Developing Your Creativity.

When you meet someone for the first time you start by introducing yourself to them, isn’t it amazing that the first time God talked to us he didn’t start by telling us how merciful or how good he is, genesis chapter 1 said that in the beginning God created heavens and earth. What does that mean? It means that God is a creator and he created us to be creative as well, so if truly God created us to be creative why is it that many people are not creative? Firstly you need to understand that anything left with self will be a victim of degeneration so let’s say you have a plate of hot food and you leave it like that for two weeks no body needs to curse it, it will on its own grow cold leave it longer than two weeks it will grow bad, the same thing happens to all human being, if we don’t develop our creativity even though we are destined to be creative we may not be much creative because we didn’t develop our creativity. If you look around the world you will notice that is only people who are creative are leading in any industry that’s to tell you how powerful being creative is, Billionaire jack ma’ says C.E.Os could be replaced by robots in the future, warns of decades of ‘pain’ from A.I, he says internet impact time has come when a child will be competing with robots.

 but the truth Is how prepared are we for a time like this is coming, I assure you because some of the developed countries have started sacking worker’s that are not creative in their positions, so here are ways to develop your creativity.

1: Discover God.

You can’t develop your creativity until you discover God, the bible said in the beginning God created heaven and earth, so God is the beginning of everything that is good, because when you discover God he gives you an idea that will change the outcome of your life and the industry where you work.

2: Discover Your Self.

Discovering yourself simply means deeply knowing your abilities, your strengths and weakness,  and when you discover your strength you build more strength on your strength, but the truth is many of us were raised and trained by people who didn’t allow us to focus on our strength rather they made us to focus on our weakness, making us think that we can’t amount to anything, the truth is that you can’t change the past but you can start focusing on your strength today to change the future.

3: Exposure.

Exposure is like a double edge sword it doesn’t matter how you were exposed the question is were you exposed if yes that’s determine how creative you will be, how do people enter banks, rob the bank and goes out freely? They do it because they were exposed to that, but that’s not the type of creativity am talking about,am talking about creativity that can change and impact lives not they type that destroy lives and properties, so I advice expose yourself positively with things you like, if you are into fashion for example watch fashion shows, read blogs about fashion it helps to to develop your creativity.

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

4: Learn From Others:

You haven’t lived before right? Don’t underestimate the power of asking questions, any life you dream to live there are many who are living that same life right now so learn to summit to those who have figured it out, and learn from those who also made a mistake in one way or the other and develop creativity to change or correct their mistakes without making the same mistake, a wise person learn from his mistakes a wiser people learn from the mistake of others so be a wiser person.

Remember creativity is the ability to solve and creat something new, money is a reward you get for solving people’s problem so I advice don’t rush to make money build yourself first to solve problem then money will come to you.

Thanks for reading am Uchechukwu Johnson.(Business content creator & Entrepreneur)

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