Igbo Traditional Marriage Requirement List and How It’s Done

This post aimed to show you the list of marriage requirements in igbo land, so stay calm as we take you through Igbo Traditional Marriage List and process of getting a wife in igbo land We all know that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. One thing is to find a wife the other thing is to marry her by paying her price making her your legal wife. In Nigeria here, traditional marriage is the most value marriage one must complete before wife can be released to any man who seek. without this every other celebration is counted worthless.

Igbo Traditional Marriage Requirement List and How It’s Done

igbo traditional marriage

Tradition marriage is a thing of all Nigeria traditional tribes irrespective of the region. In this case we have already adopt the mindset that igbo’s marriage are more expensive in Nigeria. Well if have a proper look there might be something more to say than expensive because from our own prospective, some other Nigeria tribes transitional marriage requirement may be more than what is required in igbo land.

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On this article we want to take a look at the requirements of tradition merriage in igbo and how to go about it, in other wards we can call it how to marry a wife in igbo land.

Igbo homeland is separated into two unequal areas by the Niger River – an eastern (which is the bigger of the two) and a western section. The Igbo individuals are one of the biggest ethnic gatherings in Africa according to wikipedia.

As it’s done in almost everywhere the future spouse discover the young lady he needs to wed and tell his family about her. He is then joined by his kin, relatives and his parents to meet with the family of the lay. A date is then issued for both family to meet. The future spouse to-be’s dad will then express their intention amid the meeting. The prep father and his relatives won’t expect the group of the lady to-be to give them negative or positive answer. They will plan a date amid the gathering to meet once more. Before the following gathering appropriate examination are to be completed to check whether the families are of good character and moral standing in community.

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On their arrival to what’s to come spouse’s home, the prepare’s family will ask being referred to that their child needs to ask their little girls deliver marriage. At this step the lady of the hour be family more likely than not finished their examination with their girl and ought to be prepared to give the prepare either negative or positive answer. During their arrival, the prep family will display some blessing thing, for example, kola-nuts, palm wine (neighborhood blend), dry gin and sodas. The displayed blessing by the future spouse family may change contingent upon the group, town, since they are not all alcoholic. The two families will drink and offer the sustenance.

In some cases the future spouse is summoned before the two families visit and inquire as to whether she is keen on getting hitched to the future husband. If she consents to wed the man, they will settled a date for the customary wedding service called Igba Nkwu. The list that the lucky man family will convey to the conventional wedding function will go along by the lady of the hour family as requested by the custom of the land. This is the commonly igbo customary wedding engagement list as demonstrated as follows. have in mind that The breakdown is to manage you in planning, and kindly don’t get them until the point when you get direction to get it from your in-laws that is the custom. Note additionally that the rundown may somewhat change starting with one igbo arrive then onto the next or starting with one town then onto the next in the eastern piece of Nigeria.

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list of items to buy for traditional marriage introduction.

list for umunna

  1.  Potash with eight heads of tobacco.
  2. *Seven kola nuts or the cost price.
  3. *Seven gallons of palm wine or in equivalent cash.
  4. *Three bottles of schnapps and four bottles of seaman’s.
  5. Three bottles of ground snuff or cash equivalent .


  6. *Ten packets of moris and nine packets of benson

    and hedges.


  7. *Two cartons of small guinness stout and four cartons of big guinness stout or cash equivalent.


  8. *Three cartons of star beer and one carton of legend stout.
  9. *Two cartons of grand malt or two cartons of Amstel malt.


  10. *Three crates of mineral or cash equivalent.


  11. *A male and a she goat for umunna

List for umuada

  1. *Some bundles of wrappers such as visco Hollandais, Nigeria Wax, and ABC.


  2. *Assorted styles and colours of ichafu scarfs.


  3. *Bags and assorted colour design shoes.


  4. *Assorted earrings, necklaces, and rings, in either gold, silver/GL


  5. *Perfume and some washing detergent like soap, omo,clin,Good-mama, waw.
  6. *Soft drinks like malt and minerals


  7. *Lace and blouses all in igbo style


  8. *Cash gift
  9. *Drinks (malt and soft drinks)


  10. *Lump sum cash gift


General list for Nmepe uzo(Hand knocking)

  1. *Bags of rice


  2. *Twenty tubers of yam


  3. *Bride price on Negotiable
  4. Two cartons of star beer and six cartons of legend beer


  5. *Six cartons of High malt or Amstel malt


  6. *One carton of guinness stout


  7. *Two crates of any soft drink


  8. *Two bottles of whisky or cash deposit


  9. *One bag of salt


  10. *Ten gallons of red palm oil
  11. *Ten gallons of groundnut oil


  12. *Two gallons of kerosene


  13. *One Basin of stock fish


  14. *Two legs of goat meat


  15. *Five loaves of bread


  16. *Six pairs of umbrella


  17. *Two big basin


  18. *Two large suitcase


  19. *Two cartons of tin milk


  20. *One carton of tablet soup


  21. *Two big size of lamp/ lantern


  22. *Two types of wrist watches

Cash gift (ime ego isi nwayi)

  1. *One thousand five hundred naira gift.Money for bringing down the pot from the fire( in igbo:Ego nfotu ite)


  2. *Two thousand naira gift .Money to open the wine keg.In igbo dialect it is( ego ncha kishi udo)


  3. *Seventy thousand naira gift. This is money presented by the in-laws it is also called (ego cherem) in igbo land.


  4. *One thousand naira gift.(ego ndi eze) it is money for the village chief.


  5. *Two thousand naira gift .(ego ulo-ogwu) This is money for maternity bill.


  6. *Five thousand naira for lump sum cash.

In the last phase of this customary wedding ceremonies, the future spouse will go to the lady with his prompt and more distant family, along with the above items. Seven great sorts of indigenous dishes will be set up by the receiving family to engage their guests. Both the villagers and groups will drink and eat together.During the ceremony, at that point the young lady will be the request to give palm wine to her better half, which is the man she wants to marry. She will do it by kneeling down to her husband.

igbo tradition wedding

Both the bride and the groom parents and family elders will pray for the newlyweds and for blessing and favour in their marriage. After ward, the relatives of both the lady and the prep will move close by with them. When the conventional wedding function is finished, the bride will go home with the family of the groom signifying both as husband and wife.

This is the complete step or marriage in igbo land.=[

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  1. Thanks for the time spent in writing all of this. Getting married to an Igbo girl is whole of money splitting out. Hmmm it more difficult when the man is not even from Igbo. The items will be double. The money you will spend on transportation is not even included here oh. Imaging that the husband to be and his family is from Delta and lives in Lagos. Anyway God will help us.

  2. Nice one. This is amazing and almost too much for yong mam. In addition I would want to add that it depend on the family whose girl you want to marry.

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