Cocoa Exportation Enterprise In Nigeria: How To Begin

Cocoa bean has other names like cacao and cocoa. The definition of cocoa is the seed belonging to Theobroma cacoa which after experiencing drying and fermentation can undergo processing to become cocoa butter.
‘Cocoa’ as a word is from a Spanish name of a thing which is ‘cacad’. The source of the word ‘cacao’ is from ‘cacahuati’ which is a Nahuati word. The source of this Nahuatl word ‘cacahuati’ is ‘kakawa’.

Other Meanings Of Cocoa

Cocoa tends to have other meanings which are:

  • name of hot chocolate
  • a powder from removing the butter from cocoa and grinding the seeds. The cocoa butter is normally bitter and also dark
  • Cocoa butter and powder that is a mixture
  • The history of this agro product started from the Amazonic valleys in Central America and also Mexico. The plant grows well then in the American basins, Venezuela, Colombia and Orinoco. When you go there now, you will see that wild variety is still geminating there. From there it spread to other parts of the world and is now in huge demand. Exporting it is now a profitable business in Nigeria.

    Cocoa Production In Nigeria Before The Oil Boom

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    The exportation of cocoa is among the agribusiness that is very profitable due to it’s many benefits both in terms of health and in financial aspects. Before the Nigerian oil boom many years behind, the country was among the main exporters in the African continent if not the highest exporter.

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    History confirms that the decadence of cocoa exportation came with the discovery of oil. There was decadence in cocoa exportation as the oil exploration began in Nigeria. Nigeria was once an agric giant but no more ever since oil was discovered.

    Where Did Cocoa Production Begin In Nigeria?

    Agriculture is meant for everybody, educated and non educated and has the potential to improve the Nigerian economy. In early times, cocoa farms were found in Calabar and Bonny. The farms were not rampant but they influenced cocoa farming in Nigeria. The business is very profitable.

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    This agro product is among the highest in demand in the globe. The demand continues to increase in Nigeria. You don’t have to have a farm to be an exporter of cocoa nor do you have to get a degree to do this business. Having these things is okay but they are not compulsory to handle a functional and booming cocoa venture.

    Does Cocoa Business Involve Complex Features?

    You don’t have to be a guru for this, but you should know certain things about this business. The price of this agro product in Nigeria is dependent on certain factors. Many people are after white collar jobs but agric entrepreneurship like this business is worth the venture in our time.

    Now this article will tell you how to start this business. You have to first get a good export business plan.

    Top States Producing Cocoa In Nigeria

    The following states in Nigeria are known for cocoa production:

    • Cross River
    • Ondo State
    • Ogun State
    • Edo State
    • Delta State
    • Oyo State
    • Osun State
    • Ekiti State
    • Akwa Ibom

    Steps To Start A Cocoa Exportation Business In Nigeria


    Conduct a research

    You have to do your homework first which is research before you start this business. What is the best place to buy it? What are the best cocoa bean and what requirement are needed for exportation. By doing your research, you should get the idea of the cost of a bay of this agro product and the total cost of the business.


    Join cocoa business association

    You will have to be a member of the Cocoa Export Association Of Nigeria before you begin this business. The organization was formed in 1986 with the aim of marketing certain needs of farmers in Nigeria.


    Research the rules of the country

    Every country has their rules that regulate importation. It is a necessity to know their rules and the effects on cocoa exportation business. Joining the Cocoa Association Of Nigeria ( CAN) will expose you to individuals who have done what you are starting.

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    What Documents Do You Need For Exportation?

    Every exporter in Nigeria should think of letting the freight forwarder operate the quantity of documentation required by exportation. These people known as freight forwarders are specialised in this process. These documents are normally used in exportation.


    Bill of lading

    This has to do with contracts between the owner of the products and the carriers. They are of 2 categories which are the straight one which is not negotiable or that of the shipper’s order.


    Consular invoice

    Certain countries need consular invoice used for identifying and controlling goods. The invoice ought to be bought from the country where the products are shipped.
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    Commercial invoice

    This is a bill for the products from buyer to seller. An invoice of this nature should have information attributed to the transaction which includes good description, shippers address and seller, payment terms and delivery.


    Certificate of origin

    This requires countries to endorse statement related to the source of the item exported. There is obtaining of certificates like that from an organisation that is semiofficial like the local chamber of the commerce.


    Certificate of inspection

    Some buyers and nations may need an inspection certificate to attest to the shipped goods specification normally handled by another party.


    Warehouse receipt and dock receipt

    There is utility of these receipts in transferring accountability when the item exported is transported by the domestic carrier to the embarkation port and then remained with the global carrier for export.


    Statement of destination control

    There is appearance of this statement on the commercial invoice, air waybill of landing, ocean of landing and the Slippers Export Declaration (SED) for notifying the carrier and all the foreign parties that they can export only in certain locations.


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    Certificate of insurance

    If the seller offers insurance, the insurance certificate says the quantity and type of coverage.


    Exporting license

    Before you begin any exportation enterprise in Nigeria, get license from the agencies of the government commissioned to issue license to exporters.


    Export packing list

    This is a more informative and detailed than a packing list of standard category. This list itemises the material in the individual packages while showing the category of package.

    Why Should You Begin A Cocoa Export Business?

    Nigeria is among the major the major producers but more investment is needed in this. The following reasons make cocoa business worth doing:



    Many are after white collar jobs without delving into the potentials of agriculture. Agric entrepreneurship like this business is not negligible since it has more potentials of getting more people employed.



    This exportation business is profitable. The potential of exporting this agro product in Nigeria is yet to be tapped. Agriculture is for everybody and should be practiced by all. It is not for the educated or uneducated but is something for everybody. It is also profitable.



    Many companies need this agro product for their production. It is used for making many drinks and beverages. The market for cocoa is already there and is global.



    Nigeria of today sees oil as the major driver of the Nigerian economy. Agriculture will do more for the Nigerian economy and this business is one of them.


    The potential of agriculture is yet to be implemented in Nigeria. You don’t have to be a guru or get a degree to tap from the potentials of this business. Entrepreneurship gives you a chance to invent and explore opportunities. It let’s you tap from resources. Oil is now the major driver of the Nigerian economy. A market already exist for this business. If you have any questions on how you can start your cocoa exportation business in Nigeria, our comment box is available for you.

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