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How to Open Account in First Bank, Nigeria: Complete Process

The system of opening account in First Bank in Nigeria has modernized as technology get advance every day, bank operative systems has grown wide unlike 10 years ago. This article will educate you the current process of opening new bank account in First Bank of Nigeria. All the Nigeria banks has advanced in the mode of bank opening process, there are now new system and mode of operating which you should be aware of. the process of opening account has now made easy in Nigeria by first bank.

how to open account in first bank

Before to opening new account there are some requires which each of every bank require, in other for you to operate an account in their bank. we have also included the requirement you should get ready for firstbank account opening on this post.

On this article bank we are going to look at process of opening all the account Nigeria banks offers such as saving account, domiciliary account, current account, so just seat and relax as we get you through process in which one can open new account in First Bank, Nigeria.

How To Open Saving Account In First Bank Nigeria

First Bank is Nigeria most popular bank as stand, having millions of active customers. First bank was establish 1974 known as Nigeria no 1 bank that offer the service of safe savings. The process of opening account in First Bank is very easy and straight forward depending.
Saving account enable you firstbank to be saving your money and then get it when ever you need it. This account is one most common account in Nigeria, the account warrant you to save any amount and also allow you to collect it when ever you have use for it. Opening Saving account is now free in First Bank, This mean the first bank system no longer require any opening fee to open new account as it was years back.

Process of opening saving account in First Bank Nigeria

  • Go to any first bank branch in your area
  • Meet the customer care in any first bank branches and indicate your interest in opening new account, and collect the account opening form
  • Fill the saving account form immediately and submit it, Though you have an option of taking the form home if there is a need to.
  •  After submitting the form, First Bank will open your saving account immediately and give you your account number without any waste of time.

Requirement to open account in First Bank Nigeria

Let look at the requirements of opening saving account in firstbank Nigeria.

  1. 2 Passport photocopy
  2.  Any Utility bill (such as Electricity bill receipt) been electricity bill is paid or not it accepted
  3. Bank Verification Number ( BVN ) If you don’t have already you can let them register you new.
  4. Identity Card ( any government issued ID card is accepted such as Voters Card, Driving License, National ID card e.t.c)

Note: you must use the same address in you utility bill as your person address while filling the form or it won’t be accepted, and in some cases First Bank will send some vendors to come and verify the address given by you if really you lives there.

You won’t be informed when first vendors are coming to verify your addres, this process is to verify that you really stay in the address given by you while filling the form, before your account could be free for usage.

If they could not verify your address then your account will be freeze automatically for security reasons, so make sure you stays in the address which is in your utility bill and form.

How to open First Bank Savings account online in Nigeria

First bank has granted Nigerians the access of opening account online with easily without any stress, this process warrant you to visit their account opening website and fill the registration form.

TO open First Bank saving account online

The process of opening first bank account if not totally completed in only alone, it still require you to visit firstbank branch close to you but in this case you will be able to have some steps done right online.

  • To open a FirstSavings Plus account,
  • Download the form here 
  • Complete the form and with the accompanying documents, submit at the nearest branch.

How to open Current account in First Bank Nigeria

With FirstBank’s current account, you just can’t go wrong. The firstbank current account allow you to carry out unlimited 3rd party transactions seamlessly and enjoy the inherent benefits.

The process of opening this account is not difficult as it might sounds to be, just follow this steps below.

Go to the nearest firstbank branch and request for current account, a form will be giving to you to complete. You should carefully fill this form and submit it bank to them within a short period.

Requirements of Opening First Bank Current Account

  1. Minimum opening balance of N5,000 for individuals and N10,000 for corporates
  2. No limit to number of withdrawals in a month
  3. No minimum operating balance (account can be operated at zero balance)
  4. Attracts Account Maintenance Fee (AMF) and other charges
  5. Funds transfer and bank cheques/drafts allowed on account
  6. Inter-branch transactions – account owner and third parties are allowed.
  7. Duly completed Account Opening Form
  8. Valid means of identification: National ID card International Passport or Driver’s License
  9. Duly completed Specimen Signature card
  10. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs
  11. Address verification document e.g Utility Bill

Benefit of First Bank Current Account

  • No restrictions on number of withdrawals
  • Access for any of the numerous bank’s products
  • Can be used to access loans
  • Issuance of cheque books valid for clearing nationwide

How To Open Firstbank Domiciliary Account In Nigeria

Firstbank domiciliary account is an account that allows Nigerians to save in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euro currencies; with your money valued at the prevailing exchange rate. It facilitates your international business transactions easily. You can access the firstbank currently easily following this steps

Features First Bank Domiciliary Account

  1. Before we head to the process of opening domicilary account in Nigeria, let quickly look at some of it features.
  2. No limit to number of withdrawals in a month
  3. Cash withdrawals from an initially deposited cash will attract a 0.5% commission
  4. Cash withdrawals from a cash inflow or funds transfers (credits) attracts a 1% commission
  5. Inter sol transactions (account owner only) are allowed.

Benefits of First Bank Domiciliary Account

It will not be right if we don’t also look at the benefit one can get from firstbank domiciliary account. bellow are the benefits a First Bank domiciliary account holder stand to enjoy.

  1. Attractive pool for interest on bank fund
  2. Guaranteed FCY deposit
  3. Inter sol withdrawal (account holder only) allowed
  4. No restrictions on number of withdrawals

Documents to Open Firstbank Domiciliary Account in Nigeria

Now that we have look at the firstbank domiciliary account features and benefit, lets proceed to required of opening domiciliary account in first bank Nigeria. Please not that all the requirement are subjection change at any time, but we promise to always keep this post up to date with latest info of new requirements of first bank account opening press.

  1. Duly completed Account Opening Form
  2. Two (2) recent passport photographs
  3. Address verification document: Utility Bill
  4. Duly completed specimen signature card
  5. Valid means of identification e.g. International passport, Driver’s
  6. Resident permit
  7. license or National ID card

Steps of Opening Domiciliary Account in Firstbank

  • To open an Individual Domiciliary account,
  • Download the Individual Account Opening Form
  • For joint account holders, download the Joint Account Holder Form
  • Complete the form and submit at the nearest

 This is the complete process of opening first bank account in Nigeria.

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