How to get local government certificate of origin in nigeria

L.G.A local government certificate origin show local government area of the state you have claimed.

Local government of origin can only be obtain from your local government council

Many reason prompt people to get their local government certificate of origin, such as school admission, job, traveling etc.

To be able to get a local government of origin from an area council you must be an origin of that local government. You must go to your local government to obtain your legit local government certificate, it not difficult as you might be thinking.

You should be informed that Nigeria now issued a legit certificate with digit code which someone can’t fodge. This mean each person has it own legit code on their certificate, and it can be check on their website to confirm that you are the legit owner of the certificate. The new certificate look exactly like senior secondary school certificate with your name print boldly on it, so remove you mind thinking you can forged it yourself.

At this stage informationhood presume you know your local government council. The process of getting your local government of origin certificate is very easy and it take just a day within 3-4 hours.

How to get local government certificate of origin in Nigeria

How to get local government certificate in nigeria

  • Go to your local government area council with 2 recent passport photograph and indicate your interest.
  • Fill the local government state of origin certificate form
  • Pay the certificate charges to the local government account which will be provided to you by your local government council
  • Photocopy your payment teller
  • Submit the payment photocopy slipt and wait for them to finish printing and signing your document
  • It will be ready in few hours
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How much to process local government certificate of origin in Nigeria

  • The total cost of processing local government certificate in Nigeria is #2,500 Naira

More Details

At least you should know how to speak your language or ready to explain why you are not speaking nor even hearing, you will be giving a form to fill, they are going to charge you #100 for the form, in that form your passport will be requested.

Mistake to avoid while filling the form is using two English name, e.g “MICKEAL JAMES” or “JAMES CYNTHIA” if you make this mistake, then you will have to go a whole lot of process to get your certificate, which will become little stressful for you because the form office will refuse to sign the form thinking your are pretending to be from the local government.

This will require you to look for any means of identification, such as your village Councillor to recognize you and sign the form for you in order to prove you are from that local government.

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The process is really stressful because you will have to go to the chairman section to look for your village councilor where you will pass through some difficult questions such as who is your father, your grand father, your father street address, how long do you often visit the village e.t.c.

You don’t have to be worried much when you are told to go look for your village councilor to sign for you if you can defend yourself, because it not difficult to find your village councilor, he or she is still around the premises, all you have to do is go and look for him/her office.

To locate your village councilor, you can ask for the chairman’s office, go straight and tell any body you find there that you are looking for your town councilor and explain things to him/her why the form was refuse to be signed. The only stressful part of it is when your councilor is not around or even didn’t go to work that day.

If that is your case then you have to wait or return back the next day. And if you are impatience waiting for your councilor, you can take the form to your town king to recognize you and sign it for you because till the form is been signed by your town king or councilor there won’t be any progress to your local government of origin.


So it will be better you avoid the mistake of using two English name. The correct way of writing your name should be e.g “ONORIODE CYNTHIA” the first is your surname and the second is your name letting at least one of the names to be your native name.

Warning: We recommend using the name you have been using on your credentials for your local government of origin as well, in order not to be rejected by schools or employers just because you don’t want to go through stress thereby and changing your name in your local government of origin certificate, this will do you no good in future.

It will more better to look for your town councilor to identify you and sign the form for you rather than making a big mistake which you will regret latter. So you must write your name exactly as you have been writing it on your credentials.

NOTE: kings, community chairman, or councilor does not provide local government certificate. You must visit your local government secretariat  to obtain your local government certificate.

At collecting point you will have to pay #100 for the claiming.

This is the complete process how to get local government certificate of origin in Nigeria.
Hope this article is helpful to you?


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  1. Chukwunonso

    Thanks a million, this was really helpful to me

    1. Informationhood

      You are highly welcome, we are glad you find this post helpful.

      1. MAIMUNAT

        Please Can My Dad Help Me Get My State Of Origin Certificate?

    2. Williams Benjamin

      Thanks man.

  2. bayo

    Pls is there anyplace in lagos dat u can collect ur village local government state of origin certificate

  3. Godspower

    In isuikwato how can i contact them

  4. victor

    please what if you are not near ur local government.cant you do it in ur state liaison office where you are

    1. Informationhood

      No you can’t procees local government cetifica from state liaison, it imposible as it has to do with your local government. but you can try contacting your state liaison if any thing has change since the last time i check.

  5. Samuel

    Thanks informationhood. Please i would want to know, is it posible to obtain local government certificate twice? Because i have issue of some errors on my current one which has become unacceptable.

  6. olisehn

    My name is olisaemeka..I need mine for my admission..m travelling next week Tuesday for my screening..m from oshimili parents told me we r going to gt mine on Monday. M scared because people who did theirs said it took them I wanna ask again .will mine waste time??..cause m going to akwukwu on Monday.

    1. Informationhood

      It depend on your local government area level of operation. Initially it take a maximum of 3 hours to have your state/local government of origin certificate done if the local government Secretariat is active.

  7. esther

    can i get the local government certificate of origin in my state liaison office here in lagos?

  8. tolu

    can I do my state of origin certificate in court??

    1. Informationhood

      No it not possible for now dear.

  9. Adam

    Is there a way someone can help me do it?..without me going to my local government?

    1. Informationhood

      Not too sure but just give a trail.

  10. esther

    go to ur state liaison office in lagos…
    they will direct u on what to do and how to go about it..

  11. busayo

    good afternoon
    who can collect local Government certificate parent or chyld that need it in school

  12. busayo

    good afternoon
    who can collect local Government certificate parent or child that need it in school

  13. john

    Hello I am igbo person but my mum is from benin. I have been using edo state for all me school fillings. Now I want to use my mum’s place. Is that advisable cuz I don’t even know my igbo people and my father is no longer with us.

  14. john

    As an igbo guy can I do my state of origin in benin cuz my mum is from there.

  15. Fabulous

    Please is there anyway i could get my birth certificate online without visiting my local government,because am abroad now

  16. Fabulous

    How to get your certificate online when abroad

    1. Tessa B

      My husband was born in in ibandan and now lives in the United States. He needs his birth registration can we. Buy it online.

  17. Ezekiel

    I am currently trying to get an international passport and they require a local government letter of identification. However, I have my state of origin certificate which contains info abt my local government which i used for admission into the university. Will this be accepted or is the state of origin certificate Difft. from d local govt letter?. Thanks.

    1. Denise

      its the same thing

  18. Ezekiel

    I was told that i can not use 2 english name on the form to advoid error, am from edo state and my and my surname also includ english name which is my fathers name. What can i do?

    1. informationhood

      Explain to them, you will be allow to use it, but have to go though means oof identification.

    2. Denise

      write your fathers name, your middle name(which is your edo name) and your first name

  19. Oluwaseyi

    Gudafternun, pls is local government accreditation card different frm statte of origin certificate?

  20. Hope

    Good evening,

    Please am from Abia state but reside in Zaria. Please I want to inquire if there’s a liaison office for Abia state in Kaduna and if they can issue me with a certificate of origin? I tried to obtain a passport but had it requested. Unfortunately I need it very urgently. Please I want to know if I’ll be able to get within a week from today.

    Thanks and God bless

  21. oluwabukola

    I’m from oyo state and I really need my state of origin certificate. my question is this, without going to my town, can I obtain it in Lagos because I was told I can get it in ikeja

    1. Festus Imhontu


      1. osayi jackson

        Pls where?
        Address and phone number if there is any.

    2. ismail

      yes you can get it their in Lagos, just go to the sectariat and visit your state house and you get it their

  22. Daniel

    Can someone else help me get my local govt cert, without my presence at d office

  23. Mercy

    Good day, my dad is from cross river and my mum is from IMO state. I don’t know much about my dad place I have never been there before. And he is late, can I go to my mum’s place to get the certificate of state of origin. pls what should I do.

  24. Emmanuel

    My friend did his in the court and it was accepted for a job he applied for

    1. coffee

      how pls? I want to get mine, Osun but can’t travel nw

  25. Nwankwo Uche Kingsley

    please sir, isn’t anyway to have birthday certificate online without visiting my Local origin? my name is Nwankwo Uche Kingsley, from Omuma Rivers State.

    1. Informationhood

      Nigeria technology hasn’t hit that level yet. But it’s a nice ideal if it can be considered by NG Government. For now you can only get it from you state / local Government of origin, in other words you can swear ‘affidavit’ in court and manage it for your urgent need.

  26. sani zakari

    ina son indegene

  27. Ibeto Maryjane Chioma

    I’m by name Ibeto Chioma, can i process my local government state of Origin certificate here in Abuja??

  28. Mustapha

    please what are the questions I might be asked for having my local government identification

  29. paul Thankgod

    pls sir can the name Paul Thankgod chidalu be accepted in processing the certificate of origin bcos that what I have been using in my credentials.

    1. Informationhood

      Yes. All names can be accepted, the only thing is’ if your names are all English, you will be required of more documents such as letter from your town leader or authorisation from your community counselor etc.

  30. Newton. onos Simeon Jewo

    I am fro Ethiope East LGA. Yhis automatically make mt kids same. D cost of going and coming back from Delta is quite expensive.How do I save cost doing it for only One of my kids?i Would av loved to just do all @once to save me time and money on d road.but these kids are still young. Can I go ahead and process for d six kids. Lowest age is 6yrs.

  31. onyekwere stella emmy

    I was not born and brought up in anambra, but I was told it’s where I came from, how can I get this L.G? what questions should I be expecting? thanks.

    1. serome

      Either you mum community or your dad community use the one you are familiar with.

  32. john monday EHUO

    Can I send some one on my behalf. ?

    1. serome

      maybe but not guaranteed.

  33. Hamzah

    Good day, my dad is from kogi state and my mum is also from kogi state. I don’t know much about my dad place I have never been there before. And he is late, can I go to my mum’s place to get the certificate of state of origin. pls what should I do

    1. Niyi

      You can do so

  34. Kayode

    Can I generate the required information from a cafe in Lagos and go to my state for the certificate

    1. serome

      You don’t need cafe sir. Just go to your Local Government secretariat, they will give you the form to fill with pen.

  35. Victor

    Please can i do it without parental aid?

    1. serome

      Close to impossible sir.

  36. Morayo Daini

    Really helpful! thanks

  37. Morayo Daini

    However, is the price still #2,500?

  38. abdulrahman

    pls i need u guys opinion i was born and brout up in edo state i attend my primary and secudary schl in edo state i dnt no anytin abt my dad plce i dnt hav anybody dear and am.plss will dey recognise me will i b able 2 do my L:G.A der.

    1. serome

      If you don’t know anybody from your dad family then go to the king of your dad community and explain to him, he may refer you with authorization letter to enable your local government process the certificate for you. If you can’t identify anything about your dad and his family then this may be much more difficult than we thought because even the king might reject your request.

    2. serome

      Another alternative is doing it in your mum Local Government.

  39. bidemi

    I dnt knw y my own state took a long process…. After visiting sectariat for the form, I was told to visit my ward.. After that I was STL told again to visit the king for signing..why??

    1. serome

      Maybe they are not satisfy with the details you provided. It could as well be that is how they carry out procession in that secretariat.

  40. Nwachukwu chiboy

    can I obtain my indigenous card in Abuja please let me no I really need it because I reg for Nigeria navy 2017 and they say we should bring it???
    can I obtain my indigen from Abuja I am an Igbo boy from ENUGU state???

  41. Tobi

    the name I used for my jamb is diffrnt from my waec.BT I HV rectified it…the name on my birth cet is Oluwatobi BT my waec is Tobiloba… what shud I use for my cet of state of origin pls

    1. serome

      You know better which name you wish to retain according to how you rectified the previous issue, you the current name on your cert so you don’t get a rejection from your school.



    1. serome

      Yoruba name from Delta. Hmm, don’t really know yet but just try your luck.

  43. victoria

    please my name is victoria am from imostate and am staying with my aunty in lagos since last year
    so yesterday i went to my state liaison office here in lagos and the say i should bring my baptism card or ur parents baptism card or voters card or a letter from ur village councellor but i did not have all those things with me cus am not staying with my parents
    plz wat should i do to get it

    1. serome

      Depend on how important the certificate means to you at the moment. You can travel back home and find a solution to this requested documents.

  44. wonderful

    Whoa am so impress 4dis information, it help me a lot am so greatfull

    1. serome

      Thanks for the appreciation. We are glad to you find this post helpful.

  45. Ayomide

    Am frm ekiti-state but living in abuja nd I ned my local government certificate very urgent, how will I get it in abuja???

    1. serome

      Check for your state liaison in Abuja, they might be of help, but if not then visit your local Government to obtain then travel back. That is, if the certificate if important to you at the moment.

  46. Tessa B

    My husband was born in in ibandan and now lives in the United States. He needs his birth registration can we. Buy it online.

    1. serome

      It impossible to buy it madam. Your husband can contact his people to help him go for it, if lucky the get it then shipping it to him will be the best option. If the refuse to give the certificate on his behalf, definitely he need to come to Nigeria and get it himself.

  47. Mohamed mustapha

    Hello sir please I need my birth certificate I born in river state and now live sudan I dont have any document I need to do my passport and this documents along, please how can I get it

    1. serome

      Try to connect your people to help you go for it. You may be lucky, and they can send it to you by shipping it to your current destination.

  48. Mowale

    My son need local government certificate for his admission and his from ikale in ondo state,which of the local government in ondo will do it for me.

    1. serome

      The best thing to do now is to take a step sir. If you know any of the Local Government then go there, they will direct you to the perfect destination if you are not at the right place.

  49. ngwesse

    pls wat re d process of obtain certificate of origin in benue liasion abuja

    1. serome

      The process will still be similar to what we have explained on this post.

  50. Princess

    Pls can u see what it looks like, cos I have one from my town.

    1. serome

      It’s just like your secondary school original certificate. The new one on ground now have serial number which can be checked on the Government website online to confirm if it’s original of fake.

  51. damola

    I want to get mine also but the man that want to help me from abuja to kwara is saying is 7500 and I can’t travel alone don’t even knw how to get their and I need it urgently can I go to court also

    1. serome

      No sir, court can’t help in this case. Alternative could be going to your state liaiso if they could help in any way.

  52. Roselyn

    Plz sir can my uncle help me to get my state of origin cert…? or is it a must i wil b present whil obtaining it??

    1. serome

      In some Local Governments/states, it a must you that stay present during the process. Although we got notice from some people who their family member help in collecting theirs. You can try your luck.

  53. Chidubem

    Can ur king sign a paper to represent ur state of origin 4 admission in any school in nigeria

    1. serome

      No dear

  54. Daniel Francis

    Please my dad is from Badagry Lagos state. He disappeared 2years after my birth. And since then I have been using Oyo state where I was born and my mother’s state as my Origin in my documents.
    The problem am facing now is that because of my Dad name (Tosshue) which am bearing has been making it difficult for me to obtain State of Origin Certificate in any Local Govt I go. They said I can’t claim Oyo State and am seriously in need of it for admission.

    please Advice me.

    1. serome

      What a terrible circumstance. Anyway we would advice you meet with any member of your dad family and request they go with you to your dad local government to get your local Government certificate. You can correct your state of origin in your documents or even get court document that stated change of personal details to some of your documents as backup.

  55. abiola michael

    pls is the form still 2500

  56. Abdulgaffar D Ibrahim

    Good Morning!
    please I’m from (moro) local governt area, kw/state, my questions is this. if I go to the office without date of birth card, because I has losed the card.
    They’ll not recognise me?

    1. serome

      Dear Ibrahim, your question is not really clear to our understanding. However, you should note that you don’t need birth certificate to get your Local Government Certificate or State of Origin Certificate.

  57. Abdulhafeez

    Pls it was written in online registration
    First name Middle name and Last name

    Cafe man and I have to argue on this, Pls clarify it

  58. Oladimeji Victor Patrick

    Good day ma , please am a yoruba guy but was brought up by a tiv mum and dad from benue can i use benue state of origin certificate cos it is dem I know as my mom and dad ?

  59. mary

    pls a mistake was made on my jamb slip onitcha was written on my local government instead of ohaukwu and I need it for my admission screening ,,pls can I go for an affidavit for my urgent need??

  60. Ilimi John

    Please, What If U Are Living In A Far-distance Area From Your HomeTown And You Need The Birth Certificate Orgently, Can You Get It From Your Current Location?

  61. Ogieva Godspower Osamudiame

    thanks you very much I really appreciate your conjugal effort.

  62. Hi, I was born in Europe but my father is Nigerian and I had a MRP passport which I have not renewed since I was 10 years old. I am trying to renew my passport now and in order to get an e-passport, they are asking me for my local government of origin certificate. Given I was not born in Nigeria, will I be able to get one. My father is from Delta State. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  63. Ibrahim

    I was born and brought up in osun but my mum told me that my dad was from oyun and they live in osun but he was dead and we know nobody can u help me

  64. Ayodela

    where can are do mine is it were are was buon of from my father’s state

  65. Christiana

    pls I need help am from akwaibom state i used Oyo state as my state of origin in my jamb, because i grew up with yoruba parents and there are my parents, and I seriously need state of origin Certificates for my admission wat should i do, plz it urgent


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  67. Faith

    How can one obtain her local government certification when far from it.
    Can I get it online

  68. marvel

    can I obtain local government certificate twice

  69. onaiwu osakpolor

    I was born in Egor local government area of Edo state, and lived most of my life there. I have also adopted it as my local government of origin in my documents, Though non of my parents are from there, I don’t know if it will affect me if I change it

  70. Joseph Michael

    I lost my local government certificate of origin, please how do I get it back??? Help me please because it is urgently needed for my international passport
    Help a brother please

  71. Janet

    Pls I am a parent. can i help my daughter process her certificate of origin.she is just 10years old or I have to take her along with meto the local government

  72. Ojo olawale

    Hello! My name is Olawale Julius Ojo, born and brought up in Lagos state, av been claiming Lagos since I was born and av been using it as my state of origin on all of my other certificates, cos I lost my my Dad at early age infact I don’t know anything about where is from, I didn’t stay with my mum so don’t really so I didn’t claim her village too…. so I want to know if I can claim this LGA by birth? And it will be so difficult to change all of my other certificate.

  73. Abraham

    Pls is local government of origin certificate different from letter of state of origin certificate

  74. Adefusi Enobong Deborah

    good evening. please how can I get my local government identification Certificate in Ibadan. I am from Akwa ibom.

  75. ayomide

    Am in lagos butam from osun state, can i get my local government certificate in lagos? or do i have to travel or is it possible to tell some over there to help me do it? please i need a fast response..

  76. Blessed-Carter

    Please my uncle is in Lagos can he get the local government certificate of origin for me
    He saw it on this site

  77. David Salami

    Yes you can get it in Lagos through the Laison offices
    Check the list of the Laison offices in Lagos here:

  78. Ijagun(nee ihejirika)chika catherine

    Good day.please I need my certificate of dad did one for me when I was in school but Ihave misplaced it.I am married now and I need it now.can I get another from my state or from my husband state cos IMO state(mbaitoli LGA)said I can only get from my husband state since there is a change in name.thanks.

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