Industries? And not any other Brand? 

Finding tractors, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your farming field? Do not feel confused by multiple brands offering agricultural vehicles. Contact now Malik Agro Industries for a rich catalog. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama. 

Our developers assure top-class instrumentation with minimum bearable maintenance costs.  Its innovative agricultural implements and machinery help farmers relieve loads of time and effort and speed up growth opportunities. Our machinery can be regarded as a new channel of financial fulfillment for farmers. Countries tend to include agricultural policies to assist farmers in expanding their farming potential. That is possible only with the resourceful and sturdy machine by Malik Agro Industries, which delivers massive benefits. 

Phone: +92-332-4598173

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