When God wants to do something new in a society or in any organization he starts with one person, now all of us have at least one Idea in our mind that we want to convert from an ideal to reality, having an idea only without having a proper guild on how to convert our ideas it will only remain an idea in our hearts until we die, all the wonderful things you see on earth today in areas of technology or in business all came as an idea and those idea Shepherds worked hard to transform it from being an idea to becoming a reality.just imagine for example company like walmart how they are changing the world for better and the idea of Walmart came to one person as an idea but he converted it into reality, had it been he didn’t work towards it, it would have only be an idea that wasn’t converted.
I want to say that lack of ideas are not the problem in our world today but how to convert those ideas might be the challenge, if you are an idea entrepreneur listen to me you can’t tell if an idea is going to work or not you leave that to the market, the market will decide if your ideas are good or not if your ideas doesn’t work out, what you do is to go back to the vision board and plan again, so alot of us have ideas but fear of failure keeps holding us back you have to stop and take actions
As I said in my last blog anything left with self will always be a victim of degeneration, what do I mean by that you might asked? Listen that you have an amazing idea on how things will be doesn’t mean on its own your ideas will come to reality, there must be something you do to convert those ideas of yours into reality so if you are ready to know those things let’s dive in.

Through regular devotions, meditation, prayers, keep your “inner man” strong because there will always be unknown forces to make sure your ideas doesn’t come to pass.

You haven’t lived before right? And whatever you plan to do someone somewhere have done it before, so bring out time to ask questions, those of us that are christians knows that Jesus said asked and you shall receive (matt 7:7 ) so the measure of questions you ask from your mentor’s teachers or those that are ahead of you determine the level of answers you get.

Pick up their mindset and attitude even their habits, most people are afraid to be friends with successful people, you have to understand that who you know plus what you know determine how far you will go in life, and please listen to me if you are an eagle make a decision to stop associating with chicken’s, only those who understand your ideas can help you fulfill it.

As we all knows nothing good comes so easy and when it comes to converting an idea into reality, it requires hard work, it takes a lot of efforts, all this big and small corporations that are doing well today, changing the faces of market today, there Idea Shepherds works very hard to make it becomes what it is today and you can as well do the same.

The scripture says you write the visions and make it plain, without a plan for each idea you may easily get distracted, on your own list out at least 10 things you know if you do everyday it will bring you closer to where you want to be and start doing it everyday, for some people it might be putting in more hours in your grind or studies while to some people it might be talking to more clients every day.

Always remember that money is a reward you get from the world for converting those ideas on your mind.
Thanks for reading my name is Uchechukwu Godsent Johnson ( Business content creator & Entrepreneur)

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