Equipment You Need to Start Bread Bakery in Nigeria

What do i need to start bread bakery in Nigeria? What what are the equipment you need to start bread bakery in Nigeria? If this is related to your question then this post will be of 85% helpful to you.

Bread bakery business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria and Africa. From our experience this items listed on this post a very important, also note that this items are just the basic equipment of start bread bakery. There are others advance equipment at there, but with this items you will be able producing standard bread.

If you have the intention of starting your own bakery business then you have thought like wise. On this article we will be showing you the basic requirement you need to start running bread bakery in Nigeria.

What You Need to Start Bread Bakery in Nigeria

1. Hall or Big Open Space

You need a huge open space be it a hall or big room or open space, it must be floored, taxed of carpeted. This is where the production of your bread take place, it must be very neat, the reason it need to be big is because it will contain a lot of stuff such as your tables, your bread production pans, ovens, etc.

2. 2-3 Big Tables

You need at least 2 big tables where your bread will first be drop and open before going to your warehouse or storage room.

3. Huge Ovens

If you want your business to be as fast as others then you need good ovens, i mean good and big oven minimum of 2. Mini ovens have nothing to do in bread production business except you want something to eat and not for business. It your choice to use electrical oven or wood powering oven, both will give you good result.

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4. Mixing Machine

This machine is what mix the flour to what is known a dough, the machine will mix all ingredients and water put in the flower to a stage of dough.



5. Moulding Machine

After archiving dough from the mixer it then need to be mould to a better stage, this stage makes every ingredient blend well and have a good surface and a round shape.

6. Bread Production Pans

This is what you need in baking your bread, Your doo will come in here and stay for some minutes to rise in size before taking to the oven.

Other Items You Needed are

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • icy
  • Cary pan
  • Hand Groves
  • Storage room or warehouse
  • Workers Uniform
  • Noise Cover
  • Nylon
  • Bread Cutter

Workers Needed in a Bakery are

  • Baker
  • Moulder operator
  • carriers
  • Bread pan Cleaners
  • Pan Openers
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  1. Adamu Jibril Gabriel

    How much are the cost of those machine and what is the minimum amount in starting bread bakery

  2. Setting up a small bakery will cost like how much?

  3. Where can I get big oven ,bread mixer, slicing machine, bread wrapping paper

  4. I want to try kind of bakery business in Nigeria. I need bakery equipment, and have nice place to start. I new to this business, can you give me some advice? Can i buy used equipment? There are a lot of used machines on online marketplaces, i want to buy here i find some in “new” condition and low price. But is it worth buy used machines?

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  7. please how much do I need to start up a medium bread baking outlet. both the machine and all necessary things needed

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