Computer village: How you can Get Scammed in Computer village, Ikeja Lagos

When You Decide patronising street boys in Computer Village That Day you signed Pity On Yourself

Before i proceed, should in case you don’t know me yet, my name is Ogheneserome popularly known as Serome I’m co-founder of informationhood. Let get back to business why we are here. my first question is; have you been to computer village before? If yes then you must be aware of those boys hawking phone along the road, If ever you have passion of buying your electronics from computer village phone to be precisely, then i advice you to stay clear of some slight mistakes.

computer village lagos

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.


Are you still wondering what the mistake is after reading the post title? Stay clear off street boys in Computer village that it.

Some of us have had tough experience and i am not going to hold shot mine exposing those devil in human computer village boys attitude. In fact it was just by God grace i escape dupe there.

How You Can Get scammed By Computer Village Boys In Lagos

Those boys at computer village are dupe’s, scammers, criminals and if something worse you can think of. In 5 minutes those boys can play you a fool without your notice, in fact it surprise me that intelligence doesn’t work with them so stop considering yourself to be intelligent.

My Experince With Computer Village Boys

I was in haste of getting a phone last 3 months so i went to computer village to check for phone to buy. I went to a shop and price a phone for 23k but the lady insisted it 27k she will sell it so i have to leave her, on my way going i show a guy holding that same phone calling me so i have to walk up to him, i ask how much and the guy said 14k, i was aah “so that lady wanted to cheat me”? so i still price the phone 8k and the guy was like ok bring 12k so we both agreed on 10,500 Naira.

I requested to test the phone which i did and the phone was working perfectly very OK as i wanted it so i ask the guy to go with me to the ATM because i was having just 8k on my hand. So the guy agreed, on our way to the ATM the guy just said i should give him the 8k with me and take the phone, i was a bit surprise’ but why would these guy want to take 8k instead of the agreed 10,500? then i ask the guy, hope we agreed of 10,500 so why the sudden change of mind now that we are close to UBA bank? and he said i don’t want to go to the bank, just give me the 8k with you.

Then is when i started suspecting him, at this time i remembered one of my friend who is working in computer village so i told the guy, since you have refuse to go to the bank, before i will pay you the 8k you will have to follow me to my friend across to access the phone then i will pay you in present of him.

When he heard i have a friend across, he was like i beg give me money and take your phone, it seem’s to me he was about emerging force to it, then is when my have to show him the beast in me, i change to broken english immediately and pointed a smiling waka to his face and threaten to cause problem that will take him to prison for him immediate, it was really ok that police men where even close by so he respected himself and went with me to my friend’s shop.

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Immediately i went there and showed my friend the phone, he smile and excused me to talk to the guy and gave him his phone back.

I was like what happen? He told me I’m lucky i would have lost my whole money today.

Twice i have ran unto these guys and three times God save me and my money because the third time i have to face a shop after learning two times lesson

When you hear that someone bought a phone from computer village just to get home and discovered fufu, carton, eba or rice inside. The person is not lying at all, but he simply bought the phone from street boys in computer village not from shops.

The hard question is how did it happened? Didn’t him test it? If you are still asking this question then the answer is Yes he/she tested it very well but still it fufu that is inside at the time he/she get home

How, it not possible oh. how could phone with fufu or carton inside work at the first place?. Ok I’m going to show you the simple trick used on him/her, in some cases you will get home and discover the phone no longer working, I will tell you what happened by listing some of their trips below.

As i have mentioned before, those boys are not using charm so stop thinking it charm they are using, below are their tricks

1. The first trick that work there is that they have different groups of team working together, and they are always with the real phone and an ordinary case of that same phone load with fufu or carton, they will make sure the case they are going to use look exactly as the real one. There is what they use in making screen for it, it been sold there also, it purpose is not for marking fake screen but this boys will cut it in the shape of the phone screen and use super glue to gum it to the case so it look exactly like screen. So what happened is that they will have the real phone that is working perfectly well on their hand while the case the load with fufu, eba or sound is in their pocket. They reason they are putting those stuffs such as fufu, eba, sounds or carton is to make the phone heavy when they give it to you so you don’t suspect it ordinary case.

Each group are always in watch of each other and soon as they notice one of them have a customer then you will start seeing them coming out one after the other. First thing is as soon as you start negotiating with the seller, the first thing he will want you to do is to test the phone that every thing is working well to your taste. After testing the phone and getting ready to pay for it, a group of people will just arrive shouting at the guy about something you don’t know such as ” John come, how come you didn’t pay the rice woman before you left, go and meet her now she is about to go with your laptop oh” or another story such as ” Please give me my phone i have seen buyer for it” the one who want to sell the phone to you might say ” Ah but this bro/sist is just about to buy it and we have gone through stress of testing it. At that point of distraction some other guys will come into the mater and be supporting he let you buy the phone, these is when they will change the phone to the case one without your knowledge, and tell you that his brother is about to sell the phone to someone else but you should bring the money quick and have it, unknowingly you will give him the money in haste because first the phone is 70% cheap and you have tested it that it working 100%.

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Immediately you give them the money and have the phone, the next thing you will hear is please use original charger on it when you get home because the battery is very low now, you won’t be able to ague with them because at first you have tested it and notice the batter was low as well when testing it. Within the next 4 seconds you won’t see this boys anymore and that is the end of the story. When you get home that you should charge the phone, then is when you won’t be able to find charging point, and when you open it you discover you bought sound or fufu with your money.

2. Those computer village boys can still scam you of your hard earn money without still giving you any phone. The trick they use is similar to the above trick but little change of format. In the previous trick you will at least succeed in going home with fufu or eba and the phone case but this one you won’t go home with any thing and still lose your money. Everything that will happen will be as almost the same that happen above but on this there won’t be sales. After paying for the phone he will give you the phone but another guy will show up immediately that the phone belongs to him and he don’t want to sell it anymore, at that point the guy who sold the phone to you will explain you that the phone doesn’t belong to him and the owner who ask him to sell before has said he want the phone back for his own use and no longer interested in selling it. At this point the other guy that came and the guy that sold the phone to you will have some clash that will almost fight. Then is when other guys will come in the mater, they will ask you to give back the phone and collect back your money so peace can reign. Immediate you give them the phone and collect your money back, they will pretend to be fighting and then run away. If you count your money, you will discover 4-5k is missing.

3. This is the most shameful scam computer village boys will give to you, this kind of scam can get you in problem and bring you bad name. This is the kind of scam that guy wanted to do to me if not that God saved me as i explained above. On this, the seller will let the business be in private by not involving anybody on it, but the truth is that they all know what they are doing, they are the same group.

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When transacting the phone sales business with this guy, another guy will come and ask afar and immediately the seller will push the transaction and ask the guy to please leave that you are not buying any thing. When the guy leave the seller will start insulting him by calling him aproko. He will tell you that the phone has a law fix price they are selling it but he needed money urgently that is why he wanted to sell it cheap. He will instruct you not to tell anyone the price he is selling it for you or else he will be fine, he might even go ahead to instruct of not talking to any one who came to you during and after the transaction. When you hear this, you won’t say no since it not a difficult task and it even for your own good that you are about to buy cheap phone.

After testing the phone, he will first let you have the phone and then collect the money, immediately he will be pressed and face somewhere else looking for where to ease himself. And for you since you have paid him and the phone is with you, you would want to say ok bye. This is when he will come back say are you going without paying me? At this point he will start shouting out you and other guys will show up requesting to know what happening, the seller will deny you paying him money and ask you to pay him or give him back the phone. Even if a checkup is conducted on him they won’t find anything. People will have no other choice than to tell you to give him back the phone for peace to reign and be careful next time, they might even call you thief. The truth is that those people who will show up are all his guys and they will all divide the money together.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed In Computer Village

Now you know how dangerous those computer boys are, the fact is that there might still be other tricks i am not even aware of so the best way of avoiding getting scammed by those computer village boys is avoiding cheap phones. Go direct to a big shop and won’t experience, you will be also giving guarantee to return the phone if you encounter a problem. Always buy direct from shops and not street boys if you must avoid scammers. There is Slot and other big phone outlets in computer village, so stop going for a phone you know very well that the price is 50k for 10k.

Have you been to computer village to buy a phone before? did you buy from shop or street boy’s? share your experience using the comment box below.

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