These article will teach you how you can pay GOTV subscription online easily. It more easy to subscribe GoTV online rather than taking your GoTV decoder to GoTV agents just to renew your subscription. GoTV has now made it easy for it users to easily pay subscription online using their computer or mobile phone phone.

How to subscribe GoTV online: Pay For GoTV Easily Without Stress 2018

subscribe gotv online
Currently there are many ways of paying GoTV subscription right from the comfort of your home or office, these article will be showing you different method of paying GoTV subscription online.

How To Pay GoTV Subscription Online Using Quickteller

Qiuck teller is most easiest way of subscribing GoTV online, it deliver very easily. the step of subscribing your GoTV using quick teller is still very easy.

  • Put your GoTV decoder on if previous subscription has expired
  • Visit and select the GoTV plan you wish to subscribe to.
  • There are three plans you can easily choose from depend on your budget. GoTV currently have that of #1,800, #1,200, #1050 & #600
  • After selecting your favorite gotv plan, quickteller will ask for your decoder Number (ICU), This number is find at the back of your decoder on the red sticker there.
  • Quickteller will require you to put your login details. if you have not yet register an account on quickteller,
    then you need to Register Quickteller new account
  • After putting you correct details then hit continue
  • If all your details including decoder (ICU) number is input correctly you will see on option at bottom which says pay
  • Hit the pay button wait for it to load.
  • Within 5 second quickteller will load a page where you can put your debit card details a.k.a ATM card details
  • Click pay button, and wait for confirmation message
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Your GoTV will start showing immediately if payment is successful. You should make sure you have more than the amount you are subscribing to on your bank account.

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Note: Quickteller will charge #100 for the transaction, while your bank will charge you #65 according to the new law by CBN.

Subscribe GoTV online GoTV website

This is another easy method of paying GoTV online easily and fast.

  • Put your GoTV Decoder on if your subscription has already expired
  • Visit the gotv website, Click on the Pay Link
  • You have the option to pay for your Gotv account or Someones account
  • Select your preferred account
  • Enter your Surname or mobile number on the form
  • Enter your IUC number and click on Login (The IUC number can be found on your GoTV smart_card or on the red sticker under your decoder just as explained above)
  • It would take you to a secured page where you can make payment
  • Fill all details as necessary and you are done

Viewing would be restored immediately after payment.
Note: You will be charge #65 by your bank according to the new law by CBN.


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Subscribe GoTV online using UBA Bank U-Mobile app

There is now an easy way to subscribe GoTV using the UBA U-mobile app. If you are backing with UBA bank then you have access of doing many things with the u-mobile app, that include paying GoTv subscription. You can download the U-mobile app from google play store to your andriod phone, fill in your account details to register. The process of subscribing to gotv on u-mobile app is as follow

  • Open your UBA app and login to your UBA bank account.
  • Click On “Pay Bills”
  • A page will open to show how many types of bill you can be able to pay with u-mobile
  • On the open page, click “Cable TV Bills”
  • Another page will open asking you to choose the TV Cable bill you want to pay, Click on “GoTV”
  • Select the plan you want to subscribe
  • Select payment method
  • Enter your decoder IUC number
  • Enter your 4 digit U-mobile pin and click confirm.
  • UBA will show the total amount you will be charge, Click ok to make payment and that is all

The process of subscribing GoTV with UBA u-mobile is very easy and reliable if you banking with UBA, your GoTV decoder will start showing immediately after payment.

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How To Pay GOTV Subscription Online Using Payga

Payga is another good method of paying GoTV Subscription Online easily without going to GoTV agents just to subscribe. The process of subscribing Gotv using is as follow

  • Swift on your GoTV decoder
  • Visit
  • Login to your paga account or create account if you don’t have paga account already. The process of creating paga account is also easy. Just click create new account, a page will open up,  create account
  • Click create personal account and fill in your details.
  • After creating paga account and login in to your account successfully you will see an option letting you to pay bills
  • You should select GoTV under the pay bill or merchant option
  • Click on the go button
  • Type in your GoTV smart-card number
  • Select your preferred bouquet option
  • Enter the amount or the GoTV plan you are subscribing for
  • Enter your personal details (phone no, mobile network, first name, surname)
  • Confirm your transaction on the next page
  • Choose a payment method (pay with your ATM card or log in to your Paga account to pay)

Your GoTV will start showing Immediately after payment is made successfully.

Subscribe GoTV Online using Zenith Bank Mobile

To be able to subscribe GoTV with zenith bank mobile, you must be a user of zenith bank, this means you must have an account before you could use zenith bank mobile app to pay GoTV subscription. The process of subscribing GoTV with zenith mobile is also easy.

  • Visit google play store to download zenith mobile app
  • Register your zenith mobile app, the process of registering you zenith mobile app involve having either zenith internet banking registered or using the phone number connected to your Zenith account for confirmation.
  • After Registering your Zenith mobile app, login and click on the drop down icon
  • Select “Bill Payment” option
  • Click on the “Category” option
  • Select “Cable TV”
  • Click on “Biller”
  • Select GoTV
  • Put the amount of your subscription plan on the amount field
  • On “Transaction Description” field, type “GoTV Subscription”
  • Put your IUC number
  • On “Channel Description” field, live it to “Internet 3p”
  • Click Continue and put your zenith app mobile pin and hit continue again
  • After the complete process Zenith bank will send a Code to your phone in which you will be ask to dial if the transaction has made by you, That is the final step.
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Your GoTV will start working immediately after the payment.

Paying GoTV Subscription Through FCMB Bank

This is another alternative of paying for your GoTV subscription though the is not an online method but i think it could also be helpful, The method is paying via any FCMB bank.

  • Visit Any FCMB bank Nearest to you
  • A teller is presented to you by FCMB where you fill in your personal details and GoTV details:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your GoTV IUC number
  • Your GoTV Registered Phone number
  • Once deposited your viewing would start working in a short while.

This process is still advisable you swift On your GoTV during payment time.


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Hope you enjoyed subscribing your GoTV at the comfort of your home/office? Do you encounter any difficulty subscribing your GoTV with any of the above mentioned alternatives?

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  1. Thanks, I used the option of paying with quick teller, but i am having issues now, it over 3 hours and my decoder is yet to work. I confirmed that the money hes been remove from my account, hope i have not done something wrong?

    1. it has memory card port, very cool in browsing, watching videos and other uses etc. Anti Virus installed. tested 100% OK, 6months guarantee. Warehouse Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi.

  2. have you resolved this issues? if not are you sure you entered your iuc number correctly? if yes then try contacting gotv customer care direct on their number

  3. pls I did full package which is 1800 but the full channels is not showing pls help me my iuc number is 4623145061 I renewed it on 6 till date the full package is not showing

  4. Hello Am Mrs Esther Ifeoma Nzoiwu, I subscribe my govt with FCMB Bank over 32016936616 hours now I did d full package of 1800 but till now my gotv it not showing pls if u can help me my Iuc number is 2016936616

  5. Hello Am Mrs Esther Ifeoma Nzoiwu, I subscribe my govt with FCMB Bank over 3 hours now I did d full package of 1800 but till now my gotv it not showing pls if u can help me my Iuc number is 2016936616

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