The Foolishness of Human Before God: Must Read

What are you doing for God

1 Corinthians 3: 19

I challenge you today to tell me what you are doing for God in your life. You want God to bless you and after blessing you, you run away of even turn against him. This is when some of you will charge heavily to promote the work of God e.g TV stations, radio stations, bloggers etc. They forget that God can decide taken their lives and loose every thing they have work for.

The Foolishness Of Human Before God

The foolishness of man before God

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

How foolish is human? TV stations pays artist and actors to show their music/movies on their station but charges churches huge amount for 30 minutes program, God is watching you.

How foolish is human? TV station can spend 2 hours playing worldly music but can’t spend 10 minutes on music that glorifies the lord without charging for it, God is watching you.

How foolish is human? Bloggers spent all their days on internet posting on their blog how artist kiss, artist new shoes, how wizkid house doesn’t belong to him, how wizkid rented his car e.t.c but can’t spend 10 second writing in glory of God, God is watching you.

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How foolish is human? Yous child/children can sing all davido’s and wizkid songs, dance shocky bobo to the fullest, but on Sunday they chew mouth in church, God is watching you.

How foolish is human? Facebook have turn to your blog because people like all you do and then you start going naked on your photos in order to get more likes. My dear you are wasting your time and life, The body is dust and dust will it return, soon as God takes his breath from you, every one who claims to love you will have no use for your body any more. Even your nakedness will become useless that no one want to get hold of it any more. So why are being foolish?

How foolish is human? The most expensive drinks are not the sweetest nor the best? we only buy them to get their value praise. feeling big when you drink 10k – 1M campaign because every one knew it’s an expensive drink and they feel ahh this guy is rich. What does it add to your live? why are you foolish? isn’t only who sees you drinking it knew what you drank? or will you be announcing it to every one you see on your way that you drank champaign of 1m? What did God say about self proud? he will destroy them by their foolishness, course their work to be in vein, and their effort to be useless that they will know that he is God the creator whom nothing is hiding from. He who bless who he wants and pull down those he is displeased with. Buying 20K, 30k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 200k and more prices of champaign but still you can’t sponsor the work of God or promote christian songs and God works. God is watching you.

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How foolish is human? Some men can sponsored a lady/girl through lot of things, such as business, education e.t.c all because of your selfish desire for sex, but on Sunday you take N100 to church, when it come to help your brother/sisters family; you don’t have, God is watching you.

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How foolish is human? You give people jobs but still your brothers, sisters, niece, cousins are suffering due to lack of job, and you say; you don’t want them to be independent so they don’t look down on you or talk where you are talking. I tell you today; your suffer will start right from this earth, God is watching you.

ADVICE: You heard when Jesus said it that any tree that bear no good fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire. If you think your life is not bearing any good fruit to the creator Jehovah, then start making a change now to give your life a meaning as pastor Christ once said, so you are not cut off. Matthew 7:19

This is not my words but that of God if you neglect it left to you, if you make good use of it you will be bless, if you hate me for it; God bless according to your work.

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