GOtv Subscription plans and rates 2016

Gotv has now been rated No 1 most used pay to watch TV satellite in Nigeria. A lot of some other satellite users has swift to GOTV, the main reason is because of GOTV decoder and subscription affordability. If your interest of visiting this post rely of knowing GOTV subscription plans and their rate, then this article is for you. Below are the list of all gotv subscription plans and their rate at 2016.

gotv subscription plans and rates

This are GOtv Subscription plans and rates 2016

Gotv has made their decoder and subscription price affordable for Nigerians, Even an average Nigerian can possibly afford their subscription and feel happy with some cool channels.

Here are gotv subscription fee and plans.

1 Gotv mobile plan cost: N600

2 Gotv standard plan cost: N1200

3 Gotv plus plan cost: N1800

4 Gotv Open plan cost: N6600


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The most used Gotv plan among all is the ‘Gotvplus’, informationhood has notice that 85% of gotv users subscribe to the Gotvplus plan which cost N1800 monthly having about 57 channels, this channels is really cool. Gotv also made it easy for subscribers to pay their GOTV subscription online which lease it users some stress. Subscription can be done right in the comfort of your home/office. With your phone or computer you can pay your GOTV subscription, you don’t always have to visit their agents centre/office before paying your gotv subscription.

How to pay gotv at home

With the use of banks, quick teller, ATM card, and even with text a message you can easily subscribe to gotv right in your home/office.

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Now that you have the idea of GOTV plans and their rates; Oyah hurry up go and subscribe your Gotv sharp sharp, wish you good luck.

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    1. You are welcome. we are happy we were able to help

      1. please is it true that there is #400 subscription? If there is how many stations does it covered

  1. How many station can one watch with the #600 naira plan?

    1. With the #600 plan on GOTV you can watch up to 25 stations

  2. I pay for the plan of 1200 and it been 2days now, still subscription is not yet working, no channel is working despite the all the search and reset i have done. what should do?

    1. We advice you contact the gotv customer care.

  3. Pls my gotv is yet 2 come up. I paid on Saturday afternoon, what’s wrong.

    1. Please provide your decoder IUC number

  4. Pls, How much is GOTV decoder now? I will so much appci8. It if you people can send me the price and where to get it to my mail box. Thanks

  5. On #600 plan is dere Africa Magic yoruba

  6. Please I heard about gotv subscription bonanza for #400 monthly is it true

  7. please it is true that there is subscription of#400.and if it is how many station does it cover

  8. please is it true that there is #400 subscription? If there is how many stations does it covered

  9. please I need to know if there is telemuodo on this #400 subscription

  10. I so much love gotv but only problem you have is that no action movie station added magic action. Pls adjust and add it.

  11. Pls I recharge #400 subscription….yet I be not seen any channel pls Wat do I do

  12. I do subscription of 600 but I did not see eny channel what could I do thanks

  13. I do subscription of 600 but yet it don’t show eny channel what would I do

  14. Pay, subscribe and renew your GOtv account to any bouquet plan of your choice using

  15. am getting tied of my gotv.. I subscribed the one of 1300 and yet it not working, but I bought it last month With a free sub and now the sub is finished. and I sub d one of #1300 and yet it not working. my iuc number is 7004975185.

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