Is This What You Call Enjoyment?

Is this what you called enjoyment?

Is this what you called enjoyment?

Is this what you called enjoyment? drive exotic cars and yet still come down? bathe with N17,000 soap and still stool, forgetting that when you die the whole body is useless? drink 100k champaign and yet still testy? eat healthy food but still ill? spend 700k on your bed alone but still can’t sleep? send your kids to study abroad while your neighbour children can’t even eat and then you are afraid of small arm robber of 15years old? this is why i said your eyes are open but still can’t see, do you think there is peace on earth currently now?  If this world is sweet as you are thinking wouldn’t the creator have his thrown installed here? didn’t his son Jesus said it clear to us that the whole things of this world can’t be compare to the least thing in heaven?

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There more things to think also as you are ejoying your days on earth, i don’t mean enjoyement is wrong but you should be also fight for eternity one.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

I tell you today if you value your children or job more than God then you are still of this world. if you work on your job than that of heaven then you are still lost. the fact remain that you can’t make heaven with greed. for every good thing you do on earth you have the reward high in heaven, what if you can win souls to Christ? how great will your reward be in heaven? the bible said it that there is a great joy in heaven over one soul that repented, do you think the referral have no reward? or  do you think it only pastor that preach or win soul to God? are pastors not human like you?

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Ask yourself this question “how important i or my business are to heaven currently now? what makes me or my business still worth living?”

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If you can’t find any good answer then you should know you are in part of death, and God will not spare you when his anger arrive, the only solution is to make an amendment now before it become too late.

Throw away greed and then follow Christ, you will never regret it. I pray we all will make heaven.

Please note: This post is not strickly for or directed to whome his photo is shown here. we only uses this photo to show example of earthly enjoyment.

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